SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference 16 - 18 Oct 2019 Fairmont Baku, Flame Towers Baku, Azerbaijan


Wednesday, October 16

08:00 - 09:30
09:30 - 10:30
Conference Opening Ceremony
Speaker(s) Shauna Noonan, 2020 SPE President, Occidental Petroleum; Khoshbakht Yusifzadeh, SOCAR; Denis Lemarchal, TOTAL; Elchin Babayev, Baku State University; John Stephenson, BP

To mark the opening of the SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference in Azerbaijan, industry luminaries will address delegates and journalists, providing insight and vision on the oil and gas industry in the Caspian region.

Shauna Noonan
2020 SPE President,
Occidental Petroleum

Khoshbakht Yusifzadeh

Denis Lemarchal

Elchin Babayev
Baku State University

John Stephenson

10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:30
Keynote Panel Session: Past, Present and Future
Moderator(s) Fawad Quraishi, Equinor

Session Chairs: Darrell Lancaster, Halliburton; Fawad Quraishi, Equinor


Speakers: Dr Luis Quintero, Halliburton; Gokhan Saygi, Schlumberger; Ramin Isayev, SOCAR AQS; Thierry Debertrand, TOTAL; Yashar Latifov, SOCAR


In recent years the Upstream O&G industry has sought to find ways to improve its overall performance, through operational execution excellence and by reviewing and improving the work flow process in order to eliminate waste, add value and improve financial performance.
Many companies are already learning from the Past, gathering and analyzing data, adopting the use digital technologies such as the cloud and artificial intelligence in the Present, in order to enable step changes in the Future.
When considering Past, Present and the Future, nothing is omitted. Mature field development is already part of the Present and as data analytics evolve, part of the Future too. 
So, what does the Future hold, improved efficiencies and lower risk associated with a reduced number of human interventions? The adoption of automation and robotics, which are already part of the past and present in other industries?
Should we be living in the Past, be satisfied in the Present, or get back to the Future?

12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
Technical Session 1: Reservoir Characterisation
Session Chairpersons Philippe Dupouy, Total; Mona Nyland Berg, Equinor

Static and dynamic reservoir data synthesis is a key step for understanding the field at various stages of development. This session showcases stories of how integration of various geophysical, geological or monitoring data has helped identify main uncertainties, change the reservoir understanding and optimize the drainage strategy for green fields or brown fields. The featured cases highlight the integration of different data types, the development of specific static or dynamic reservoir modelling tools adapted to each situation as well as concrete examples of decisions taken on field redevelopment or green field development optimization. 


Paper #


1330 198333

The Role of Pressure Observation and Pressure Transient Analysis in Changing the Geological Concept of Mature Oil Field

Adril R Mukanov, PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC

1400 198334

Integrated Dynamic and Static Characterization Study to Redevelop Mature Reservoir in Gulf of Suez

Peter Falamouny, Ahmed Morsy, Mahmoud  Kinway, Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company  

1430 198371

An Innovative and Integrated Reservoir Characterization Driven by Modified Saturation Height Model and Fluid Contacts to Solve a Challenge in Complex Sandstone Reservoirs

Muhammad A Gibrata, Shawket Ghedan, Lamia Rouis, Dragon Oil (ENOC)

Knowledge Sharing Posters


An Integrated 3D Geological Modeling Study of a Heavy Oil Field in Southeast Turkey 

Safigul Tuba Kamanli, Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO)


Impact of Aquifer Strength on Carbonate Field Development Strategy, Case Study

Zhandos  Yeshtay, Yerlan Bekenov, Zhasulan Karamergenov, KMG Engineering Caspimunaigas





13:30 - 15:00
Technical Session 2: Digitalisation Impact in Oil and Gas Industries
Session Chairpersons Abzetdin Adamov, ADA University; Olzhas Karibayev, NCOC

Year by year the digitalization invades petroleum industry. Fields are getting digitalized, new approaches and methods, such as machine learning, advanced data analytics are being applied, which commemorates beginning of a new era. New digital technology helps simplify many operational processes, reduces human work hours and helps improve equipment reliability and security. Operational cost savings is another major impact that digitalization makes to companies. The session will feature digital applications which optimize and visualize the process, both field wide and domain wide.


