Professionals in Energy Series: SPE Malaysia-Thailand JDA Summit 2 - 3 Dec 2019 Le Meridien, Putrajaya Putrajaya, Malaysia
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A Model for Joint Development in Overlapping Areas Like No Other

2019 marks the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (MTJDA). The collaboration and joint operation of the MTJDA is regulated by a joint-authority representating Malaysia and Thailand. This setup has monetised the underground resources/reserves and created a value chain across various sectors; generating significant employment opportunities and benefitting both countries. From this collaboration, the total accumulative JDA gas production is reaching 5 TCF; since the first production in 2005.




Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (MTJDA) was established, where both governments agreed to jointly develop hydrocarbon resources in overlapping claims of the continental shelf of the two countries, to support national energy demands. It is a unique model utilised to manage hydrocarbon resources sharing from subsurface to end users and in the spirit of "Brothers Drinking From the Same Well". This followed with the agreement on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Malaysia and Thailand Governments on the 21 February 1979 and the agreement on the Constitution of Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority (MTJA) was signed on the 30 May 1990. The Production Sharing Contracts between MTJA and its contractors for Block A-18, Block B-17 and C-19 was signed on the 21 April 1994, while Block B-17-01 was signed on the 30 September 2004, for the right to explore, develop and produce hydrocarbon resources in the respective blocks of the JDA.


Offshore Rig at night

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Professionals in:

Government regulators and stakeholders | Strategic planning and risk management | Asset and commercial management | Facilities and production engineering | Drilling and well completion engineering | Marketing and business development | Geoscience | Petroleum and reservoir engineering | Project management




Learn about the Joint Development Area model from the people participating in it

Value creation and knowledge sharing within contractors and among joint operating companies

Discuss lessons learnt and best practices sharing in the JDA and joint operating company

Exchange and discuss ideas and networking with fellow investors and authorities in the MTJDA