SPE International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry 8 - 9 Apr 2019 Moody Gardens Hotel and Convention Center Galveston, Texas, USA


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  • Social and Networking Events

Monday, April 08

12:00 - 13:00
Keynote Luncheon Exhibition Hall C
Speaker(s) Professor Anne Neville, University of Leeds

Understanding Kinetics and Polymorphic Changes in CaCO3 Deposition in Single and Multi-Phase Flow Conditions

This talk will be a review of surface deposition work conducted over the last few years in Leeds which has enabled mechanisms and rates of surface deposition to be accessed.  The integration of a suite of tests which include in-situ visualization, in-situ diffraction measurements, a new capillary cell, post-test spectroscopy and diffraction measurements has been used to quantify how scale deposits and how it can be inhibited.  
The emphasis will be on how we can link the processes occurring in the solution (bulk scaling) with what we see on the surface (surface deposition or adhesion) and how by understanding how surface scale forms assists in its efficient inhibition.  


Professor Anne Neville
University of Leeds