SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 5 - 7 Mar 2019 World Forum Hague, The Netherlands


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  • Panel, Plenary, and Special Sessions

Wednesday, March 06

17:00 - 20:00
Diversity and Inclusion Session: Closing the Gender Gap in Oil and Gas

Photos from the 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Session

The IADC and SPE are committed to delivering a balanced agenda around diversity and inclusion, and to support member companies as they strive to address the gap in the oil and gas sector. This session will explore the challenges facing the industry and how they can be addressed. 

This initiative aims to build on the efforts already being undertaken at individual company levels to attract, develop and retain female staff — especially in technical and senior management roles — and to remove barriers that may currently hinder or discourage women from rising through the ranks into leadership roles.

The aim is to address the factors contributing to the gender gap and to advantage all companies, their owners and shareholders through the incremental performance and value that parity will generate. This is good for our people, good for our stakeholders, and good for our business.

Whilst in 2017 the session focused on leadership, aspiration, goal setting, STEM, recruitment, retention, corporate culture and work life balance, the panel now feels it is time to move the conversation forward with some hard-hitting topics that affect the lives of many. Make sure you join us for this special session in The Hague.


1700 – 1730 Drinks, Food and Networking
1730 – 1820 Session 1 – Keynote Speakers
1820 - 1945 Session 2 - Break-out Booths
1945 – 2000 Wrap Up and Close


This year, our break-out booths will feature the following topics:

  • Pay Gap Implications in Culture and Employee Engagement (Baker Hughes, a GE Company)
  • Which Way is Up?  (BP)
  • Building Relationships/ Bringing Men into the Conversation (Chevron)
  • Strengthen Performance through Diversity and Inclusion (Equinor)
  • Bringing Yourself to the Party (National Oilwell Varco)
         Focusing on how to be yourself and finding commonalities with all groups of people to succeed in any situation
  • Achieving a D&I step change for Oil and Gas: The UK perspective (Oil and Gas UK)
  • Evaluating the Talent Pool/ Mentoring and Coaching of Women for the C Suite (Schlumberger)
  • Power and #MeToo in the Oil and Gas Industry 
         (Serenity in Leadership)

Session Chair

Oonagh Werngren, MBE
Oonagh Werngren is the driving force behind the SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference "Diversity and Inclusion" session. As the first female Wells Manager for BP, more than 15 years ago Werngren developed a keen interest in career opportunities and mentors a broad spectrum from graduates to industry leaders. Along with Katy Heidenreich, she is the co-author of “The Oil Industry’s Best Kept Secret”.
Werngren is the former president of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain and non-executive director of ITF, CDA and The Girls’ Network. In the course of her 36-year career, she has held senior leadership positions around the globe for Oil and Gas UK, GDF SUEZ, and BP, working previously for ARCO British Ltd and Tricentrol Oil Corporation.
Werngren was awarded an MBE in the 2011 Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to the oil and gas industry. She has been commodore of the Colne Yacht Club since April 2017, and she also sits on the board of an award-winning pub.

Keynote Speakers

David Reid, CMO, NOV
David Reid is the Chief Marketing Officer for NOV, where he develops the global market and strategic engine. Reid joined Varco International in 1992 and has lived in Scotland, California, and Houston covering roles in service, operations, design, business and product development, leadership, and management.
He serves on the NOV and Schlumberger IntelliServ Joint Venture Board and in IADC and SPE leadership positions. Reid has influenced modern rig and equipment design, as well as the pioneering of drilling automation and oilfield digitization.
Outside of oil and gas, Reid is a board member for Redeemed, a recovery program for adult women who are survivors of sex trafficking. He has also pioneered a Houston-based organisation of pro bono, crowdsourced marketing professionals who give of their skills and talents to help focused, efficient, high-investment recovery groups, like Redeemed develop and convey their story.

Q&A with David Reid, Chief Marketing Officer for NOV

Question 1: Why is Diversity & Inclusion important to you/your company?

I believe that Diversity is the key to team strength.  It creates new and different thoughts and important diverse points of view.  It is critical to develop solutions that can make a difference with the best possible teams to execute the work we do.

Question 2: Why did you decide to participate in the Diversity Session at this particular conference?

I decided to participate because we have to get the conversation out in the open.  The barriers that exist will not be coming from the people in the room but developing our message and methods to eliminate these barriers will be helped and encouraged as we gather to develop this important balance in our industry.

Question 3: What do you hope professionals will learn from this session?

I believe that a well-rounded and honest conversation will bubble out of this event, helping professionals with ideas and challenges to their thinking that will ultimately help us grow better companies and a stronger industry.