Paper #


1330 198374

Reservoir Value-engineering for West Siberian Oil Fields

Mikhail Naugolnov, Rustam Murtazin, LLC Gazpromneft NTC

1400 198337

Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas Industry

Aytan Zeynalli, Ruslan Butdayev, Vugar Salmanov, SOCAR AQS

1430 198338

Implementation of Data Driven Machine Learning Methods and Physics Driven Concepts for Real-time Well Performance Estimation in Kashagan Field

Adilbek Mursaliyev, Adilbek Kushekov, Ruslan Sultangaliyev, NCOC N.V.

Knowledge Sharing Posters


Digital Twin of a Research Organization: Approaches and Methods

Mars Khasanov, Gazpromneft; Fedor Krasnov, Gazpromneft STC



15:00 - 15:30
15:30 - 17:00
Technical Session 3: Near Wellbore Characterization
Session Chairpersons Aydin Kalantarli, Equinor; Nurbulot Tlepbergenov, TCO

Near wellbore characterization provides critical information for identification of reservoir properties which helps to understand reservoir performance and to reduce unexpected occurrences during production. This session considers the application of an advanced logging system and well testing to evaluate and characterize complex reservoir and fluid systems for optimal reservoir management and development.


Paper #


1530 198339

Evaluation of Vertical Fracture Propagation Using Combined Spectral Noise Logging and High Precision Temperature Logging Data in a Low Permeability Sandstone Reservoir, Western Kaz

Doszhan Yeleussinov, Dinmukhammed Bekmagambetov, Ivan Crabb, Alen Berdimuratov, Total E&P Dunga GmbH; Vener Nagimov, Aman Zhumekeshov, Azamat Makashev, Dmitry Makarov, TGT Oilfield Services

1600 198377

Future Geosteering and Well Placement Solutions from an Operator Perspective

Kristine Hermanrud, Frank Antonsen, Maria Emilia Teixeira De Oliveira, Steen Agerlin Petersen, Monica Constable, Equinor ASA

1630 198376

The Fracture Characterization and Assessment of Gas Potential with Advanced Formation Tester in Low Permeability Fractured Carbonate Reservoir

Samat Ramatullayev, Vlad Blinov, Rustam Tukhtaev, Anton Filimonov, Nurhat Mendybaev, Murat Zeybek, Schlumberger; Muzafar Tillyabaev, Khurshid Abidov, Alexey Gavrilov, Vladimir Frik, Surhan Gas Chemical Operating Company LLC

15:30 - 17:00
Technical Session 4: Raising the Bar in Facility Operations and Standards
Session Chairpersons Matteo Ce, Equnior; Ali Hasanli, SOCAR AQS

The Oil and Gas industry is one of the biggest contributors to the world economy despite being one of the most challenging with few technological advances made in recent years. Studies show that the amount of oil and gas production capacity required to meet demand during the next 20 years is more than twice the amount realized during the last decade. In order to meet the rising demand a number of factors need to be considered. These include; increasing capability, making projects economically viable; improving the safety and quality of the oil and gas industry and reducing the carbon footprint (energy efficiency). These requirements need a more analytical, datadriven, contemporary approach. This session focuses on alternative production strategies to conventional ones, new subsea technologies, and a new approach to dealing with environmental problems related to material characteristics.


Paper #


1530 198342

Initial Research of Mineral Based Anti-corrosion and Thermo Resistant Multicomponent Composite Material

Emil Asgarov, SOCAR-AQS

1600 198343

Gas/Condensate Fields Development: Subsea to Shore Cost Effective Solution

Luc Riviere, Clement Boireau, Rory Mackenzie, TOTAL

1630 198344

Invited presentation:
Implementation of Advanced Standards in Lifting Operations

Elvin Shahmammadov, SOCAR-AQS LLC


Knowledge Sharing Posters


From Papers to Steel: Delivering First Stimulation Vessel in Caspian Sea

Farid Hadiaman, Samir Mollayev, Ayaz Amirov, Fuad Ibrahimov, Ehtiram Azizov, BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Limited; Hajagha Mammadov, Baker Hughes; Natalya Mammadova, Parviz Bakirov, BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Limited 


Production Sustenance and Offshore Operation Safety Through Facility Optimization and Debottlenecking

Fatemeh Mehran, Ali Didanloo, Tu Le Mai Khanh, Schlumberger; Hung Le. Q, Thang Long JOC


