SPE Workshop: Beyond Diversity - A New Norm 18 Mar 2019 Manama, Bahrain


In this SPE workshop, we’ll go beyond diversity and share some of the best practices to support “a cultural transformation” to break the barriers and to build a truly diverse workplace. Across four interactive sessions led by industry leaders, fundamental questions related to company diversity and inclusion will be debated. How do we leverage the full potential of a workforce with diverse perspectives and backgrounds? How do internal policies relate to organisation inclusiveness? What role should education play in a diverse business? And for those returning to work after a career break, how can they be successfully reintegrated into the workforce?

Diversity in the workforce can be a key driver of success. A diverse organisation has the potential to be more successful, innovative and adaptable to the challenges of a fast-changing world. However, diversity alone will not give the full desired outcome. Adopting a fully inclusive company culture, where everyone feels valued, respected and heard is a key ingredient to capitalise on the unique perspective of having a diverse workforce. Although companies are aware of the benefits, many lack the tools, knowledge and infrastructure to result in meaningful long-term results. In addition, organisations ought to work towards building an inclusive culture where diversity is not a KPI but the culture of the organisation



Bring your passion and experiences to this unique workshop and take the opportunity to exchange knowledge with experts and peers alike.


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