SPE Workshop: Unlocking Gas Potential 2 - 3 Oct 2019 Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi, UAE


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​Natural gas is a vital part of the energy supply system in the Middle East. However, despite the fact that large resources of natural gas are present, several countries have to rely on imports for the domestic gas consumption. These countries have recently put forward ambitions to change this and become self-sufficient or even larger exporters of (Liquefied) Natural Gas. Regional countries have articulated to become self-sufficient in the future. 





This can be realised by at first lowering growth of domestic natural gas consumption by replacing electricity production by renewable and nuclear power. Other means to free up gas for consumption are increased energy efficiency (typically 2 to 5% of production) and finding alternatives for natural gas Injection for pressure maintenance (up to 30% of production).