SPE Norway One Day Seminar 14 May 2019 Bergen, Norway
  • Host Organisation Equinor


Tuesday, May 14

09:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:30
01T  Digitalisation and Optimising Operations Efficiency Nina
Session Chairpersons Katinka Dahlberg - FMC Technologies
The digital transformation of the oil and gas industry is happening right now. This session looks at how digitalisation and data sharing philosophies can change business models, as well as enable optimised operations and efficiency gains through better insight, faster decisions and optimised workprocesses.
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 195602 Digitalization and Data Sharing Changes Business Models in E&P Supply Chain G. Malinauskaite, F. Laborie, Cognite; H. Geir, Framo; H. Ivar Helge, Aker BP
1130-1200 195631 Data on Work - an Untapped Asset for Operational Improvements J. Nordtvedt, Epsis AS; H.W. Larsen, Epsis; B. Stafford, Epsis US LLC; T. Unneland, Epsis
1200-1230 195640 Efficient Optimization of Well Drilling Sequence with Learned Heuristics L. Wang, D. Oliver, Norce
Alternate 195615 A Data Driven Management Strategy To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Upstream Production Plants L. Cadei, Eni E&P; G. Camarda, Eni SpA; G. Rossi, Eni; M. Montini, Eni SpA; D. Lupica, Eni; A. Corneo, D. Milana, D. Loffreno, L. Lancia, M. Carrettoni, E. Purlalli, Eni SpA; F. Carducci, G. Sophia, The Boston Consulting Group GAMMA
Alternate 195628 Digital Well Planning, Well Construction and Life Cycle Well Integrity: Digital Experience B. Brechan, NTNU
11:00 - 12:30
02T  Drilling I Anitra
Session Chairpersons Thorbjørn Kaland - University of Bergen
The progress of drilling technology is exposed widely in this section. Scientists and engineers from academia, oil companies and service companies are working together to develop new methodology and experiences. The session includes Depletion and Re-Pressurization in the Valhall Field, Reconstruction of Pipe Movement, Optimized Trajectory and Efficient Slot Recovery, Model Parameters on Frictional Pressure Loss Uncertainty and Accuracy of Combining Overlapping Wellbore Surveys.
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 195633 Reservoir Stress-Path Measured During Depletion and Re-Pressurization in the Valhall Field T.G. Kristiansen, A. Bauer, R.E. Flatebø, A. Guida, O. Nes, Ø. Skomedal, Aker BP
1130-1200 195629 OpenLab: Design and Applications of a Modern Drilling Digitalization Infrastructure N. Saadallah, J. Gravdal, R. Ewald, S. Moi, B. Daireaux, A. Ambrus, NORCE; D. Sui, UiS; R.J. Shor, University of Calgary; S. Ioan Sandor, AkerBP; M. Chojnacki, J. Odgaard, Mærsk Drilling; S. Sivertsen, K. Hellang, Miles
1200-1230 195632 Reconstruction of Pipe Movement from Downhole High Frequency Measurements E. Cayeux, NORCE; P. Seim, L.J. Solvi, Aker BP ASA; H. Ulvik, E. Solbu, NOV
Alternate 195609 Drilling Fluids - Lost Circulation Treatment A. Saasen, University of Stavanger; J.K. Vasshus, K.R. Klungtvedt, European Mud Company; M. Khalifeh, University of Stavanger
Alternate 195619 Low Side Whipstock Exits: an Aid to Optimized Trajectory and Efficient Slot Recovery S. Hussain, Schlumberger
Alternate 195623 Drilling Fluid Power-Law Viscosity Model - Impact of Model Parameters on Frictional Pressure Loss Uncertainty S. Riisoen, F.P. Iversen, NORCE AS; A. Saasen, PRORES AS; M. Khalifeh, R. Brasileiro, University of Stavanger
Alternate 195621 Practical Method to Benefit from the Improved Accuracy of Combining Overlapping Wellbore Surveys J. Bang, T. Ali, A.G. Ledroz, Gyrodata Inc.
11:00 - 12:30
03T  Reservoir I Ibsen
Session Chairpersons Edel Reiso - Equinor
This session includes an exciting range of reservoir engineering topics, ranging from laboratory experiments of oil recovery mechanisms with nanoparticles in the injection water to the operational part of our business with real-time fluid mapping and a new method of measuring the water pressure inside a hydrocarbon column. You can look forward to an exciting session that will enlighten you with new knowledge and inspire you!
