SPE Workshop: Water Injection Excellence 25 - 26 Mar 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Water injection (WI) activities are increasing despite the technical and commercial challenges, especially for marginal or stranded fields. With the tremendous experiences from oil and gas companies of managing WI fields, it is time to capture and share the additional value and knowledge within the industry for all to achieve ‘best in class’ operator status.



Professionals in:


Asset Operations and Management

Data Science and Analytics

Drilling and Completions

EOR and IOR Specialisation

Field Development Planning

Geology and Geophysics

Production Technology

Projects, Facilities and Constructions

Research and Development

Reservoir Engineering

Talent Management

Water Injection Specialisation

Wells Engineering


This workshop provides a platform for oil and gas stakeholders and professionals to educate themselves in the ever-changing business environment. The workshop also promotes opportunities for knowledge transfer and networking, focusing on capturing additional value from depleted brownfields and upcoming potential oilfields with water injection activities.