SPE Workshop: Subsurface Data Analytics 26 - 27 Feb 2019 The Bow Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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This two-day workshop featured presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities to support the implementation of data analytics initiatives. The focus was on subsurface case studies that demonstrated improved decision making leading to concrete business results. Attendees saw presentations from E&P operators, industry professionals, and technology suppliers that focused on subsurface development, production, and optimization. 


Workshop Program

Although data analytics tends to focus on technology and coding, key success factors associated with integrating people, business processes, domain expertise, and data analytic tools were discussed.


  • How does data analytics currently fit in the E&P business? 
  • Can we move from being descriptive to predictive?
  • How do we leverage data analytics to better focus human creativity and ingenuity? 
  • How do we accelerate the innovation cycle? 

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