SPE Workshop: A Wake Up Call – Optimising Drilling Fluids, Waste Management, and Cementing to Address the Challenges of Increased Activities 19 - 20 Aug 2019 Hilton Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Drilling and completion fluids, waste management and cementing are integral components in well construction. Well construction is becoming more complex as wells are being drilled in deeper waters and in areas with stringent environmental requirements. Drilling and completion fluids, and cementing design must consider all facets of a well construction, including maintaining well integrity throughout well life cycle, minimising formation damage to maximise productivity and reducing overall environmental impact.

This workshop will focus on design improvements, best practices, lessons learnt and technological advancements in the sphere of drilling fluids and cementing, to maximise drilling performance in the current challenging environment. In addition, the workshop will also review and identify current and future drilling waste management technologies while complying with local environmental regulations.


This workshop will benefit professionals in drilling and completions, operators and service providers who are interested in learning about new technologies, relevant industry challenges and achievements and business outlook from benign to increased drilling activities especially in Asia Region.


Professionals in:

Artificial Lift


Drilling and Completion Engineering

Drilling and Completion Fluids

Environmental Equipment 

Formation Damage

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Production Chemistry

Production Enhancement

Production Technology


Reservoir Management

Waste Management