SPE Workshop: Digital Transformation in E&P: What’s Next, Ready to Scale-up? 26 - 27 Jun 2019 Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Paris, France

The purpose of this workshop is to provide attendees with insights, inspiration, and lessons about how to make digital transformation work for them.

It addresses issues such as the challenges of scaling digital solutions using real-world examples — including failed experiments. The examples will highlight how to create value with technology in different business environments and value chains.

The workshop brings together the industry’s most respected E&P DX professionals. It will set aside the notion that as an industry we are all on the same Digital Transformation journey. Key to this informed debate will be sharing experiences and concerns. Sessions include sharing strategies to drive business, transform core activities in subsurface and asset operation, challenges using data, and HR.


The discussions shall finally enlighten the audience about the true nature of DX for E&P: is this about optimization of existing processes or are we heading towards a deep transformation of the way we are working and operating?

Keynote Speaker

Jean-Philippe Courtois 
Executive Vice President and President
Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations

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