Professionals in Energy Series: SPE Malaysia-Thailand JDA Summit 2 - 3 Dec 2019 Le Meridien, Putrajaya Putrajaya, Malaysia
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • The Society for Professionals in Energy Society of Petroleum Engineers


Monday, December 02

09:00 - 10:00
Session 1: Opening Session

Welcome Remarks

  • Dr Witsarut Thungsuntonkhun, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr Kurujit Nakornthap, Co-Chairman, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority 

  • Tan Sri Dr. Rahamat Bivi Yusoff, Co-Chairperson, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority

10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 12:00
Session 2: Executive Panel Session
Moderator(s) Komson Tachapanich, PTTEP International Ltd; Mahmood Hisham Nik Jaafar, PC JDA Limited

The successful development of petroleum resources from overlapping continental shelf claim area among two countries requires multi agreements and collaborations through several processes over a long period of time. The key point in achieving this is truly the understanding of each countries’ and stakeholders’ requirement in fulfilling energy security, and the business value chain created. Because of the nature of the business in each country, fine-tuning and compromise are the main requirements needed in fulfilling stakeholders objectives.

The current business model and structure in dealing with oil and gas development in the JDA is significant; particularly its regulatory body and its roles. The MTJA is the regulatory body that is fully in-charge in ensuring resources monetisation. The MTJA has been working closely and maintaining good relationships with governments and investors. Managed contractually, fiscally, and operationally by the MTJA with the collaboration of upstream to downstream investors brought us towards our common goal, which is to provide gas supply and energy security to both countries. This session will cover:

  • Chronology of the success and key challenges
  • Major role of the MTJA in reaching the common goals of both countries and investors
  • Managing resources monetisation
  • Investors perspectives on the JDA model and their investment plans


Executive Panel Speakers

  • Dr Witsarut Thungsuntonkhun, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority 
  • Muluk Wahab, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority 
  • Zhao Zhiyong, Vice President Asia, Hess
  • Dr. Anun Chonchawalit, Senior Vice President, International Asset, PTTEP International Limited
  • Hj Zulkarnain Ismail, Director, PC JDA Limited
12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:00
Session 3: Poster Session
Session Chairpersons Dr. James Chong Ki Woi, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company; Kireth Kaur, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority; Watcharaporn Phootong, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority; Pichit Treadtanongkiati, Carigali Hess Operating Company

Poster Presentations (Industry)

  • Successful Synergistic Collaborations Between the JDA OperatorsDr. James Chong Ki Woi, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company; Pichit Treadtanongkiati, Carigali Hess Operating Company
  • Extreme Ultrahigh Temperature Pressure and Sampling: First Field Applications in Asia, Saifon Daungkaew, Schlumberger
  • Extending the Life of Mature, Weakly Consolidated Reservoirs in Block A-18: Case for Open Hole Stand-Alone ScreensMohd Khairul Hakimin Adon, Carigali Hess Operating Company

  • Unlocking Potential Behind the Pipe with Through Tubing Sand Screens, Wong Chun Seng, Carigali Hess Operating Company

  • Where Does All the Water Come From? Using AI to Identify Sources of Water, Akmal Aulia and Tan Chee Pin, Carigali Hess Operating Company

  • Offline Cementing Practices - The Successful Application to Enhance Drilling Efficiency in CPOC, Kannikar Tangpatomwong, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company

  • The Hidden Mystery Of The Extraordinary Water Disposal Well In CPOC, Sawatdiwong Sarisittitham, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company

Poster Presentations (Universities)

  • Enrichment of Methane Concentration From Methane-Carbon Dioxide Mixture Obtained From Oil and Gas Well, Mohd Ambar Yarmo​, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Energy Recovery in Petroleum Processing Via Integrated High Performance Technology, Srithar Rajoo, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Solvent-Based Washing for Drill Cuttings Treatment in Oil and Gas Production, Dr. Thaksina Poyai and Dr. Nattawin Chawaloesphonsiya, Chulalongkorn University
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Conversion to Higher Valued Products, Dr. Pattaraporn Kim-Lohsoontorn, Chulalongkorn University; Dr. Okorn Mekasuwandumrong, Silpakorn University
14:00 - 16:00
Session 4: Strategic Value Creation
Session Chairpersons Mahmood Hisham Nik Jaafar, PC JDA Limited; Dinesh Cheryan, Hess; Komson Tachapanich, PTTEP International Limited

