SPE Workshop: Coiled Tubing Intervention—Feasible Applications for the Region 17 - 18 Sep 2019 Crowne Plaza Muscat Muscat, Oman
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Tuesday, September 17

08:30 - 09:30
09:30 - 10:30
Workshop Inauguration: Safety Announcement, Welcome Address and Keynote Speech Al Sindbad B

0930-0935hours - Safety Announcement

0935-0945hours - Welcome Address by Fernando Baez, BRVR Consultants

0945-1015 hours - Keynote Speech by Bjoern Legarth, Wells Engineering Manager– Wells Ventures, PTW/J/NOV, Shell Development Oman

1015-1025 hours - Q&A

1025-1030 hours - Committee Members Recognition and Group Photograph

10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:30
Session 1: Coiled Tubing Strings and Equipment Al Sindbad B
Session Chairpersons Bjoern Legarth, Shell; Timur Sabitov, Tenaris
Speaker(s) Youssef Chaari, Schlumberger; Kevin Elliott, NOV-Quality Tubing; Bruce Reichert, Tenaris

Every day coiled tubing companies are performing new jobs, which previously was not possible to execute. The main reason for success in the Middle East operations is new strings technology and equipment that allows applying higher pressure at more challenging environments.

The new design of strings and equipment for extended reach applications with high H2S concentration was the biggest problem but not anymore. Safe operations is another main component of coiled tubing intervention. Most reliable PCE equipment and coiled tubing strings will help many companies save resources and achieve their goals.

This session will help to show the latest trends in strings and equipment design to be successful.

Presentation Information:

  • Youseef Chaari, Schlumberger
    • Achieving a Million Coiled Tubing Running Footage at Coiled Tubing Underbalanced Drilling Operation
  • ​​​Kevin Elliott, NOV-Quality Tubing
    • ​Improving Operational Confidence: An Advanced Localized Coating for Coiled Tubing Bias Welds
  • Bruce Reichert, Tenaris
    • Advancements in Coil Tubing Performance for Coiled Tubing Drilling
12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
Session 2: Stimulation and Chemical Placement Al Sindbad B
Session Chairpersons Muataz Al Aulaqi, Gulf Energy; Nestor Molero, Schlumberger
Speaker(s) Mansur Aglyamov, Schlumberger; Ahmed A. Khalil, Aubin Energy DMCC; Jose Rivas, Schlumberger

Throughout this decade, stimulation via coiled tubing has been one the preferred intervention techniques for production enhancement and for optimising water injection rates.

The portfolio of solutions is quite diverse, as it combines the conveyance of treating fluids with specialised downhole tools to enable accurate fluid placement through chemical/mechanical diversion, improved accessibility, or high-pressure jetting. In addition, the incorporation of real-time downhole readings and distributed temperature measurements in some stimulation workflows, has brought a new level of efficiency through advanced control of downhole tools and identification of high and low intake zones, enabling operators and service companies to make informed decisions on the design of subsequent stimulation treatments.

This session will present recent case studies for stimulation via coiled tubing, and discuss lessons learnt and recommendations from coiled tubing stimulation workflows implemented in the Middle East region.

Presentation Details

  • ​Mansur Aglyamov, Schlumberger
    • Addressing Extreme Permeability Contrast of Carbonate Water Injectors through Advanced Control of Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools
  • Ahmed A. Khalil, Aubin Energy DMCC
    • Water Production: Why Can’t We Have Less of it?  
  • Jose Rivas, Schlumberger
    • Advanced Intervention Workflow Enables Unprecedented Injection Coverage in Tight Carbonate Reservoirs
15:00 - 15:30
Coffee Break and Poster Presentation Al Sindbad B Foyer

1510 to 1525 hours:

  • Adam Wright, Downhole Tools Intervention
    • Using a Multi-Lateral Entry System with Rotating Wash Tools to effectively cleanout lateral wellbores
15:30 - 17:00
Session 3: Extended Reach Interventions Al Sindbad B
Session Chairpersons Andrew Carrion, NOV-Quality Tubing; John Rizal Jenie, Schlumberger
Speaker(s) Umut Aybar, Schlumberger; Sadaf Chishti, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Across the Middle East and North Africa region, wells are being drilled at ever increasing depths and lengths. Wells that several years ago would have been unthinkable to reach with traditional intervention techniques are now becoming the norm, and novel techniques are being developed and implemented to reach even further. The need for coiled tubing reach to keep pace with the capabilities of drilling, or workover, is more apparent now than ever before.

In this session we will listen to industry experts discuss the unique challenges and solutions to unlocking reserves in the world’s deepest and most difficult wells. This will include topics like operational considerations, string designs, extended reach tools, and case studies on how the experts have tackled current challenges, with an outlook towards the future of extended reach interventions.