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 195608 Real-Time Fluid Mapping Improves Reserve Development Through Optimized High-Angle Infill Drilling M.C. Bravo, Schlumberger Norge AS; N. Gueze, A. Kotwicki, Aker BP; M. Baig, M. Horstmann, Y. Blanco, Schlumberger; C. Guevara, Schlumberger Norge AS
1130-1200 195637 Frosk: A Success Case for ILX - The Plan for Appraisal and Early Thoughts for Development K.D. Best, AkerBP
1200-1230 195638 Experimental Evaluation Of Oil Recovery Mechanisms Using A Variety Of Nanoparticles In The Injection Water A. Bila, O. Torsæter, Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, Norwegian University of Science and Technology-NTNU
Alternate 195598 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Method for Estimation of Minimum Effective Pore Throat Radius from Routine Core Analysis Data in Chalk and its Applications M. Nourani, N. Schovsbo, GEUS; A.G. Meyer, Natural History Museum, University of Copenhagen; L. Sigalas, GEUS; M. Taheriotaghsara, Center for Oil and Gas, The Technical University of Denmark (DTU); D. Olsen, Geol Survey-Denmark/Greenland; L. Stemmerik, Natural History Museum, University of Copenhagen
Alternate 195599 Sparse Representation of 4D Seismic Signal Based on Dictionary Learning R.V. Soares, X. Luo, G. Evensen, NORCE AS
Alternate 195603 Adsorption of Crude Oil Polar Components onto Silica-Rich Chalk and its Impact on Wetting I. Klewiah, I.D. Piñerez Torrijos, S. Strand, T. Puntervold, University of Stavanger; M. Konstantinopoulos, Technical University of Crete
12:30 - 13:30
12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
04T  Production and Well Operations – Field Cases Nina
Session Chairpersons Jan-Erik Nordtvedt - Epsis AS
This session presents novel research into key topics within production and well operations. The session will discuss injection performance and critical aspects for safe and efficient injection related to well and formation integrity, discuss production optimisation on an asset with dedicated focus on extension of lifetime, and give examples of how to accelerate oil production by autonomous inflow control devices (AICDs). The papers will all have a clear focus on field cases.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 195627 Safe and Efficient Reservoir Injection - History and the Future F. Uriansrud, Equinor ASA
1400-1430 195617 AICD Implementation on Oseberg H Vestflanken 2 A. Lien, O. Midttveit, M. Halvorsen, Equinor ASA
1430-1500 195613 Nine Years Operational Experience of the Vega Field - Design, Experience, and Lessons Learned S.T. Hatscher, A. Alvestad, V. Olsen, E. Malmanger, L. Ugueto, M. Kiselnikov, B. Norheim, Wintershall Norge AS
Alternate 195625 Effect of Mud on Cement Sheath Integrity R. Skorpa, B. Werner, T. Vralstad, SINTEF
Alternate 195616 Reducing HSE Risks Through Automation and Closed Loop Systems O. Nilsson, S. Smith, FourPhase
Alternate 195618 Production & Operations The Impact of Production Logging Tool (PLT) Data on Scale Squeeze Treatment Lifetime and Management of Scale Risk in Norwegian Subsea Production Wells - A Case Study
M.M. Jordan, Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company
13:30 - 15:00
05T  Drilling II Anitra
Session Chairpersons Jorn Daniel Opsahl - Tomax AS
Improving efficiency and reducing risk are vital to drilling operations. In harsh and challenging drilling environments, new technologies are required to further ensure safety, efficiency and field prosperity. This session covers three advances within drilling operations to reduce risks and optimise drilling.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 195624 Disruptive Clamp-on Technology Tested for Mud Measurement K. Olsvik, K. Toftevåg, R. Kippersund, Xsens AS; I. Kjøsnes, G. Elseth, Equinor ASA; M. hansen Jondahl, USN
1400-1430 195622 Innovative and Established LCM Cementing Solutions Combined to Create Novel LCM Cementing Fluid Train M. Olsen, I. Viste, K. Rehman, G. Lende, Halliburton; G. Smaaskjar, P. Haugum, R. Næss, J. Mo, Lundin Norway AS
1430-1500 195641 Flow Loop Trial of an Autonomous Downhole Choke for Compensation of Rig Heave-Induced Surge and Swab D. Gorski, M. Kvernland, Heavelock AS; H. Borgen, Techni AS; J. Godhavn, Equinor ASA; O.M. Aamo, S. Sangesland, Norwegian University of Science & Technology
13:30 - 15:00
06T  Reservoir II Ibsen
Session Chairpersons Nils-Andre Aarseth - BP Amoco Exploration Norway
This session includes an exciting range of reservoir engineering topics, ranging from laboratory experiments of oil recovery mechanisms with nanoparticles in the injection water to the operational part of our business with real-time fluid mapping and a new method of measuring the water pressure inside a hydrocarbon column. You can look forward to an exciting session that will enlighten you with new knowledge and inspire you!
