SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference 10 - 11 Apr 2019 Moody Gardens Hotel and Convention Center Galveston, Texas, USA


Tuesday, April 09

08:00 - 17:00
Training Course: Reservoir Simulation for Practical Decision Making
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Instructor(s) Dean C. Rietz and Miles R. Palke


This course covers all the important facets of reservoir modeling, with a considerable amount of the class time reserved for discussion amongst the participants and instructors. Time permitting, previous models conducted by the instructors will also be discussed.


  • Planning a simulation study
  • Acquiring and analyzing data
  • Fluid properties and rock-fluid interaction
  • Developing geologic models
  • Constructing grids
  • History matching and prediction

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08:00 - 17:00
Training Course: History Matching and Conditioning Reservoir Models to Dynamic Data
Ticketed Event
Instructor(s) Akhil Datta-Gupta

This course explores ways to incorporate production data into high-resolution reservoir models, using both conventional and fast-flow simulation techniques. It examines the merits of various history matching workflows practiced in the industry. Both assisted history matching and automatic history matching (inverse modeling) techniques will be covered. Field applications from various parts of the world will be discussed to illustrate the current state of the art, its advantages, and its limitations.


  • Background and theory of production data integration
  • Streamline approach to flow simulation through geologic models
  • Streamline-based production data integration
  • Assisted history matching/inverse modeling with finite difference models
  • Experimental design background and applications
  • Recent developments in EnKF and MCMC history matching methods

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14:00 - 18:00

Wednesday, April 10

07:30 - 17:00
07:30 - 08:30
08:30 - 09:50
01  Data Analytics Moody Ballroom Salon D
Session Chairpersons Faruk Omer Alpak - Shell International E&P Co., Rami Younis - University of Tulsa
Probabilistic and robust data-driven methods promise to enable practical prediction and optimization of large-scale energy operations. The development of computationally efficient hybrid approaches that combine models of the underlying physics with data-driven techniques (e.g. reduced order modeling) is essential to delivering good on this promise. The validation of the predictive power and efficacy of such models can pave the path towards ubiquitous adoption.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0850 193831 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Non-Intrusive Reduced Order Modelling for Reconstruction of Saturation Distributions W.J. Kostorz, A.H. Muggeridge, M.D. Jackson, Imperial College London; A. Moncorge, Total E&P UK Ltd
0850-0910 193878 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Accelerated Compositional Simulation of Tight Oil and Shale Gas Reservoirs Using Proxy Flash Calculation S. Wang, Colorado School of Mines; N. Sobecki, D. Ding, IFPEN; Y. Wu, Colorado School of Mines; L. Zhu, Schlumberger Doll Research Center
0910-0930 193904 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Data-Driven Discovery of Unconventional Shale Reservoir Dynamics H.M. Klie, DeepCast; H. Florez, Texas A&M University
0930-0950 193912 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Deep Model Reduction-Model Learning for Reservoir Simulation J. Zhang, S. Cheung, Y. Efendiev, E. Gildin, Texas A&M University; E. Chung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Alternate 193848 Reservoir Description & Dynamics IOR Pilot Evaluation In Brown-field Fractured Reservoir Using Data Analytics Of Reservoir Simulation Results
J. He, M. Hui, Chevron ETC
Alternate 193811 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Compaction-Dilation Data For Unconventional Oil Reservoirs

E. Fedutenko, L.X. Nghiem, C. Yang, T. Chen, M. Seifi, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
08:30 - 09:50
02  Discretization I Moody Ballroom Salons F-H
Session Chairpersons Larry Fung - Saudi Aramco PE&D, Gareth Shaw - Ridgeway Kite Software
This session includes papers on the thermodynamic stability of high-Pc multicomponent mixtures, discontinuous Galerkin discretization for three-component three-phase models, high resolution compositional simulation using adaptive spatial refinement and optimal ordering of unknowns, and a von Neumann stable scheme for the linear advection-diffusion-reaction equation.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0850 193888 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Thermodynamic Stability Analysis of Multi-Component Mixtures with Capillary Pressure S.S. Neshat, R. Okuno, G.A. Pope, The University of Texas At Austin
0850-0910 193906 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Flexible Discretizations Of The Three-component Three-phase Flow Problem L. Cappanera, B. Riviere, Rice University
0910-0930 193934 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Implicit High-Resolution Compositional Simulation With Optimal Ordering of Unknowns and Adaptive Spatial Refinement Ø.S. Klemetsdal, O. Møyner, Norwegian University of Science and Technology/SINTEF Digital; K. Lie, SINTEF Digital
0930-0950 193817 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Von Neumann Stable, Implicit, High Order, Finite Volume WENO Schemes T.J. Arbogast, The University of Texas At Austin; C. Huang, National Sun Yat-sen University; X. Zhao, The University of Texas at Austin
Alternate 193853 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Boundary Segments for Multisegment Well Models T.W. Stone, F. McKee, C. Istchenko, Schlumberger
Alternate 193905 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modelling of Electromagnetic Heating Process and Its Applications in Oil Sands

