SPE Workshop: Mature Fields Development 4 - 5 Dec 2019 Tyumen, Russia

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The commissioning of new fields, known as greenfields always attracts the attention of management, technology partners and news agencies. For example, today the Bazhenov formation development has received much attention and become a very popular topic. At the same time, geologists and engineers spend most of their time to sustain the production from the fields with a high water cut and significant remaining oil reserves. Brownfields development efficiency enhancement masks the potential of maintaining oil production in Russia.

We drew your attention to the development and application of technologies for remaining oil recovery. It has been often said from the lofty tribunes that Russian fields have relatively low oil recovery ratio (ORR), less than 40% and hardly reach this rate in practice. At the workshop, we discussed recovery enhancement best practice and case studies. Remaining reserves have great potential: about 75% of them are technically recoverable but unprofitable. It is necessary to direct the efforts to find a solution to this problem, which can ensure a significant increase in recoverable reserves on the current basis, in regions characterized by extensive infrastructure and operating companies' presence.

We also:

  • ​Identified the gap between companies' business plans and technical limits
  • ​Discussed what can reduce this gap: oil recovery enhancement or a new well design
  • ​Decided if it is possible to achieve a technical limit in the cumulative production



Production Engineers

Reservoir Engineers


Drilling Engineers

R&D Specialists


Session 1.

Searching for and Localization of Residual Oil Reserves

Session 2.

Technology Selection by Type of Remaining Oil in Place

Session 3.

Waterflood Management

Session 4.

Integrated Approach: Best Practices and Lessons Learnt in Brownfield Development


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15 October 2019
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