SPE Forum: Late Life Unconventionals – Unlocking Incremental Value 10 - 15 Nov 2019 Phoenix, AZ


As the shale revolution continues through North America and expands internationally, the industry is looking further ahead at unconventional developments. Companies and Research Institutions are actively seeking new ways to unlock incremental value from existing plays: new production and stimulation technologies both with and without major well intervention, second-generation infill drilling campaigns, improved or enhanced oil recovery, etc. Non-technical considerations are also maturing and evolving pressures emerge in the financial, regulatory, environmental, health and safety domains.


ℹ️  A written summary will be prepared and distributed to participants after the forum at the discretion of the steering committee and SPE approval.




This forum is a platform for the industry to explore the later part of the unconventionals life cycle. It is designed to bring together a varied audience from Exploration, Production and Service companies as well as academic institutions. Topics to be discussed include future production and stimulation technologies, surface and sub-surface considerations for Improved- and Enhanced-Oil-Recovery as well as broader questions that might impact future developments such as regulatory or environmental considerations. The forum will be forward-looking into the future phases of unconventional developments, all the way through abandonment.



The Forum is a limited-attendance meeting for up to 75 people, designed for professionals in oil and gas or related industries interested in unconventional developments.  An interactive program has been designed to leverage expertise across the project value chain. 

The target attendees of the forum are intended to be a multidisciplinary group with expertise in:


Reservoir characterization and surveillance

Enhanced recovery operations

Health, Safety, and the Environment

Projects, Facilities, and Construction