D. Ji, T. Harding, Z. Chen, M. Dong, H. Liu, University of Calgary
09:50 - 10:20
10:20 - 11:40
03  High-Performance Computing Moody Ballroom Salon D
Session Chairpersons Andy Z Austin - Consultant, Hui Cao - Total E&P USA, Inc.
Recent advances in modern parallel computing architectures have motivated new strategies for reservoir simulation and also led to revivals of some older ideas. The talks in this session cover a wide variety of High-Performance Computing topics, ranging from CPU to GPU to Cloud in hardware architectures, from Multiscale solver to AI-based adaptive preconditioning to dynamic mesh and load balance in algorithms.
Time Paper # Presentation
1020-1040 193880 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Massively Parallel Algebraic Multiscale Solver for Reservoir Simulation on the GPU Architecture
A.M. Manea, T.M. Almani, Saudi Aramco
1040-1100 193872 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Adaptive Preconditioning Strategy to Speed up Parallel Reservoir Simulations K. Wang, H. Liu, University of Calgary; L. Yan, Exploration and Development Research Institute, PetroChina; J. Luo, University of Calgary; K. Wu, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; J. Li, University of Calgary; F. Chen, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev; X. Dong, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; Z. Chen, University of Calgary
1100-1120 193871 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Compact Stacked Contour Applied To Full Field Simulation Lifecycle
U. Middya, P.I. Crumpton, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1120-1140 193932 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Framework for Modelling of Thermal-Compositional Multiphase Flow in Porous Media M. Khait, D. Voskov, Delft University of Technology
10:20 - 11:40
04  Gridding, Upscaling and Multiscale I Moody Ballroom Salons F-H
Session Chairpersons Mary Wheeler - The University of Texas At Austin, Dongxiao Zhang - Peking University
This session discusses a number of multiscale methods for conventional and unconventional reservoirs such as algebraic multilevel for geothermal reservoirs, cut-cell schemes for dynamic unstructured grids, constrained energy minimization for generalized multiscale finite element method, upscaling complex fracture networks to dual porosity dual permeability models.
Time Paper # Presentation
1020-1040 193894 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Algebraic Dynamic Multilevel Method for Fractured Geothermal Reservoir Simulation M. Hosseinimehr, R. Arbarim, M. Cusini, C. Vuik, H. Hajibeygi, Delft University of Technology
1040-1100 193874 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Three-Dimensional Geological Boundary Aligned Unstructured Grid Generation, and CVD-MPFA Flow Computation S. Manzoor, Saudi Aramco; M.G. Edwards, Swansea University; A.H. Dogru, Saudi Aramco
1100-1120 193889 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Nonlinear Upscaling Of Two-phase Flow Using Non-local Multi-continuum Approach
W. Leung, The University of Texas at Austin; E. Chung, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Y. Efendiev, M. Vasilyeva, Texas A&M University; M. Wheeler, The University of Texas Austin
1120-1140 193864 Reservoir Description & Dynamics High Fidelity Simulation of Recovery Mechanisms in Complex Natural Fracture Systems