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 195606 Fast 4D Geomechanical Modeling with Multiple Applications L. Renli, G. Ke, O. Helstrup, N. Thompson, Equinor ASA
1400-1430 195639 Water Pressure Measurement Inside a Hydrocarbon Column T.A. Rolfsvaag, Hydrophilic AS; J. Zuta, R. Askarinezhad, NORCE; C.M. Lindsay, Core Specialist Services Ltd; K.O. Vatne, A. Lohne, Y. Guo, J.E. Iversen, NORCE
1430-1500 195630 The Application of Gas-Lift to Maximize Recovery in a Gas Field: a Case History for Roar J.M. Martinez-Val, M. Vidalie, TOTAL SA
15:00 - 15:30
15:30 - 17:00
07T  Well Operations – Intervention and Integrity Nina
Session Chairpersons Roar Morten Kjelstadli - AkerBP
This session will cover three different studies. First, a paper is presented addressing the loss mechanism for drilling in depleted reservoirs – an issue of particular importance for infill drilling in depleted reservoirs. Then a paper on new intervention technique is presented – also addressing aspects of design, qualification, testing, planning and execution. Finally, a well integrity paper is presented – focusing on risk and safety factors.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 195605 Loss Mechanisms Understanding - the Key to Successful Drilling in Depleted Reservoirs? T. Scheldt, J.S. Andrews, Equinor; A. Lavrov, SINTEF
1600-1630 195604 Well Integrity - Managing the Risk A. Teigland, B. Brechan, NTNU; S. Sangesland, Norwegian University of Science & Technology; s. dale, NTNU
1630-1700 195614 Successful Deployment of a New Intervention Technology Using a Reinforced, Flexible, High Pressure Hose; a World First K.M. John, Total SA; N.I. Stubbrud, Quality Intervention
15:30 - 17:00
08T  Drilling III Anitra
Session Chairpersons Kjell-Rune Hoff - Baker Hughes, a GE company
This session puts theory into practice and will cover a wide variety of topics. First, Norway’s leading engineers in wellbore surveying will describe best practices and recommendations to overcome challenges related to magnetic directional surveying in the Barents sea. Then, we will investigate surface and downhole measurements of drillstring vibrations by utilizing high-speed optics in combination with traditional sensors and ultimately end this session by investigate the selection of drill-in and completion fluid of the Dvalin HT Gas Field.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 195600 Best Practices and Recommendations for Magnetic Directional Surveying in the Barents Sea I. Edvardsen, Baker Hughes, a GE company; E. Nyrnes, Equinor; M. Gullikstad Johnsen, University of Tromsø
1600-1630 195610 Comparative Study of Surface and Downhole Measurements of Drillstring Vibrations E. Wiktorski, S. Geekiyanage, E.A. Løken, D. Sui, University of Stavanger
1630-1700 195601 Systematic Selection of Drill-in and Completion Fluids for Development of the Dvalin HT Gas Field O. Czuprat, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG; B.O. Dahle, DEA Norge AS; U. Dehmel, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG; R. Ritschel, J. Storhaug, DEA Norge AS
15:30 - 17:00
09T  Completion and Well Intervention Ibsen
Session Chairpersons Peter Frank Smits - Equinor
This session includes papers from both completion and well intervention operations, combined with new technology. This session will show case technology development and first field trials of lateral jetting. It will investigate cost effective solutions for P&A operation by multi-string logging solution and dive into dissolvable technology to enhance operational efficiency. Presenters are both operators and service companies. In other words this session will be worth a visit!
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 195620 World First Simultaneous Jetting of 72 Laterals with Solids Control - Technology Development and Field Trial F. Bjørnseth, R. Flatebø, T.G. Kristiansen, T. Reinertsen, Y. Caline, Aker BP ASA; K. Solhaug, M. Leinenbach, Fishbones AS
1600-1630 195607 Multi-string Isolation Logging - A Cost Effective Solution for P&A J. Zhang, P. Mahbod, Probe; R.S. Shafer, D.T. Mueller, ConocoPhillips Co; C. Anderson, Conocophillips
1630-1700 195634 Dissolvable Technology Enhances Operational Efficiency of Offshore Completion Operations on the NCS V. Keerthivasan, T. Koloy, G. Saetre, NOV Completion & Production Solutions
Alternate 195636 Stretching Lower Completion Limits: Longest One Screen Run in Horizontal ERD/MLT Well on Troll Field, North Sea M. Qamar, A. Vold, Equinor Asa
Alternate 195635 Precision Surgery for Well Work-Over. An Innovation in Well Intervention M. Benguergoura, Welltec; J. Bergem, AkerBP
17:00 - 18:00
18:00 - 21:00

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