SPE Workshop: Transforming Oil and Gas Towards Digital Intelligence 29 - 30 Apr 2019 Hilton Kuwait Resort Kuwait City, Kuwait

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Cloud platforms, augmented reality, real-time monitoring, and gamification of workflows and systems are terms not new to the oil and gas sector.

A growing number of organisations are grounding their future plans and activities on the massive and swift adoption of digital transformation, seeking innovative strategies, safer operations, and business optimisation.

However, not all transitions to the new era are successful or even easy, although the pace of technology progress in the digital arena pressures the change.

It is a reality that digital transformation is available and ready to implement disruptive changes in the traditional way of conducting business in oil and gas, boosting efficiencies and overcoming cost challenges.

This workshop aimed to provide the state-of-the-art as derived from digital transformation journeys in the energy sector, with learnings worth spreading. A special emphasis in the Middle East oil and gas companies showcased how decades-long operating companies have a real opportunity to transform their operating workflows to become digital energy leaders.

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