SPE Workshop: Drilling Systems Automation: A Systems Perspective 29 - 30 Oct 2019 Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa San Antonio, Texas, USA


As drilling automation has transformed from a blue sky vision to a reality, so has the industry's understanding of the depth and breadth of automation needs and opportunities. The focus is no longer solely on-bottom drilling performance but now considers the entire lifecycle of well construction. This workshop will examine the following key areas in terms of pragmatic solutions that are either available today or are coming in the near future.

• Sensors for automation

• Pragmatic implementations of digital twins

• Big data analytics that are proven

• Streaming analytics and edge solutions

• Systems approaches to automation including cyber security

• Discrete systems that deliver non-discrete benefits

• Human centered design - industry 5.0 thinking (placing the human back in the loop)

• Oilfield logistics of the future

Individual case studies within each session will be presented that provide a foundation for what is available today, and what will be available in the near term. This workshop will bring together operators, drilling data solution experts, as well as service company and drilling contractor personnel to identify and discuss challenges to accelerating adoption of these solutions in the industry.

Who Should Attend

Operators, Drilling Data Solution Experts, Service Companies, Drilling Contractor Personnel, Data Scientists, Well Planners, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Industry Startups

Why Attend

  • Take part in informative, industry-shaping discussions
  • Stay informed about how automation is evolving beyond the rig into a system of systems that optimizes the entire cost of a well
  • Get beyond the hype of data analytics and digital twins and hear some real world success stories
  • Humans are still at the heart of automation, but what is changing and how can I plan for success
  • Learn and share best practices for interoperating between planning, advisory, and automation systems
  • Amazon can deliver goods with drones, what’s our industry doing to optimize and reduce the costs of logistics and supply?
  • Experience unparalleled networking opportunities with other industry experts

Key Themes

  • Are Dumb Sensors an Obstacle to the Adoption of Drilling Systems Automation?
  • Digital Twins: Overhyped, or a Whole New Window Into the Fundamentals of System Performance?
  • Going Beyond the Hype: Data Analytics in Action
  • How Can Streaming Analytics Drive Automation?
  • Does Systems Engineering/Systems Architecture Offer Benefit to the Development of Drilling Systems Automation?
  • What are the Benefits/Risks Associated With Cloud Systems and Edge Systems for Analytics and Automation at the Rig Site?
  • Where do Humans Fit in Successful Automation Loops?
  • What is the Future of Oilfield Logistics and the Future Commercial Models?

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