SPE Workshop: Applied Data Science and Novel Measurements for Unconventional Development 14 - 16 May 2019 The Wigwam Resort Phoenix, Arizona

Image-based techniques and high-performance computing are allowing scientists to conduct large numbers of virtual experiments, calibrated to just a few, time-consuming laboratory tests. And, technological advances from other disciplines, such as rapid DNA sequencing, are being applied to produce new and potentially useful information.

In many cases, the oil and gas industry is learning a whole new language. What is the data telling us and what does it allow us to control? How do we capture and institutionalize the knowledge of our experienced staff so that new employees face a shorter cycle of learning? 

In this workshop, experts from all disciplines will discuss how science is being applied to optimize the development of unconventional resources – and what challenges remain to be solved.  Practical applications will be included.  





Business Development Managers, Asset Managers, Petroleum Engineers, Drilling and Completion Engineers, Reservoir and Production Engineers, Operations Managers, Executives, Data Managers, Data Scientists


Technical Program (pdf) 📃

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