SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference 16 - 18 Oct 2019 Fairmont Baku, Flame Towers Baku, Azerbaijan

Welcome from the Programme Chairs

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the Conference Executive and Technical Programme Committees, we take great pleasure in announcing the sixth annual SPE Caspian Technical Conference which will be held on 16-18 October 2019, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

This year’s conference theme “Digital Transformation: Enabling the Future” will focus on various ways the oil and gas industry is using digital technology and how they expect to be using it in the future. The tidal forces of volatile commodity prices means that companies need to go on a digital technology shopping spree to either find more oil and gas, or retrieve it at a lower cost. The digital transformation in upstream oil and gas is already under way, as companies seek to identify the technologies that will bring added value to their enterprises. The industry has shown “pockets of innovation” that are demonstrating digital value in real-world applications. However, accelerating this value capture will require a greater understanding of the people behind the technologies. The industry will have to adapt to a new cultural focus, utilising new skill sets and mindsets, if it wants to create a new digital reality.

The conference theme will be explored further in the three keynote panel sessions – Past, Present, and Future; Sustainability, Growth and Profit and New Generation Talent and Human Factors. In these sessions, you will hear from high-profile speakers and panellists drawn from government, operators, service providers, advisory firms, and energy research companies who will share experiences and help you get answers to the following questions: Are companies able to design and implement existing and emerging technologies to maximise their benefits and extend their capabilities? Is there any danger in digitalisation and are there risks involved with this path? How do we sustain oil and gas presence, should we be thinking differently to be sustainable? How do we sustain profit of industry? Can we identify, recruit, and develop employees that are capable of working in a seamless fashion within digital technology?

Twelve technical and several knowledge sharing poster sessions will encompass presentations across a range of topics, including Digitalisation Impact in Oil and Gas Industries, Reservoir Characterisation, Harsh Downhole Conditions: Addressing Challenges, Raising the Bar in Facility Operations and Standards, Performance and Technology Improvements in Well Construction, to name a few. These presentations will offer the opportunity to share knowledge in an open and constructive  environment.

This event will provide ample opportunity for you to meet and network with old and new colleagues, discover new technologies and insights into the industry, engage in debate, and share your experiences.

Kindest Regards,

Ali Sheydayev
Technology Manager, BP

Philippe Dupouy
Geophysics, Geology & Reservoir (2G&R) Director
Total E&P Absheron BV