17:00 - 18:30

Thursday, October 17

09:30 - 09:40
09:40 - 11:15
Keynote Panel Session: Sustainability, Growth and Profit
Moderator(s) Yashar Latifov, SOCAR
Speaker(s) Session Chairs: Yashar Latifov, SOCAR; Denis Lemarchal, Total

Speakers: Mikhail Krasik, TOTAL E&P Absheron B.V.; Zaur Mammadov, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan; Niall Henderson, BP; Arnd Wilhelms, Equinor; Zaher Ibrahim, Baker Hughes, a GE Company


The mission of an Energy company is to contribute to energy security, that is, to make available at an affordable price, the energy sources needed by an increasing world population. This objective shall be handled in a sustainable approach, that is  “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (United Nations Brundtland Commission 1987). 
How do we integrate climate into Energy’s Strategy ? What are the needs and environmental constraints in terms of energy supply and what is the adapted energy mix? How can the industry develop projects addressing the 3 three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social?
This session offers a platform to share innovative examples contributing to energy security where all stakeholders can identify their criteria for success, and find sustainable and profitable solutions.


11:15 - 11:45
11:45 - 13:15
Technical Session 5: Reservoir Surveillance
Session Chairpersons Bolat Amangaliyev, TCO; Marat Nauryzgaliyev, NCOC

Understanding dynamic behaviour of increasingly complex reservoirs is a key puzzle to build technically robust field development plans. This session will showcase fine industry examples of integrating temperature data in water injection conformance control and value of Pressure Transient Analysis in reservoir pressure estimation, reservoir surveillance and production optimization.


Paper #


1145 198345

Value of Pressure Transient Analysis for Reservoir Surveillance and Production Optimization During Early Production of Kashagan Field

Aigerim Bukharbayeva, Can Hatiboglu, North Caspian Operating Company; Ilyas Saurbayev, Shell Kazakhstan; John Reedy, Byron Haynes, Berik Uap, North Caspian Operating Company

1215 198393

Evaluating Performance of Horizontal Wells Using Integrated Approach: Micro Seismic Monitoring, Geophysical Logging Using Conventional PLT and Marker-based Production Logging

Artem Basov, Oleg Bukov, Vadim Kuznetsov, Dmitry Lazutkin, LLC Bazhen Technology Center; Kseniya Saprykina, Kirill Ovchinnikov, Andrey Guryanov, Alexander Katashov, Igor Novikov, Geosplit LLC

1245 198385

Determination the Source of Sustained Annulus Pressure in High GOR Oil Wells by Using Acoustic Logging

Sergey Vasilyev, Nikolai Boltunov, Alena Shkaran, LLC Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz; Elena Kirpichikova, Roza Minakhmetova, Valeriy Pimantyev, Vener Nagimov, Asiya Zaripova, TGT


11:45 - 13:15
Technical Session 6: Performance and Technology Improvements in Well Construction
Session Chairpersons Marat Nukhaev, RESMAN; Elshan Ismayilov, SOCAR AQS

The well construction performance improvement examples and latest technology improvements being provided with the papers where different techniques are applied to improve the well delivery standards. 


Paper #


1145 198348

The Heaviest and Longest Casing Run as a Full in Caspian Section of Azerbaijan

Elchin Akbarli, Elshan İsmayilov, Mohammad Masalmah, SOCAR-AQS

1215 198349

Cement Evaluation with New Generation Ultrasonic Tool in Multiple Casings Increases Operational Efficiency in Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan

Zhalgasbek Ayazov, Tengizchevroil; Yegor Se, Chevron; Andrey Timonin, Schlumberger

1245 198350

Development of Automatic BHA Directional Tendency Prediction Based on Dynamic Modeling

Hendrik Suryadi, Tao Yu, Yuelin Shen, Jack Yang, Robin Chen, Wei Chen, Timur Khusaenov, Schlumberger


Knowledge Sharing Posters


Modelling of Fracture Geometry to Reduce the Risk of Intercepting Drilling Induced Fractures When Designing Sidetrack Trajectories

Fergus Allan, David Shepherd, Abbas Abbasov, Jennifer Villinski, Reza Majidi, Ibrahimov Bagir, BP


Determination the Source of Sustained Annulus Pressure in High GOR Oil Wells by Using Acoustic Logging

Sergey Vasilyev, Nikolai Boltunov, Alena Shkaran, LLC Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz; Elena Kirpichikova, Roza Minakhmetova, Valeriy Pimantyev, Vener Nagimov, Asiya Zaripova, TGT

13:15 - 14:14
14:15 - 15:45
Technical Session 7: Harsh downhole conditions: addressing challenges
Session Chairpersons David Barge, TCO; Emil Nasirov, JOCAP

Production from oil and gas reservoirs often face major operational challenges that require innovative technologies to maintain optimum well performance.  Viable solutions are needed and sought out by operators.  This session will present case studies on the application, development, and deployment of technologies to address sand and water production and downhole scale, three of the most common and challenging issues faced in production operations. 