H.X. Vo, J. Kamath, M. Hui, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Alternate 193852 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Upscaling of Sub-seismic 3D Fault Zone Structure: A Comparison Between Template-based and Flow-based Geometrical Upscaling Approach M.S. Islam, Dhofar University; T. Manzocchi, University College Dublin
11:40 - 14:00
PL01  Wednesday Poster Luncheon Exhibition Hall A
Poster authors will present, Wednesday and Thursday, at 12:45pm during the luncheon.
Time Paper # Presentation
1245-1345 193924 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Simulation of Inter-fracture Injection and Production in Tight Reservoirs Based on Compartmental Embedded Discrete Fracture Model Y. He, Z. Chai, J. Huang, Texas A&M University; P. Li, S. Cheng, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; J.E. Killough, Texas A&M University
1245-1345 193843 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Diffusion and Sorption Kinetics Effects in Marcellus Shale Gas Transport M. Zhang, N. Chakraborty, Z.T. Karpyn, H. Emami Meybodi, L.F. Ayala, Pennsylvania State University
1245-1345 193845 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Rapid Forecast Calibration Using Nonlinear Simulation Regression with Localization
J. He, W. Sun, X. Wen, Chevron
1245-1345 193834 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Production Data Integration into Complex Geologic Facies Models: Exploiting the Behavior of Multiple-Point Statistical Simulation for Effective Data Conditioning W. Ma, B. Jafarpour, University of Southern California
1245-1345 193879 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A General Framework Model for Fully Coupled Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical Simulation of CO2 EOR Operations S. Wang, Colorado School of Mines; Y. Di, Peking University; Y. Wu, P.H. Winterfeld, Colorado School of Mines
1245-1345 193856 Production & Operations Closed-Loop Stochastic Oilfield Optimization under Uncertainty in Geologic Description and Future Development Plans A. Jahandideh, B. Jafarpour, University of Southern California
1245-1345 193920 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimization Based Well Management For Coupling Giant Reservoir Models
U. Middya, P.I. Crumpton, T. Qasim, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1245-1345 193875 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Higher Resolution Unstructured Spectral Finite-volume Method for Flow in Porous Media Y. Xie, Henan University; M.G. Edwards, Swansea University
1245-1345 193844 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Bayesian Sampling Framework with Seismic Priors for Data Assimilation and Uncertainty Quantification S. Nejadi, N. Kazemi, S.M. Hubbard, I.D. Gates, University of Calgary
1245-1345 193855 Management & Information Implementation of Physics-Based Data-Driven Models with a Commercial Simulator G. Ren, University of Tulsa; J. He, Chevron Corporation; R. Younis, University of Tulsa; X. Wen, Chevron Corporation
14:00 - 15:20
05  Integrated Modeling and Case Studies I Moody Ballroom Salon D
Session Chairpersons Xiao-hui Wu - ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co., Kyrre Bratvedt - Schlumberger
Reservoir simulation often needs to be tailored to specific applications to better represent the underlying physical processes. Papers in this session provide case studies of integrating reservoir simulation with geo-mechanics, flows in multi-segment wells, high-order methods for various modeling purposes, as well as insight into the development of complex simulation systems.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 193849 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimal Design of CO2 Sequestration with Coupled Flow-Geomechanics Simulation and Evolution Strategy X. Lu, B. Ganis, M.F. Wheeler, The University of Texas At Austin
1420-1440 193839 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Comparison of Higher Order Schemes on Complicated Meshes and Reservoirs A. Kvashchuk, University of Stavanger/The National IOR Centre of Norway; R. Klöfkorn, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre/The National IOR Centre of Norway; T. Sandve, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre
1440-1500 193833 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Sequential Implicit Newton Method for Coupled Multi-segment Wells J. Li, Z.Y. Wong, P. Tomin, H.A. Tchelepi, Stanford University
1500-1520 193929 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Asset Modeling of a Deep-Offshore Subsea Development Using 2 Complementary Reservoir-Surface Coupling Workflows
G. Darche, R. Marmier, P. Samier, R.T. Bursaux, N. Guillonneau, Total SA; J. Long, H.M. Kalunga, H. Cao, R. Zaydullin, Total E&P
Alternate 193893 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Geomechanically-Constrained Dynamic Fractal Wormhole Growth Model for Simulating Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand H. Yu, J.Y. Leung, University of Alberta
14:00 - 15:20
06  Geomechanics and Unconventional Resources I Moody Ballroom Salons F-H
Session Chairpersons Adolfo Rodriguez - OpenSim Technology, Aquiles Agreda - ConocoPhillips Co
Geomechanics plays an important role on the economical exploitation of unconventional reservoirs due to the complex interaction between mechanical and flow mechanisms arising from natural and induced fractures, among other phenomena. This session will present some of the latest advances in modeling and simulation of geomechanics and its coupling to the fluid-flow processes with specific applications to hydraulic fracturing, compaction and subsidence.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 193908 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Coupled Numerical Simulation of Thermal-Reactive
Flow and Geomechanics with Solid Mass Conversion
F.O. Alpak, J.C. Vink, Shell
1420-1440 193867 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Tight Oil And Shale Gas PVT Modelling For Flow Simulation With Matrix-fracture Interaction N. Sobecki, IFPEN; S. Wang, Colorado School of Mines; Y.D. Ding, C. Nieto-Draghi, IFPEN; Y. Wu, Colorado School of Mines
1440-1500 193901 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Numerical Method for Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Using Embedded Meshes
G. Ren, R. Younis, University of Tulsa
1500-1520 193884 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Framework for Incorporating Nanopores in Compositional Simulation to Model the Unusually High GOR Observed in Shale Reservoirs S. Luo, J.L. Lutkenhaus, H. Nasrabadi, Texas A&M University
Alternate 193818 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Compositional Model for Gas Injection IOR/EOR in Tight Oil Reservoirs under Coupled Nanopore Confinement and Geomechanics Effects Y. Tian, Y. Xiong, L. Wang, Colorado School of Mines; Z. Lei, Y. Zhang, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development; X. Yin, Y. Wu, Colorado School of Mines
Alternate 193858 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Coupled Numerical Simulation Of Transient Microseismicity And Flow In Fractured Reservoirs Z. Han, G. Ren, R. Younis, University of Tulsa
15:20 - 15:40
15:40 - 17:00
07  Forecasting, Optimization and Calibration Moody Ballroom Salon D
Session Chairpersons Jan Dirk Jansen - Delft University of Technology, Alberto Cominelli - Eni E&P
Models are built to make predictions and reservoir engineers want to add value to projects by optimizing forecasts with respect to problem controllable options, e.g. how many injection/production wells and where to drill them? In this session, papers will focus on robust optimization of well controls, type and trajectory, and on reservoir management with multi-objective type optimization for chemical EOR projects. Robustness of forecast may benefit from history matching, e.g. with cross-well electromagnetic data.
Time Paper # Presentation
1540-1600 193925 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An SQP-Filter Algorithm with an Improved Stochastic Gradient for Robust Life-Cycle Optimization Problems with Nonlinear Constraints L. Zhe, A.C. Reynolds, University of Tulsa
1600-1620 193860 Reservoir Description & Dynamics History Matching and Optimal Design of Chemically Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Multi-Objective Optimization Z. Zhang, H. Jung, A. Datta-gupta, Texas A&M University; M. Delshad, The University of Texas at Austin
1620-1640 193808 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Efficient Assimilation of Crosswell Electromagnetic Data using Ensemble-based History-matching Framework Y. Zhang, I. Hoteit, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
1640-1700 193885 Production & Operations Joint Optimization of Well Locations, Types, Drilling Order and Controls Given a Set of Potential Drilling Paths R. Lu, The University of Tulsa; A.C. Reynolds, University of Tulsa
Alternate 193837 Management & Information Robust Optimization of ASP Flooding Under Oil Price Uncertainty

