SPE Workshop: Injectors with Sustained Injectivity, Fluid Conformance, and Containment – Field Performance Results and Design Considerations 11 - 13 Nov 2019 The St. Anthony, a Luxury Collection Hotel San Antonio, Texas, USA



High rate water injectors with sustained injectivity, in unconsolidated and loosely consolidated sand reservoirs, are critical for the economic success of many projects around the globe. The objective of this workshop is to discuss and share the latest: understanding on impairment and containment mechanisms; injector conformance and performance results in the field; well completion design selection, considerations, and deployment lessons learned; well surveillance and operating best practices; and advances from the industry and academia for injectors in upstream and environmental applications.   



Knowledge sharing platform between technology providers and end users.

Collaborative environment among industry experts including operators, service companies, consultants, and academia.

Accelerate understanding to sustain high injection, deliver fluid conformance, and maintain fluid containment for both upstream and environmental injectors.