Paper #


1415 198351

Water Shutoff Using Crosslinked Polymer Gels

Elchin F. Veliyev, Azizagha A. Aliyev, Vugar V. Guliyev, Nurana V. Naghiyeva, “OilGasScientificResearchProject” Institute, SOCAR

1445 198352

Successful Application of Scale Inhibitor Squeeze in Tengiz Field

Akylbek Kamispayev, Elima Gazizova, Anton Skopich, Timur Munbayev, Edward Neubauer, John Clarke, Tengizchevroil LLP

1515 198388


Numerical Simulation of Water Shut-off for Heterogeneous Composite Oil Reservoirs

Baghir A. Suleimanov, Khasay A. Feyzullayev, “OilGasScientificResearchProject” Institute, SOCAR

14:15 - 15:45
Technical Session 8: Lowering uncertainties and costs using new techniques and tools in drilling and maintenance
Session Chairpersons Emmanuel Ellenberg, Schlumberger; Teyrun Gahramanov, Halliburton

New drilling and completion technologies are playing a critical role to allow cost-efficient and reliable well construction projects. From the use of Artificial Intelligence in order to increase the reliability of equipment and its predictive maintenance, to the use of ultra-deep boundary mapping technology to optimize well placement, this session is showcasing how the industry keeps employing innovating methods to enhance the drilling and completion of some challenging wells.


Paper #


1415 198392

Pore Pressure and Optimum Mud Weight Estimation Using Offset Wells in Bulla Daniz Field, Azerbaijan: Case Study

Mammad Mirzayev, Sevinj Gasimova, Iftikhar Gasimov, SOCAR AQS

1445 198355

Tapered Conductor Installation, a de novo Optimization of Well Cost in Malaysia

Fadzril Syafiq Jamaldin, Jin Ming Lee, Iliyas M Dan, Sathiaseela Arumugam, Wei Nyin Lin, M Afiefe Omar, Anas M Sofian, Khairul Anwar Nasarudin, Edwin Damasena, PETRONAS

1515 198356

Using of Ultra Deep Reservoir Mapping and Formation Evaluation Technologies for Exploration of Northern Caspian Field by ERD Well

Sergey Shtun, Mikhail Golenkin, Artem Shtun, LLC LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft; Ruslan Golubtsov, Victor Dovgopolyy, Vitaly Kuzakov, Artem Mityagin, Niyaz Shaymardanov, Schlumberger

Knowledge Sharing Posters


The Results of the Pilot Works on Well Completion Technologies and Continuous Monitoring on the Example of Extremely Long Horizontal Wells for Korchagina Field in the Caspian Sea

Segey Shtun, Alexander Senkov, Oleg Abramenko, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft LLC; Marat Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University, Resman; Ilkam Mukhametshin, RusGazBureniye LLC; Konstantin Naydenskiy, Artem Galimzyanov, Ekaterina Popova, Resman


Technological Opportunities to Increase Efficiency of Primary Recovery of High Viscous Oil

Andrey Maksimenko, Eugene Sherstoboev, Aleksey Osipenko, Aleksey Akhmetov, Roman Demenev, Gazpromneft STC

15:45 - 16:15
16:15 - 17:45
Technical Session 9: Wells Surveillance and Metering
Session Chairpersons Farhas Aliyev, Baker Hughes; Ehtiram Azizov, BP

Wells surveillance is the key to characterize the wells and hence the reservoir itself. These activities will help reveal any problems the wells might have, give vital information on production over the life of the asset. This session is devoted to show improvements in real time well metering and surveillance, especially usage of novel techniques and digital devices during production logging. New multiphase metering devices, which are becoming widely used lately by industry giants, are also in the focus.