H. Li, C. Dang, A. Mirzabozorg, C. Yang, L.X. Nghiem, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
15:40 - 17:00
08  Complex Processes I Moody Ballroom Salons F-H
Session Chairpersons Jianxin Lu - Halliburton, Yifan Zhou - Chevron ETC
Increasing energy demand has led to the development of increasingly complex recovery processes. Papers in this session are focused on models for representing those processes in our reservoir simulators and the solutions to the numerical challenges that arise when modeling processes such as foams, thermal EOR, compositional and reactive transport.
Time Paper # Presentation
1540-1600 193907 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Analysis of Near-Miscible CO2-WAG Displacements: the Distinction between Compositional And Interfacial Tension Effects

G. Wang, G.E. Pickup, K.S. Sorbie, E.J. Mackay, Heriot-Watt University; A. Skauge, University of Bergen
1600-1620 193851 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Efficient and Robust Solver For Multiphase Rachford-Rice Equations In Compositional and Thermal Simulations

H. Pan, Stanford University; M. Imai, JOGMEC; M. Connolly, H.A. Tchelepi, Stanford University
1620-1640 193868 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Mechanistic Foam Simulator Incorporating Systematic Dependencies of Various Foam Properties on Permeability H. Luo, K. Ma, K. Mateen, G. Ren, V. Neillo, C. Blondeau, G. Bourdarot, D.C. Morel, Total
1640-1700 193909 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modeling the Effect of Reaction Kinetics and Dispersion during Low-Salinity Waterflooding D. Magzymov, P. Purswani, Z.T. Karpyn, R.T. Johns, EMS Energy Institute, The Pennsylvania State University
Alternate 193898 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Parameterization of Element Balance Formulation in Reactive Compositional Flow and Transport. K. Kala, D.V. Voskov, M.H. Ammiwala, Delft University of Technology
Alternate 193828 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Quantifying Near-Wellbore Permeability Including Fractures Using Real-Time Pressure from Distributed Downhole Measurements C. Beokhaimook, PTTEP; H. Kazemi, Colorado School of Mines
17:00 - 18:30