Presentation Details

  • Umut Aybar, Schlumberger
    • New Avenues in Coiled Tubing Reachability for Highly Restricted Extended-Reach Openhole Completions 
  • ​Sadaf Chishti, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
    • ​A Cost Effective Approach to Enhance Coiled Tubing Accessibility in Extended Reach Wells with the Use of a Special Lubricant: A Case History
17:00 - 17:15
17:30 - 18:30

Wednesday, September 18

08:30 - 09:00
09:00 - 09:30
Keynote Speech Sindbad B
Speaker(s) Teoman Altinkopru, Schlumberger Well Services

Teoman Altinkopru
Vice-President Marketing & Technology
Schlumberger Well Services

09:30 - 11:00
Session 4: Application of Coiled Tubing for Hydraulic Fracturing Al Sindbad B
Session Chairpersons Giuseppe Ambrosi, Halliburton; Vikram Unnikrishnan, Baker Hughes a GE company
Speaker(s) Syed Danish, Halliburton; Parvez Khan, Baker Hughes, a GE Company; Javier Ramirez Morales, Schlumberger

Coiled tubing supports fracturing operations in a variety of situations, including preparation of the wellbore, manipulation of downhole equipment and millout of plugs. Since early 2011 coiled tubing has gained momentum for annular treatments and fracturing through coiled tubing. The advent of coiled tubing actuated sleeves helped operators complete wells with minimum post stimulation intervention.

Coiled tubing can also be used in combination with downhole assemblies such as straddle packers for re-fracs, which have helped operators optimise existing completions. In recent occasions, the use of “intelligent” coiled tubing systems enabled comprehensive diagnostics pre/post stimulation.

The challenges of deviated wells further emphasise the need for a solution that can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively with broad operational boundaries to support the development of unconventional resources.   

This session will discuss the latest developments and field applications of coiled tubing as intervention method for fracturing operations.

Presentation Information:

  • Syed Danish, Halliburton
    • Improving Coiled Tubing Operational Efficiencies in Saudi Arabia Unconventional Fields
  • ​Parvez Khan, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
    • ​Coiled Tubing deployed Straddle packer Refracturing Technology
  • Javier Ramirez Morales, Schlumberger
  • ​​Open-hole Notching – An innovative technique for frac diversion and to enhance well deliverability 
11:00 - 11:30
Coffee Break and Poster Presentation Al Sindbad B Foyer

1110 to 1125 hours

  • Adam Wright, Technical Sales Manager, Downhole Tools Intervention
    • Using a Multi-Lateral Entry System with Rotating Wash Tools to effectively cleanout lateral wellbores
11:30 - 13:00
Session 5: Downhole Tools Enabling Coiled Tubing Interventions Al Sindbad B
Session Chairpersons Alex Osorio, IPI; Tarek Shaheen, Global Tubing
Speaker(s) Usman Ahmed, Baker Hughes, a GE Company; Muhammad Gusti Bastisya, Halliburton; John Rizal Jenie, Schlumberger

As the oil and gas industry recovers from its biggest downturn in decades, key industry drivers are still focused on optimising operating expenditure and enhancing production. This trend is increasingly noticeable in the coiled tubing downhole tool market as the capabilities of relevant technologies have reached exceptional levels of effectiveness. Thanks to these innovations, coiled tubing equipment can now be deployed during each phase of the life of a well, from drilling to stimulation and abandonment. The demand for coiled tubing downhole tool innovations is growing at unprecedented rates; these innovations are mostly directed towards cost-effective well intervention methods as the main driver behind technological advancements in the oilfield. The objective of this session is to learn about the latest coiled tubing downhole tool innovations through the assessment of outstanding case studies by allowing industry leaders to share knowledge and promote the value of these innovations in the Middle East.

Presentation Information

  • Usman Ahmed, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
    • A Conceptual Look at the Success of a Multilateral Tool Globally and in the Region
  • Muhammad Gusti Bastisya, Halliburton
    • Integrating Downhole Insight and Well Intervention Applications to Optimize Frac Design and Operational Efficiency
  • ​ John Rizal Jenie, Schlumberger
    • ​Operations Optimization through Introduction of a New Hybrid Fiber Optic Telemetry System 
13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:30
Session 6: Coiled Tubing in Oman Interventions Al Sindbad B
Session Chairpersons Fernando Baez, BRVR Consultants; Kerry Quick, National Oilwell Varco–TOT
Speaker(s) Muna Al Abri, BP; Hamed Al Zakwani, Gulf Energy; Norm Fossheim, National Oilwell Varco

Coiled tubing has been used for decades in Oman, providing flexibility in operations from clean-up to stimulation, and has proven to be an efficient, reliable, and economic tool for development of new fields as well as for maintenance of mature fields. Besides the commoditised services that involve clean-up, nitrogen kick-off, and tool conveyance practices; coiled tubing in Oman has found some niche applications that may not be common in other locations around the region and that has allowed the operators to prefer these intervention techniques rather than a more conservative or conventional approach. Some of these niche operations in Oman includes Abrasive Jetting, Velocity String, Capillary Strings, and coiled tubing drilling amongst others.

This session aims to share some of the best coiled tubing practices that are driven within the Oman market intervention and some technology case studies that differentiate coiled tubing from conventional workover activities.

Presentation Information

  • Muna Al Abri, BP
    • First trial of Rigless Abandondonment Using Coil Tubing
  • ​Hamed Al Zakwani, Gulf Energy
    • Coiled Tubing Closed Loop Milling Technique Enables to Reuse of Returns and Increased the Efficiency of the Intervention
  • Norm Fossheim, National Oilwell Varco
    • Evolution of CT Equipment for Oman
15:30 - 16:00
Closing Remarks Al Sindbad B

Workshop Summary by:

Fernando Baez, BRVR Consultants (Workshop Co-Chairperson)