SPE Forum: Understanding the Reservoir Beyond the Wellbore 21 - 23 Oct 2019 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Predicting the properties of reservoirs beyond the wellbore has been the cornerstone of reservoir characterization. The outcome provides the framework for efficient management and optimization of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Proper reservoir characterization affects all reservoir types and all stages during the life of a field.  Far-field characterization encompasses seismic, electromagnetic, and other geophysical surveys. This characterization can be facilitated in various configurations such as cross-well or surface-to-wellbore, accomplished while drilling, in open and cased wells, and while producing hydrocarbons. However, there is a trade-off between resolution and the distance of investigation from wells.


This forum uncovered methods that could improve reservoir understanding with the aid of characterization between wellbores. It expanded the discussion from measurements to predictive modeling and include possibly disruptive innovations. 



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