Paper #


1615 198394

Optimization of New Well Flowback Process

Renat Sadyrbakiyev, Edward Neubauer, Anton Skopich, Olzhas Suleimenov, Abzal Aitzhanov, Tengizchevroil LLP

1645 198358

Contemporary Technologies of Production Logging in Horizontal Wells as a Tool for Oil and Gas Fields Digitalization

Marat Dulkarnaev, Povhneftegaz TME LUKOIL-West Siberia LLC; Kirill Ovchinnikov, Igor Novikov, Evgeny Malyavko, Geosplit LLC

1715 198359

Operational Experience with MultiPhase Flow Meters

Anton Skopich, Edward Neubauer, John Clarke, Chingiz Bopiyev, Tengizchevroil

Knowledge Sharing Posters


Evaluating Performance of Horizontal Wells Using Integrated Approach: Micro Seismic Monitoring, Geophysical Logging Using Conventional PLT and Marker-based Production Logging

Artem Basov, Oleg Bukov, Vadim Kuznetsov, Dmitry Lazutkin, LLC Bazhen Technology Center; Kseniya Saprykina, Kirill Ovchinnikov, Andrey Guryanov, Alexander Katashov, Igor Novikov, Geosplit LLC

16:15 - 17:45
Technical Session 10: Breakthrough Wells Operation through Strategic Technology Advancement
Session Chairpersons Khairul Anwar Nasrudin, PETRONAS Azerbaijan; Hilde Marie Goldstein Seiertun, Equinor

The technology & strategy advancement in Drilling & Completion acts as catalyst towards operational breakthrough especially for the challenging & complicated wells like ERD, HPHT & Deepwater. This session will discuss further on some of the successful application of the latest technology & strategy to unlock the potential hydrocarbon within complex reservoir drilling & completion. The operational breakthrough is proven by how much it has optimized the overall CAPEX & schedule of the project with zero impact towards reservoir performance & production.


Paper #


1615 198360

Korolev Waterflood Pilot Completion Design for Water Supply and Injection Wells

Roy Guest, Kymbat Dagistanova, Assylzhan Bekishev, Ted Playton, Tengizchevroil; Ray Macias, Michael Fuller, Chevron Energy Technology Company; Mauricio Villegas, Chevron

1645 198361

Real-time Gas Influx Analysis and Control in Managed Pressure Drilling

Andrew Ilin, Sayamik Ameen Rostami, Kedar Deshpande, Olga Bukashkina, Weatherford

1715 198362

Record-Breaking ERD Intelligent Completion System Installations in the North Caspian Sea: Challenges, Solutions and Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Stanislav Novokshenov, Talgat Kosset, Nicholas Goura, K&M Technology Group; Andrey Niverchuk, Lidia Letchikova, Schlumberger; Renat Nabiullin, Afrand Dadashev, Roman Nabokin, OOO LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft

Knowledge Sharing Posters


Application of Alternative Tracer Technologies for Production Logging

Dmitry Shestakov, Marat Galiev, Ilshat Badrtdinov, Vadim Khamidullin, Kogalymneftegaz TME  LUKOIL-West Siberia LLC; Kirill Ovchinnikov, Evgeny Malyavko, Geosplit LLC


Evolution of Drillstring Integrity Planning and Monitoring

Hendrik Suryadi, Robin Chen, Valery Dolgushin, Schlumberger

Friday, October 18

09:30 - 11:00
Keynote Panel Session: New Generation Talent and Human Factors
Moderator(s) Shauna Noonan, 2020 SPE President, Occidental Petroleum

Session Chairs: Asif Shefeqqetov, SOCAR; Emmanuel Okugbaye, BP


Speakers: Mehriban Ayyubova, BP; Fabrice Bouchard, Schlumberger; Charlotte Payen, French-Azerbaijani University; Emilya Mammadova, Baker Hughes, a GE Company


The oil, gas and energy industry has continued to experience demographic change, which has in part been accelerated by the low oil price in recent years, and affected by the rapid growth of the alternative energy sector. As the population of millennials continues to grow in the workplace, the need to adapt the work environment to their expectations and capabilities and to adapt to the ever changing digital landscape will be even greater than before. The efficient transfer of knowledge becomes more important in an environment where information and data is growing at an exponential pace. This panel session will examine and discuss how successful industries have adapted to this change, what has been achieved in our industry and what further changes will need to be made to harness the full potential of the new generation talent.