Kim McHugh, Vice President Drilling and Completion, Chevron
Kim McHugh is the Vice President of Drilling and Completions for Chevron Services Company based in Houston, Texas. She assumed the position in May 2018. McHugh is responsible for Global Drilling and Completions which includes HES, Assurance, OC, and planning of drilling operations globally. Prior to her current role, McHugh was Chevron's General Manager of Drilling and Completions in Houston.
She is a second-generation driller who grew up in the industry in locations all over the US and internationally. McHugh's career has spanned operations in the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Thailand, and onshore in the United States. She has worked for Chevron, BP, Unocal, and Arco in operator roles and as a consultant in the United States. McHugh's various roles have included managing field operations, engineering, and global performance
McHugh graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS and MS in petroleum engineering. She lives in Katy, Texas with her husband, Dennis, who also works for Chevron.
She serves on the board of Dress for Success and the IADC Wellsharp Advisory Panel.

Katy Heidenreich, Upstream Operations Optimisation Manager, Oil & Gas UK
Katy is the Upstream Operations Optimisation Manager at Oil & Gas UK. She is responsible for promoting operational excellence and driving initiatives that align with the Maximising Economic Recovery (MER UK) Strategy and increase the competitiveness of the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).
Katy has spent most of her career in the oil and gas industry working in technical and senior management roles in the UK, Norway and Azerbaijan. Katy joined Oil & Gas UK, the upstream industry’s trade association, after 15 years with Schlumberger Oilfield services.
Katy also recently became a published author, releasing a book focusing on the impact women have had on the oil and gas sector, which aims to inspire and encourage the next generation of talented young women to join the industry.

Q&A with speaker Rachael Reed, Completion Engineer, BP


Rachael Reed, Completion Engineer, BP

Question 1: Why is Diversity & Inclusion important to you/your company?

It has been proven that diverse and inclusive teams result in great business outcomes. Within BP, we’ve had a number of scenarios that have had group thinking at the core where people have not had the courage to speak-up or challenge the status quo. Having a culture that truly supports diversity and inclusion drives creativity and ensures that people bring their true selves to work and feel empowered to speak up and contribute. We see building a diverse and inclusive organisation as foundational to achieving a competitive advantage.

Question 2: Why did you decide to participate in the Diversity Session at this particular conference?

This is a great opportunity to network and learn from our industry peers. We hope to come away with best practices from others to help instruct our forward strategy. We also hope to find opportunities to work collaboratively on an industry level.

Question 3: What do you hope professionals will learn from this session?

During our session, we plan to discuss BP North Sea Wells’ journey and forward vision relating to building a diverse and inclusive work place. We hope professionals can see parallels to their own organisation and can learn from our journey to instruct their own diversity initiatives.

Q&A with speaker Thom Dennis, Founder, Serenity in Leadership


Thom Dennis, Founder, Serenity in Leadership

Question 1: Why is Diversity & Inclusion important to you/your company?

Diversity and inclusion should underpin agenda – whether economic, social or political – and not just become visible when decision-makers need press coverage. These concepts celebrate the fundamental equality that exists between individuals – an equality that is easily forgotten as we grow up conditioned to elevate ourselves with possessions and accolades. Bringing humanity back to personal contentment and alignment with one’s fellow man does much to address conflict. Diversity and inclusion also enable creativity to emerge through widened insight and experience. By limiting hiring and advancement to the stale, male and pale paradigm, business limits its vision and progress.

Question 2: Why did you decide to participate in the Diversity Session at this particular conference?

Serenity in Leadership and its people have been working in the Oil & Gas Industry since 2005. We help companies improve their cultures so that people thrive in a safe, respectful and highly productive environment. This conference is an opportunity for us to share our learning and ideas for the future of effective leadership.

Question 3: What do you hope professionals will learn from this session?

This talk will outline the manifestations of #MeToo specific to the Oil and Gas industry. ‘It doesn’t happen here’ or ‘we’re dealing with it internally’ are no longer good enough: a proactive strategy integrated into the safety culture is the only thing capable of dismantling unconscious negative behaviours in the workplace.
Attendees will be shown why and how they should protect the mental welfare of their colleagues with equal attention compared to their physical wellbeing. By applying our recommendations, the industry can reap the commercial benefits of a reinvigorated and secure workforce.

Q&A with speaker Beatriz Rodriguez, VP of Human Resources , Oilfield Equipment Baker Hughes, a GE Company


Beatriz Rodriguez, VP of Human Resources , Oilfield Equipment Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Question 1: Why is Diversity & Inclusion important to you/your company?

We strive to build a culture which promotes both diversity and inclusion, the reason why is simple:  it touches all parts of the business.  It helps generate innovation, it’s easier to hire and retain great talent, diverse teams perform better, it helps our employer brand, it helps us understand our customers better, it makes BHGE a great place to work. 

Question 2: Why did you decide to participate in the Diversity Session at this particular conference?

Being part of this conference is a great platform to not only share and learn from each other but also bring visibility and exposure to the efforts we are doing in Diversity & Inclusion so it stays relevant at senior level attending this conference.

Question 3: What do you hope professionals will learn from this session?

Some insights into how BHGE tackles the pay gap issue and hopefully foster some thinking about the implications in driving culture in the organisation. 

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