Thursday, April 11

07:30 - 12:00
07:30 - 08:30
08:30 - 09:50
09  Data Assimilation and Uncertainty Quantification Moody Ballroom Salon D
Session Chairpersons Pallav Sarma - Tachyus, Jose Villa - Total E&P
Data assimilation and uncertainty quantification are key to ensuring that models honor historical data and provide reliable and robust predictions. This session explores different data assimilation, uncertainty quantification, parameterization, and related techniques, such as Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM), variants of Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Value of Information (VOI) and Decision Analysis (DA), Randomized Maximum Likelihood (RML) and more.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0850 193910 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Benchmarking of Advanced Methods for Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty Quantification M. Araujo Fresky, C. Chen, G. Gao, J.W. Jennings, B. Ramirez, J.Z. Xu, T. Yeh, F.O. Alpak, P. Gelderblom, Shell
0850-0910 193838 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Identifiability of Model Discrepancy Parameters In History Matching M.H. Rammay, A.H. Elsheikh, Heriot-Watt University; Y. Chen, Total E&P UK Ltd
0910-0930 193895 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Multilevel Strategies And Geological Parameterizations For History Matching Complex Reservoir Models. Y. Liu, L.J. Durlofsky, Stanford University
0930-0950 193916 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reduced Degrees of Freedom Gaussian Mixture Model Fitting for Large Scale History Matching Problems G. Gao, H. Jiang, C. Chen, J.C. Vink, Y. ElKhamra, J.J. Ita, F.E. Saaf, Shell
Alternate 193869 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Simplified Use of CLRM to Study Value of Saturation Assimilation on a Synthetic Green Field C. Malagon-Nieto, R.B. Bratvold, University of Stavanger; R.G. Hanea, Equinor Research and Technology; J. Rafiee, University of Tulsa
Alternate 193926 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigation of the Correlation Between the Quality of History Matching and that of Forecasting A.T. Tinni, P.R. King, Imperial College London
08:30 - 09:50
10  Discretization II Moody Ballroom Salons F-H
Session Chairpersons Ying Guo - NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS, Sebastian Geiger - Heriot-Watt University
The accurate spatial and temporal discretization of the PDEs describing multi-physics processes in heterogeneous reservoirs is of fundamental importance for reliable and efficient forecasting of reservoir performance using numerical simulations. Papers in this session discuss higher-order methods and discretization techniques suitable for unstructured grids to enable the efficient and accurate simulation of challenging recovery mechanisms such as acidizing and enhanced oil recovery in structurally complex reservoirs across multiple scales.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0850 193862 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical Simulation of Matrix Acidizing in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs Using Adaptive Enriched Galerkin Method R. Dong, The University of Texas At Austin; S. Lee, Florida State University; M.F. Wheeler, The University of Texas At Austin
0850-0910 193919 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Three-Dimensional Symmetric Positive Definite Control-Volume Distributed Multi-Point Flux Approximation For Flow Computation On Tetrahedral Grids
R. Ahmed, Dimue Technology; M.G. Edwards, Swansea University
0910-0930 193865 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Calibrated Model for the Carbonate-Brine-Crude Oil Surface Chemistry and its Effect on The Rock Wettability, Dissolution, and Mechanical Properties M. Bonto, A. Eftekhari, H. M. Nick, Technical University of Denmark
0930-0950 193913 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modeling of Cosolvents in a Fully-Implicit Surfactant Flood Simulator Using the Three Level Framework

