SPE Workshop: Fiber-Optic Sensing Applications for Well, Reservoir and Asset Management 27 - 29 Aug 2019 Hilton Denver Inverness Denver, Colorado, USA


This workshop addresses fiber-optic monitoring technologies that are used to optimize reservoir and field development and operations. Focus will be on four aspects of this sensing technology: value realized from fiber-optic measurements, particularly when integrated with other diagnostic and surveillance measurements; strategies and workflows for creating value with these measurements; technology and business gaps which prevent or reduce the likelihood of operators using fiber optics to a greater extent; and opportunities that may be created when these gaps are mitigated.



Extensive case studies and field deployment examples will demonstrate technical and economic benefits and provide guidance for developing workflows and identifying best practices. The sessions will include such applications as integrating distributed fiber optic data with that from other monitoring technologies for completion & stimulation diagnostics, interpretation of flow using DAS and DTS, advances in fiber-based acquisition for bore-hole seismic, optimization of well and reservoir performance in thermal projects and integrity monitoring for infrastructure, well completion and reservoir geomechanics.