SPE Norway One Day Seminar 14 May 2019 Bergen, Norway
  • Host Organisation Equinor

About the Seminar

After a couple of years with upturn in the oil and gas industry with higher product prices and increased activity levels, we now see rapid fluctuations in product prices. The future, is as always uncertain, both in the short and long term. Population and economic growth still drives the global need for energy to increase. The focus on energy transition is growing, driven by large positive steps forward in global climate discussions and rapid technology development. At the same time, we must remember that changing our sizable and complex global energy system will inevitably take time and oil and gas will have a very important part in the energy mix for decades to come.

To be competitive in an uncertain future, our industry’s ability to increase efficiency, innovate, develop and make use of new technology is ever important. We basically must reduce the cost per produced barrel to remain competitive. Rapidly developing digital technologies will become a game changer for our industry. New ways of collaboration between industry players is vital to challenges and opportunities facing us.

The SPE Norway One Day Seminar will focus on innovation and technology as well as operational challenges and solutions within drilling, reservoir management and production. We believe this Norway oil and gas seminar represents a great opportunity to see the latest technology, update your knowledge and meet companies and industry colleagues to discuss challenges and opportunities in our changing industry context.