Professionals in Energy Series: SPE Malaysia-Thailand JDA Summit 2 - 3 Dec 2019 Le Meridien, Putrajaya Putrajaya, Malaysia
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • The Society for Professionals in Energy Society of Petroleum Engineers

About the Summit

2019 marks the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (MTJDA). The collaboration and joint operation of the MTJDA is regulated by a joint-authority representing Malaysia and Thailand. This setup has monetised the underground resources/reserves and created a value chain across various sectors; generating significant employment opportunities and benefitting both countries. From this collaboration, the total accumulative JDA gas production is reaching 5 TCF; since the first production in 2005.

This arrangement has enhanced the existing strong friendship, diplomatic ties, mutual collaboration and business relationship between two governments, national oil companies, and investors. The MTJDA business model is considered unique as it shares knowledge between operators, contractors, and also optimises resources utilisation of both countries. These include:

  • Subsurface information knowledge and implementation
  • Surface facilities design, operations, and maintenance
  • Drilling technical knowledge and best practices

Summit Objectives 

The objective of this summit is to provide knowledge and experience sharing from various parties involved in the MTJDA, in both upstream and downstream activities, involving operators, shareholders, investors, MTJA as the regulator, as well as supporting government agencies and service providers. This comprehensive and focused summit will be an avenue for discussions revolving around best practices and lessons learnt from challenges faced in managing the hydrocarbon resources, environment and infrastructure.

  • Sharing the success of this collaboration model; while, spurring the growth of oil and gas exploration in the JDA
  • To promote a safe and productive work environment through sharing of best practices and lessons learnt
  • Encouraging further cross-functional collaboration between all parties (including universities sponsored by MTJA); given their niche capabilities and uniqueness
  • Showcasing MTJDA best practices 

Benefits of Attending 

This workshop serves as a beneficial platform for attendees to:

  • Learn about:
    • The Joint Development Area model
    • The structure of the MTJDA joint operating regulators and company and its business practices
    • MTJDA‘s subsurface and surface facilities development
    • Value creation and knowledge sharing within contractors and among joint operating companies
  • Lesson learnt and best practice sharing in the JDA and joint operating company
  • Exchange and discuss:
    • Ideas and networking with fellow investors and authorities in the MTJDA
    • Benefits and room for improvement of the JDA management concept