C. Han, X. Shi, Y. Chang, C. Wolfsteiner, B. Guyaguler, Chevron
Alternate 193935 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical Error Quantification of Agent-based Models as Applied to Oil Reservoir Simulation B. Doyle, B. Riviere, Rice University
09:50 - 10:20
10:20 - 11:40
11  Linear and Nonlinear Solvers Moody Ballroom Salon D
Session Chairpersons Yifan Zhou - Chevron ETC, Hector Klie - DeepCast
Latest challenges in reservoir simulation are demanding the development of scalable linear and nonlinear solvers that can reliably and efficiently track the dynamics entailed by multiple physics at different levels of resolution. In this session, we will address novel algorithmic enhancements to multigrid and continuation methods to deal with highly heterogeneous porous media and fully coupled flow/geomechanics systems commonly arising on fractured media simulations.
Time Paper # Presentation
1020-1040 193870 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Algebraic Smoothing Aggregation Two Level Preconditioner to Multiphysics Fluid Flow Simulations in Porous Media S. Wang, Colorado School of Mines; A. Lukyanov, Harvard University; Y. Wu, Colorado School of Mines
1040-1100 193922 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Distributed Parallel Hybrid CPU-GPGPU Implementation of the Phase-Field Method for Accelerated High-Accuracy Simulations of Pore-Scale Two-Phase Flow C. Thiele, Rice University; M. Araya-Polo, F.O. Alpak, Shell International Exploration & Production, Inc.; B. Riviere, Rice University
1100-1120 193887 Reservoir Description & Dynamics System-AMG for Fully Coupled Reservoir Simulation with Geomechanics
S. Gries, B. Metsch, Fraunhofer Institute SCAI; K.M. Terekhov, P. Tomin, Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University
1120-1140 193886 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unstructured CVD-MPFA Reduced-dimensional DFM Models for Two-phase Flow, Coupled With Higher Resolution Hybrid Upwind Methods Y. Xie, Henan University; M.G. Edwards, Swansea University
10:20 - 11:40
12  Gridding, Upscaling and Multiscale II Moody Ballroom Salons F-H
Session Chairpersons Knut-Andreas Lie - SINTEF, Larry Fung - Saudi Aramco PE&D
This session discusses aggregation-based methods for grid coarsening, how to validate such upscaling methods, a new method to accelerate iterative multiscale solvers, as well as embedded discrete fracture modeling.
Time Paper # Presentation
1020-1040 193881 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Recent Developments in Unstructured Aggregation-Based Upscaling for Simulation Workflows and Applications S.G. Thomas, S. Du, G. Dufour, B.T. Mallison, P. Muron, A. Rey, Chevron ETC
1040-1100 193891 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Validation of a Non-uniform Coarsening and Upscaling Framework A. Guion, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.; B. Skaflestad, K. Lie, SINTEF; X. Wu, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
1100-1120 193812 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Adjoint-based Adaptive Convergence Control of the Iterative Finite Volume Multiscale Method W. DeZeeuw, R. Moraes, A. Heemink, J. Jansen, Delft University of Technology
1120-1140 193827 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Robust Embedded Discrete Fracture Modeling Workflow for Simulating Complex Processes in Field-Scale Fractured Reservoirs

M. Hui, G. Dufour, S. Vitel, P. Muron, R. Tavakoli, M. Rousset, A. Rey, B.T. Mallison, Chevron
11:40 - 14:00
PL02  Thursday Poster Luncheon Exhibition Hall A
Poster authors will present, Wednesday and Thursday, at 12:45pm during the luncheon.
Time Paper # Presentation
1245-1345 193900 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Single Block Productivity Approach - How it Identifies and Isolates Multiple Fracture Network Variants and Helps Improve History Matching and Prediction in Unconventional Reservoirs Using Reservoir Simulator E. Gildin, S.P. Kaul, Texas A&M University; R.F. Vaz, Marob Consulting
1245-1345 193921 Reservoir Description & Dynamics History Matching an Unconventional Reservoir with a Complex Fracture Network L. Zhe, A.C. Reynolds, University of Tulsa
1245-1345 193842 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Design of Warm Solvent Injection Processes for Heterogeneous Heavy Oil Reservoirs: A Hybrid Workflow of Multi-Objective Optimization and Proxy Models Z. Ma, J.Y. Leung, University of Alberta
1245-1345 193882 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Impact of WAG Design on Calcite Scaling Risk in Coupled CO2-EOR and Storage Projects in Carbonate Reservoirs H.W. Rodrigues, E.J. Mackay, D. Arnold, Heriot-Watt University
1245-1345 193835 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Natural Variable Well Model for Advanced Thermal Simulation

Y. Zhou, G. Li, Chevron Energy Technology Company; V.J. Zapata, Chevron (Retired)
1245-1345 193829 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integration of Deep Learning and Data Analytics for SAGD Temperature and Production Analysis Z. Ma, J.Y. Leung, University of Alberta
1245-1345 193923 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Interactive Workflow And Data Analytics For Model-based Production Optimization: A Waterflooding Example