11:00 - 11:30
11:30 - 13:00
Technical Session 11: Production System Optimization
Session Chairpersons Atageldi Kakayev, Dragon Oil Turkmenistan; Mikhail Vafolomeev, Kazan Federal University

To optimize production could be challenging based on multiple factors, ranging from well condition the oil characteristics. Although technology advancements address many of these factors and simplify some challenges, unique implementations of traditional solutions should not be neglected. This technical session presents three shared examples, where particular application of artificial lift, well stimulation method, and gas shut off operations with conformance control liner installation improve reservoir performance at three different fields.



Paper #


1130 198363

Application of Conformance Control Techniques in Tengiz Field

Ilyas Yechshanov, Kanat Zhumagulov, Ilyas Tussupbayev, Chingiz Bopiyev, Yousef Ghomian, Bolat Amangaliyev, Tengizchevroil LLP

1200 198364

Auto Gas Lift Application in Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli Field, Azerbaijan, Caspian Offshore

Samir Huseynzade, Charlie Hammond. Ahad Pashayev, Ilkin Allahverdiyev, Rovshan Mollayev, BP 

1230 198365

First Implementation of High-Rate Pinpoint Technology in an Extremely Challenging Multilateral Well: Successful Lessons Learned from Tight Carbonate - Minagish Field, West Kuwait

Mohamed Mofti, Leopoldo Sierra, Alaeldin Saad Frag Alboueshi, Halliburton; Milan Patra, Sulaiman Ali, Abdullah Abu-Eida, Saad Matar, Kuwait Oil Company

Knowledge Sharing Posters


APC for Wellhead Chokes to Optimize Plant Performance in Tengiz Field 

Arman Tanzharikov, Randy Cernik, Arman Shantayev, Tengizchevroil (TCO)


Oil Production Stimulation by Creating a Vacuum in the Annular Space of the Well

Anatoliy Andreevich Isaev, Rustem Shafagatovich Takhautdinov, Vladimir Ivanovich Malykhin, Almaz Amirzyanovich Sharifullin, Sheshmaoil Management company LLC


11:30 - 13:00
Technical Session 12: Unconventional Methods of Well Construction: Pushing the Boundaries
Session Chairpersons Subhan Bashirli, Schlumberger; Diana Shigapova, Roxar

Well construction has always been a great challenge and engineers continuously seek new ideas to optimize the drilling and completion methods and maximize well productivity down the road. This session will talk about unconventional methods of well completion, which opens up new horizons in well construction that tests the boundaries of current capabilities. Key topics of the session will be horizontal well completion, drilling optimization in overpressured reservoirs and new cementing technologies.


Paper #


1130 198366

Well Cementing with Elastic Properties Cement Stone and Liner Rotation is the Key to the Successful Development of Hard-to-recover or “Tight Oil" Reserves from Bazhenov Formation

Ivan Susliakov, Taras Shevchuk, Alexey Alekseev, «Technology center «Bazen», LLC; Alexey Dryaba, Andrey Alyakin, «GROUP MTO», LLC ; Oleg Sekachev, PNG Service Company Ltd

1200 198367

Formation Pressure While Drilling Technology: Game Changer in Drilling Overpressured Reservoirs

Samat Ramatullayev, Akikat Makhmotov, Muratbek Zhabagenov, Schlumberger; Michele Cesari, Salvatore Torrisi, Graziano Capone, ENI Turkmenistan; Federica Ferrari, ENI Upstream

1230 198368

Hybrid Swell Packer - Water Prone Zone Isolation

Shian Ee Ma, Siti Nur Mahirah Bt M Zain, M Faizatulizuddin B Ishak, M Afiefe B Omar, PETRONAS; Jennie Chin Pui Ling, Schlumberger

Knowledge Sharing Posters


Subsea Well Intervention – An Operator’s Experience in First Deepwater Temporary Wells Suspension in West Africa

William Sin Yoong, Khalil Mohamed M’bareck, Shahira Emie Lyana Mustaffa, Mohd. Hairi Abdul Razak, Mohd. Yuzmanizeil Yaakub, PETRONAS


Development and Field Applications of Novel Oil-Based Mud in Western South China Sea

Yongbin Guo, Zhiqin Liu, Shen Guan, CNOOC China Limited-Zhanjiang

13:00 - 14:00