SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 5 - 7 Mar 2019 World Forum Hague, The Netherlands


Session Type
  • Panel, Plenary, and Special Sessions

Monday, March 04

13:00 - 17:00
DSATS/IADC Art Symposium: Digital Twin for Drilling – Connecting the Physical and Digital World
Moderator(s) Slim Hbaieb, Schlumberger

DSATS (SPE’s Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section) and ART (IADC’s Advanced Rig Technology Committee) are holding a half-day symposium featuring keynote presentations on the concept and real-world applications of the Digital Twin.  

A Digital Twin integrates real-time data with both physics-based and data-driven models (virtual models) of a physical asset to create a dynamic understanding and optimization of the design, operation, performance, and maintenance of the physical asset. 

Four industry-leading keynote speakers will update the drilling and well construction community on latest applications of this technology, raising the awareness for its potential in drilling automation.

The meeting will be followed by a networking reception in which multiple companies will showcase and exhibit their latest work and solutions for Digital Twins in Drilling and Well Construction.  

Keynote Speakers

Sean McKenna, Senior Research Manager, IBM Research 
Sean is a Senior Research Manager at IBM Research in Dublin, Ireland. He has 25 years of experience in developing science-focused engineering solutions for complex problems. Additionally, Sean currently leads a group of scientists and engineers in research and technology that expands Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities through AI and Blockchain. Application areas include infrastructure systems, manufacturing and natural resource management.
Sean is an active member of IBM’s Industry Academy and served as the 2016 Distinguished Lecturer for the International Association of Mathematical Geosciences. Prior to joining IBM in 2012, he was a Senior Scientist in the GeoSciences Group at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

John Nixon, Sr. Director, Siemens PLM Software 
John is the Energy & Utilities global leader for Siemens PLM Software. 
John has created multiple start-ups, opened new markets worldwide, led large greenfield and brownfield projects in Canada and China, and spearheaded pipeline asset integrity programs in USA and Mexico. In addition to this, John holds patents for pipelining technology and has been a board member for multiple technology firms and university R&D associations.
John holds a BS in Civil Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) from Texas A&M University.

Simon Mantle, Sr. Director, Data Science and Analytics, BHGE Digital – Houston, TX, Baker Hughes, a GE company 
Simon is the Sr. Director of Data Science & Analytics team in BHGE Digital.  He is based in Houston, Texas. His team focuses on developing data engineering techniques to provide the machine learning/deep learning powered analytics and analytics software with data.
Simon has worked for Baker Hughes for 23 years starting in global operations where he gained the background knowledge of the well site that has supported his career. Simon moved to Houston into the Drilling Services software group and held multiple disciplinary roles from testing, technical support, requirements to project manager for all acquisition systems. Simon was a founding member of the Systems integration group with ownership of the Data team. He formed a team of expertise and rapidly delivered the Baker Hughes Information Reservoir, software that provided a single pane of glass to operational data across all product lines.
Simon holds a B.Eng. Hons degree in Industrial Geology from Camborne School of Mines in the United Kingdom.

Olivier Germain, Director, Landmark Industry Solutions
Olivier is the Director of Landmark’s Industry Solutions, based in Houston. He leads a team of worldwide experts that actively respond to customers’ needs and co-create solutions to measurably increase customer performance.
Olivier has 25 years of industry experience. His early career was spent in various countries managing the operations, contracts, staffing, training and safety management of drilling rigs. Since this, Olivier has progressed on to broader roles, including working as an Operations and Regional Manager for multiple business units with a specific focus on drilling and production projects.
He then made the transition into software development and in 2010 Olivier joined Landmark to direct the R&D efforts in drilling, production and economics, before advancing to his current role in 2017.
Olivier holds a Master’s of Science (MSc) from Ecole Centrale Paris, a MBA from the Erasmus School of Management and is a graduate from the ‘Halliburton President Leadership Excellence’ Programme. He holds 6 US patents.    

Organising Sub-Committee:

Slim Hbaieb, Schlumberger; John Clegg, Weatherford; John de Wardt; De Wardt and Company Inc., Robin Macmillan, NOV; John Macpherson, Baker Hughes, a GE Company; Moray Laing, Halliburton; Mark Anderson, Shell