J. Fu, L. Libby, Chevron
1245-1345 193846 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Open Source Numerical Framework for Dual-Continuum Geomechanical Simulation M. Ashworth, F. Doster, Heriot-Watt University
1245-1345 193927 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Quasi-K-Orthogonal Grid Generation S. Manzoor, Saudi Aramco; M.G. Edwards, Swansea University; A.H. Dogru, Saudi Aramco
1245-1345 193931 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Geomechanics-Coupled Embedded Discrete Fracture Model and Its Applications in Geothermal Reservoir Simulation X. Yu, P.H. Winterfeld, S. Wang, C. Wang, L. Wang, Y. Wu, Colorado School of Mines
1245-1345 193897 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Hybrid Mixed Mimetic Discritization Scheme For Reservoir Simulation A.S. Abushaikha, Hamad Bin Khalifa University; K. Terekhov, Russian Academy of Sciences
1245-1345 193824 Completions Dynamic Modeling and Design Optimization of Cyclonic Autonomous Inflow Control Devices

S.F. Gurses, G. Chochua, A. Rudic, A. Kumar, Schlumberger
1245-1345 193861 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Ranking Fractured Reservoir Models Using Flow Diagnostics V.E. Spooner, S. Geiger, D. Arnold, Heriot-Watt University
14:00 - 15:20
13  Integrated Modeling and Case Studies II Moody Ballroom Salon D
Session Chairpersons Andy Z Austin - Consultant, Vijay Shrivastava - Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
Continuing the focus on integrated modeling and case studies, this session covers interesting topics on uncertainty assessment, time step selection during reservoir simulation, integrated reservoir and surface facilities modeling, and an integrated simulation of thermal, compositional, and reactive transport mechanisms. The session also discusses the idea of mesh-free simulation in unconventional reservoirs with discrete facture networks, and identification of uncertainty in operational parameters impacting field development.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 193918 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Markov Chain Monte Carlo Uncertainty Quantification with a Least-Squares Support Vector Regression Proxy E.P. Sousa, The University of Tulsa and Petrobras; A.C. Reynolds, University of Tulsa
1420-1440 193809 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Robust Fuzzy Timestep Selector for a Fully Implicit Reservoir Simulator P.I. Crumpton, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1440-1500 193903 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Insights into Development and Application of a Reservoir Simulator: A Study on Agile Processes to Enhance Simulator Testing, Benchmarking, and Deployment S. Kumar, M. Talpallikar, E. Valbuena, P. Nguyen, B. Velusamy, Chevron Corporation
1500-1520 193816 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New Framework for the Integrated Reservoir and Surface Facilities Modeling R. Zaydullin, H. Cao, T.Y. Liao, E. Obi, Total E&P USA, Inc.
Alternate 193883 Drilling Robust Multi-Objective Field Development Optimization for the Mariner Asset R.G. Hanea, O. Bjørlykke, Y. Hashmi, T. Feng, Equinor; R.M. Fonseca, TNO
14:00 - 15:20
14  Geomechanics and Unconventional Resources II Moody Ballroom Salons F-H
Session Chairpersons Mohammad Karimi-fard - Stanford University, Yu-Shu Wu - Colorado School of Mines
This session focuses on geomechanical behavior of unconventional reservoirs. In particular, numerical techniques for multiphase flow coupled with geomechanics, fracture modeling, and fracture propagation will be discussed.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 193850 Reservoir Description & Dynamics General Semi-Structured Discretizations for Flow and Geomechanics on Diffusive Fracture Networks M. Jammoul, B. Ganis, M.F. Wheeler, The University of Texas At Austin
1420-1440 193873 Completions Multiscale Computations of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in Low-Permeability Heterogeneous Rocks R.G. Wan, M. Eghbalian, M. Pouragha, University of Calgary; L.S. Fung, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1440-1500 193825 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Multiphysics Fully-Coupled Flow and Geomechanics Simulation System with Hydraulic-Fracturing Simulation Capability F.O. Alpak, Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.
1500-1520 193830 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unconventional Reservoir Management Modeling Coupling Diffusive Zone/Phase Field Fracture Modeling and Fracture Probability Maps M.F. Wheeler, The University of Texas At Austin; S. Srinivasan, Pennsylvania State University; S. Lee, Florida State University; M. Singh, Pennsylvania State University
15:20 - 15:40
15:40 - 17:00
15  Reduced and Fast Simulation Models Moody Ballroom Salon D