Strategic value is the degree to which a particular action is important in relation to an objective it wants to achieve. The MTJDA is a good example where strategic value creation is achieved. This collaboration has opened up the opportunity to market hydrocarbon from the MTJDA across the two countries.  To make it even more strategic, the value created does not only benefit the seller, but also the buyers. Revenue is generated through the sellers own distribution channels. The session will cover:

  • Overall project value, investment, production, sales including the government’s portion
  • Prospective asset to producing asset
  • Deliver what is promised
  • Profitable business modal
  • Value creation through excellence in HSE performance


Presentation Topics

  • MTJA Strategic Roadmap and Value improvement, Kumphon Kumnerdsiri and Watcharaporn Phootong, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority
  • JDA Block A-18 Unitization: The Successful Collaboration and Value Creation for Petroleum Resources, Noppanat Vanichanugon, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority; Nurakmal Yunos, PETRONAS
  • Timely Intervention to Achieve Cost Optimization: A Shareholders’ Perspective, M Lukman Ghazali, PC JDA Limited 
  • Value Improvement to Sustain the Value, Komson Tachapanich, PTTEP International Limited 
  • Adding Value to the JDA Through International Partnership, Dinesh Cheryan, Hess
16:00 - 16:15
16:15 - 18:15
Session 5: Subsurface - Unlocking the Extensive and Challenging Hydrocarbon Potential in JDA
Moderator(s) Richard Chia, Carigali Hess Operating Company; Suvaluck Ratanavanich, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company

This session will focus on the discovery and appraisal of the extensive hydrocarbon resources in the JDA; geographically wide-spread, with a broad range of depths, pressures and temperatures. The challenges include exploitation of multiple reservoirs over a range of depositional facies with differing reservoir and fluid properties. These attributes drive the different approaches to field development planning, and underpin the basis for facilities development, drilling and completion, and production operations. In addition, the session will highlight how the JDA operators collaborate with global industry leaders to maximise value from existing wells and continue to secure gas supply to Thailand and Malaysia.

Presentation Topics

  • Appraising and Developing Complex Geological Facies in Block A-18: Challenges and Opportunities, Duncan Barr, Carigali Hess Operating Company 
  • Keeping the Gas Flowing: Complex Well Interventions Simplified, Jagdish Singh and Daniel Chua​, Carigali Hess Operating Company 
  • Securing the Future Petroleum Potentials of Exploration Discoveries in North Malay Basin, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area, Avidianto Suryo Setiawan,​ Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company
  • Reveal the Unrevealed: Deep Potential in North Malay Basin, MTJA Area, Sunantha Phaungphuak, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company

Tuesday, December 03

09:00 - 11:00
Session 6: Surface - Efficiently Developing JDA Resources for a Safe and Reliable Gas Supply to Malaysia and Thailand
Session Chairpersons Oraporn Chunlaphan, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company; Salahuddin Sulaiman, Carigali Hess Operating Company

The strategic resources in JDA is the key enabler for a reliable and affordable gas supply to both countries. This session will explore how the operators develop, produce, and sustain long-term gas delivery to meet customers’ specifications and demand, now and into the future. Examples include fit-for-purpose, cost-effective approaches to drilling and completion, sparing philosophy, material selection, and maintenance strategy. Asset integrity is managed at each stage of the asset lifecycle to ensure safety and reliability. As the asset matures, the operators continue to maintain asset integrity by adopting new technology, leveraging shareholders’ global expertise and employing best practices.


  • The Challenges of Developing a Safe and Reliable Facility to Meet Growing Gas Demand in Malaysia and Thailand, Siti Fauwizah B Johari, Carigali Hess Operating Company

  • Older Doesn’t Mean Slower: Sustaining Asset Integrity and Production Reliability Over Time, Regukumaran Baskaran, Carigali Hess Operating Company

  • Slim Hole Monobore Cemented Completion Design, Manoj Meghnani, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company

  • Partially CRA Cladded Pipeline Application for Cost Optimisation, Mohamad Effendi Mohd Zulkifli, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company

11:00 - 11:15
11:15 - 12:00
Session 7: Closing Remarks
Speaker(s) Abdul Muluk Abdul Wahab, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority
12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 18:00