SPE Workshop: Flow Assurance and the New Technology Era - From Origin to Market 25 - 26 Nov 2019 DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Disruption in oil and gas production is extremely costly and a time-consuming HSE affair. Assuring flow is a multidiscipline approach to identify flow stoppage risks and devise  systematic workflows and protocols can guarantee an uninterrupted flow of hydrocarbons from the reservoir to surface facilities, through pipeline to terminals and, ultimately, to refineries. This workshop centred on an integrated approach to prevent flow disruption by encompassing the industry supply chain. The aim of the workshop was to discuss how a robust strategy and building block can influence the field development plan.


Topics discussed covered challenges and solutions to this new era in flow assurance - low oil price, developing difficult and marginal fields and reservoirs, new energy arena, Internet of Things (IoT), technological advancements, industrial digitalisation and more.



Flow Assurance Practitioners

Process Engineers

Production Engineers

Production Chemists

Front End Engineers

Operations Specialists

Petroleum Engineers

Project/Assets Managers

Reservoir Engineers

Researchers, Scientists and Academicians

Technical Directors

Data Scientists



Topics will Cover the Current Challenges and Technological Advancement in this New Era of Flow Assurance

Learn Solutions from Other Like-minded Industry Professionals

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