Session Chairpersons Rami Younis - University of Tulsa, Hector Klie - DeepCast
The computational cost associated with reservoir simulations can be of budget concern on projects dealing with highly complex scenarios. Furthermore, these costs can be significantly exorbitant for the purpose of performing detailed history matching, production optimization, and uncertainty quantification studies. In this session, we will learn about recent advances on reduced order and data-driven models to substantially mitigate computational costs while still retaining relevant dynamic features of complex simulation systems.
Time Paper # Presentation
1540-1600 193822 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modeling Hydraulically Fractured Shale Wells Using the Fast Marching Method with Local Grid Refinements (LGRs) and Embedded Discrete Fracture Model (EDFM) X. Xue, C. Yang, T. Onishi, M.J. King, A. Datta-gupta, Texas A&M University
1600-1620 193896 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Artificial Neural Network Accelerated Flash Calculation for Compositional Simulations K. Wang, J. Luo, University of Calgary; L. Yan, Exploration and Development Research Institute; Y. Wei, Computer Modeling Group Ltd.; K. Wu, China University of Petroleum; J. Li, University of Calgary; F. Chen, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev; X. Dong, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; Z. Chen, University of Calgary
1620-1640 193863 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reduced-Order Modeling of Coupled Flow-Geomechanics Problems Z.L. Jin, T. Garipov, O. Volkov, L.J. Durlofsky, Stanford University
1640-1700 193911 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Model-Order Reduction of Coupled Flow and Geomechanics in Ultra-Low Permeability (ULP) Reservoirs H. Florez, E. Gildin, Texas A&M University
Alternate 193914 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Comprehensive Adaptive Forecasting Framework for Optimum Field Development Planning A. Salehi, G. Hetz, F. Olalotiti-lawal, N. Sorek, H. Darabi, D. Castineira, Quantum Reservoir Impact LLC
Alternate 193841 Reservoir Description & Dynamics INSIM-FT-3D: A Three-Dimensional Data-Driven Model for History Matching and Waterflooding Optimization Z. Guo, Occidental Petroleum Corporation; A.C. Reynolds, University of Tulsa
15:40 - 17:00
16  Complex Processes II Moody Ballroom Salons F-H
Session Chairpersons Yu Didier Ding - IFP Energies Nouvelles, Jan Dirk Jansen - Delft University of Technology
This session deals with simulation models for complex processes such as chemical EOR, compositional simulation, thermal process, radio frequency heating of heavy oil, as well as low-salinity-brine-CO2 flooding. One paper discusses mass transfer in fractured reservoirs.
Time Paper # Presentation
1540-1600 193930 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New and Improved Physical Property Models for Chemical Flooding Simulators H. Lashgari, G.A. Pope, M.T. Balhoff, M. Tagavifar, The University of Texas At Austin
1600-1620 193826 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Continuous Relative Permeability Model for Compositional Reservoir Simulation, Using the True Critical Point and Accounting for Miscibility
M. Petitfrere, R. De Loubens, Total; L. Patacchini, Stone Ridge Technology
1620-1640 193836 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Simulation of Radio Frequency Heating of Heavy Oil Reservoir Using Multi-Physics Coupling of Reservoir Simulation with Electromagnetic Solver G. Li, X. Guan, H. Wang, S. Du, Chevron Corporation; D. Wu, J. Chen, University of Houston
1640-1700 193815 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical Modeling of Fluid-Rock Interactions during Low-salinity-brine-CO2 Flooding in Carbonate Reservoirs A.N. Awolayo, H.K. Sarma, University of Calgary; L.X. Nghiem, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
17:15 - 19:00
The Crystal Ball in Reservoir Simulation: What is the Future for this Worldwide Technology? Moody Ballroom Salon D


Mohamad Jammoul
The University of Texas at Austin


​Alberto Cominelli

Eni E&P

​Jim Erdle

Computer Modelling Group Ltd.

​Luiz Schmall


Don Zhang

Peking University​​


Reservoir simulation experts, working in both academia and industry, will discuss future challenges and opportunities in reservoir simulation. Panelists will review challenges and opportunities not only from a petroleum engineering aspect but also as a strategic area to their companies and countries of reach. The discussion will also touch on the present and future skill sets required for young professionals to successfully develop their careers, allowing them to build upon current reservoir simulation capabilities and tackle important problems faced by our industry.

19:00 - 20:00