SPE Workshop: Production Optimisation in Gas and Oil Assets 5 - 6 Nov 2019 Crowne Plaza Den Haag - Promenade The Hague, The Netherlands

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The Production Optimisation in Gas and Oil Assets workshop was a high-quality event where experts, operators, and service companies shared their latest developments, successes, and failures on late-life production topics.

This workshop aimed to improve and accelerate the development of activities to optimise late-life production in gas and oil wells and assets.

The event included dedicated sessions on field cases of gas well deliquification, on well flow dynamics (liquid loading and slugging), on solids deposition (sand, salt, scale) and corrosion, on surfactants (both for wells and pipelines), on topside Optimisation, and on data analytics and digitalisation. Both hardware, field experience, as well as new prediction methods were included.

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Reservoir Engineers

Production Engineers

Facility Engineers

Production Chemists

Data Analytics Engineers



  • Gas Well Deliquification: Field Cases
  • Well Flow Dynamics
  • Topside Optimisation
  • Data Use in Production Optimisation
  • Solids: Salts/Scale/Corrosion
  • Low Pressure Well Intervention
  • Surfactants in Production Optimisation




Intensive learning in a short period of time


focused technical topics


Peers facing similar business and technology challenges


Collaborative learning experiences


Connections with specialised E&P experts


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