SPE Workshop: Digital Transformation in E&P: What’s Next, Ready to Scale-up? 26 - 27 Jun 2019 Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Paris, France

About this Workshop

In the past years the Upstream O&G industry has progressively embraced the idea of the Digital Transformation (DX) with the objective to improve its overall operational performance.

Many companies have started their journey towards the adoption of emerging digital technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, drones, robotics, Internet of things, mobile devices, virtual collaborative environments…

This journey usually starts with a vision exercise that opens perspectives on a bright future where data flows are seamless and Artificial Intelligence systems pilot unmanned industrial installations.

Then comes the down to earth question: How do we get there? Where do we start?

Digital transformation is indeed as much about simple developments centered on transforming the way people are working (such as developing Business Intelligence tools, or the massive deployment of mobile devices for operators,..) versus more complex technological developments that necessitate dedicated scarce new competencies (such as data scientists).

The value stakes for E&P business are split between these two extremes, but it is often difficult to assess the priorities when starting the journey.

In any case multiple questions have to be addressed simultaneously regarding technology, IT infrastructures, data management issues, change management, skills….

Different starting points are possible such as focusing on targeted proofs of concept, partnering on infrastructure, partnering on technology, hiring data scientists….doing all this simultaneously.

In general one common question arises after the trial/early adoption period: how to scale fast from the proof of concept to the deployment of the solution?

The answer is not always easy – many digital applications are customized for specific use cases that might depend on asset maturity, asset environment, or on external constraints (data availability, legal issues, infrastructures).

The workshop aims to address a number of questions regarding digital solutions scalability challenges. It shall focus on sharing experiences on solid existing use cases – including failed evolutionary experiments, rather than on prospective talks about digital transformation.

The presented user cases shall highlight value creation. Additionally they will give insights on the challenges and lessons learned linked to the deployment of technology in different business environments and value chains.

Bringing together the industry’s most respected professionals in the E&P DX space, this workshop will set aside the notion that as an industry we are all on the same Digital Transformation journey. Informed debate, benchmarking of experience and concerns, revelation of strategies will be anchored in various sessions around business drivers, transformation of core activities in Subsurface and asset operations, challenges around data and HR.

The discussions shall finally enlighten the audience about the true nature of DX for E&P: is this about optimization of existing processes or are we heading towards a deep transformation of the way we are working and operating?