SPE Workshop: Adding Value to Mature Fields & Late Life Assets - Going Beyond 30 Sep - 1 Oct 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The prolonged depressed oil and gas price scenario has had a significant impact in delaying investments for new developments. At the same time, the chances of finding sizable development opportunities. Focus has shifted to lower capital intensive activities and towards maximising value creation from existing and mature fields. At the same time, the industry has also been extending production from late life fields while reducing risk and liabilities through innovative production and decommissioning strategies. Learnings from present activities can be adopted to lower risk exposure of future developments. This workshop was designed to bring together people from the host government, operating companies, service providers and thought leaders to share best practices, ideas, and plans while collaborating cohesively to further add value to mature and late life fields.




The objective of this workshop was to look at what we are doing, to share knowledge on cost-effective methods to improve production, and to look forward to what more can be done. Embracing digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), deploying attractive commercial and partnership models are potential breakthroughs. Besides technological advancements, this workshop aims to enlighten oil field practitioners to understand commercial considerations that drive business decisions, which include cost reductions through lower cost operations, decommissioning strategies, and to create innovative fiscal terms which benefit all parties.



Professionals in:


Drilling and Completions

Asset Development and Planning

Business Planning

Value Engineering

Technology and Innovation


Artificial Intelligence

Reservoir Management and Surveillance

Asset Management

Commercial Decision Making

Investors and Venture Capital



Share experiences and thoughts.

Gain insights from presentations and discussions.

Collaborate with a broad spectrum of people in the industry and gain knowledge to enhance future undertakings.