SPE Workshop: Innovative Arctic Technologies 20 - 21 Mar 2019 Scandic Harstad Harstad, Norway


Harstad and Hot Exploration

Harstad is not the end of the world but you can see it from there, a real frontier area. Over the last 40 years it has been the oil and gas capital in the North. From this area above the polar circle exploration and development has been lead in the Norwegian and the Barents seas. Recent discoveries in the Arctic have sparked a rush in the area for technology, knowledge and licenses. Exploration wells are being drilled in the now opened former disputed areas, was it worth the fuss?


"Technology forum about the Arctic in the Arctic" has always been the slogan of the SPE Northern Norway Workshop. In March 2019, this two-day biannual workshop will raise the stakes, broaden the scope, and showcase all the latest success in the region.


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A showcase of the latest big achievements by the key operators.

High activity in northern areas with plenty of developments and new fields, some recent successes.

The polarled gas export pipeline is the first to cross the arctic circle, connecting the area with the gas network in Europe. 

The world’s biggest spar platform Aasta Hansteen is currently ready for production. 

Construction is soon to start on the northernmost FPSO development of Johan Castberg. 

The Snøhvit project, worlds northern and most energy effective LNG plant, recently added a new CO2 injection well to their CCS capability. 

The Skarv and Goliat fields have started production and are looking for opportunities for tie-ins. 

Norne celebrated 20 years of production and is a world leader in IOR technology. 

... And this is only the beginning.


Four main technology challenges are the key to success in the North:


Safe drilling in the Arctic and especially wells with shallow targets

Scale is a never-ending struggle, or is it?

Exploration and development; what is the next big thing?

Production and IOR challenges