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Wednesday, October 14

12:00 - 17:00
On-demand Technical Content (Open from 14 October)

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Wednesday, October 21

11:00 - 11:30
Opening Ceremony
Speaker(s) Tom Blasingame, SPE 2021 President; Murat Zhurebekov, Ministry of Energy; Magzum Mirzagaliev, Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources; Zhakyp Marabayev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Exploration and Production, KMG; Uzakbai Karabalin, KAZENERGY, Nurlan Zhumagulov, KazService

Tom Blasingame
SPE 2021 President

Murat Zhurebekov
Ministry of Energy

Magzum Mirzagaliev
Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources

Zhakyp Marabayev

Uzakbai Karabalin

Nurlan Zhumagulov

11:45 - 13:15
Operator & Investor Panel Discussions - Driving Economic Success in Today’s Operational Landscape
Moderator(s) Malcolm Forbes-Cable, Wood Mackenzie

Investors Panel:
Nicolo' Aggogeri, Agip Caspian Sea B.V., Eni;  Marc Payne, Chevron Eurasia; Olivier Lazarre, Shell; Ahlem Friga-Noy, Total

Operators Panel:
Richard Howe, NCOC; Zhakyp Marabayev, KMG; Edwin Blom, KPO; Eimear Bonner, TCO

SPE brings you two 45 minute panel sessions that will represent two different perspectives from the investors and operators in the region.

Business drivers are many and varied.  Economic (cost efficiencies, new pricing regime/market trends/effects on E&P Industry, business sustainability, operational efficiency) Regulatory (reserves classification system, environmental) and unplanned (Covid-19).  Success depends on many factors and how they are mitigated. This panel will look at how Operators and Investors have seen these challenges and coped with the fast-changing landscape they operate in.

13:30 - 15:00
Plenary panel 1 - Future Energy: Energy Transition 2020 - 2040
Moderator(s) Talgat Temirzhanov, ILF
Speaker(s) Alex Stillavato ,Arm Wind; Murat Zhurebekov, Ministry of Energy; Mahmoud Kassem, Baker Hughes; Rob Fox, Schlumberger; Marat Karimov, KPO

A look into the future, 15-20 years from now. What will the Energy Industry look like?  What are the areas that need to evolve? How will the current ‘Energy’ companies need to change?  How will the Industry need to change to handle the many external factors affecting the Industry (ESG, Social pressures, Environment, climate change)?



15:15 - 15:45
01T: Data and Information Management I - (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons Amanbay Chalak, TCO; Talgat Seitimov, ENI

Leading to progress and prosperity, both effective data management and human capital development have been mainstream activities in the oil and gas industry over the last decade. The Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big Data and most of the digital trends are widely deployed in the oil and gas industry, having ensured the data governance, quality and security. The main presentations of this session will therefore focus on various innovations in a data cycle, agile solutions, frameworks, and digital case studies for effective data management. The second part of the session is devoted to human capital development, which remains the essential driver of organisation’s operational efficiency. Any fast-evolving digital changes have impacted labour markets worldwide and have caused a need for a stronger focus on human capital. Therefore, session participants will be sharing the successes and failures they have experienced in both streams and the opportunities they have discovered on their way.


Time Paper # Presentation
1515 202504

Utilizing Agile Approach For Well Construction Planning

I. Kussanov, E. Puche, K. Yung, Tengizchevroil

1525 202505

DigItalization of Simple Things – Cost Savings from Basic Transformation. Case: Karachaganak Field

A. Bekbossynova, Agip Karachaganak B.V.; Y. Bekniyazov, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.

1535 202506

Developing Students’ Social Skills and Career Preparedness Within Petroleum Engineering Seminar Class at Satbayev University, Kazakhstan

A. Nussipkozhayev, M. Syzdykov, Satbayev University; A. Jamankulov, B. Haynes, Shell



Paper # Presentation

From Field Operations to Economics: Breaking the Barriers. Next Level of Integration

A. Mukanov, A. Saginbayev, PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC; R. Salikhov, Schlumberger Logelco Inc.


Development of Young Engineers in a Company Through Organization of Internal Competitions

A. Kurmankulov, S. Ramatullayev, D. Sidorov, Schlumberger


15:15 - 15:45
02T: Reservoir Management I (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons Diana Shigapova, Roxar; Doszhan Yeleussinov, Total E&P Dunga

This session will present the recent comprehensive field management and development approaches using the latest modelling techniques in complex carbonate reservoirs. Case studies will describe the results and challenges of waterflooding and miscible gas injection, incorporating Sulphur production management into reservoir model as well as application of Integrated Production System modelling to evaluate production opportunities. 


Time Paper # Presentation
1515 202534

Features of Field Development with Tight Carbonate Reservoirs by Waterflooding

A.R. Mukanov, PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC; A. Bigeldiyev, A. Batu, A.M. Kuvanyshev, Schlumberger

1525 202535

Integration of Surface Facilities Constraints with Reservoir Model for Sulfur Production Management in Kashagan Field

N. Nogerbek, A. Bukharbayeva, NCOC; S. Ali, B, Amangaliyev, Schlumberger; M. Shambulov, Shell (previously with NCOC); C. Hatiboglu, KPO (previously with NCOC)

1535 202536

IPSM for Production Forecasting and Production Optimization in Giant Carbonate Field Kashagan

A. Bukharbayeva, North Caspian Operating Company N.V. (NCOC); C. Hatiboglu, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO), previously with NCOC; G. Mtchedlishvili, D. Munsyzbayeva, B. Uap, B. Muftakhidinov, North Caspian Operating Company N.V. (NCOC)



Paper # Presentation

Streamline-Based Miscible Gas Flood Performance Evaluation and Pattern Balancing: A Case Study from The Giant Kashagan Field

N.N. Ashenov, L. Francia, B. Haynes Jr., North Caspian Operating Company


15:15 - 15:45
03T: Data and Information Management II (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons David Barge, TCO; Murat Syzdykov, Satbeyev University

As the oil and gas industry develops towards a new normal, the ability to make better and faster decisions through the adoption of data platforms and analytics is key to companies and businesses thriving in this competitive and challenging time facing our industry. This session showcases the application of machine learning and advanced data analytics being used to simplify operational processes, reduce time to analyze large data sets, and improve operational performance and value through quicker and more informed data driven decisions. This session will feature case studies demonstrating the innovative adoption of data platforms, analytics, and visualisation tools in the following areas:

• Artificial Lift Optimisation

• Improved Secondary Recovery Decision Making

• Plant and Production Performance


Time Paper #  Presentation
1515 202507

Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Development of a Forecasting Tool for Cyclic Gas Injection in Hydraulically-Fractured Wells

A. Seilkhanov, D. Otynshin, G. Novopokrovskiy, E. Artun, Middle East Technical University - Northern Cyprus Campus

1525 202544

Machine Learning Enables Efficient and Economic Proppant Fracturing Operations through Tailored Decision Tree Workflow

A. Khan, Schlumberger, M.Y. Jelassi, (Formerly Schlumberger); A. Yudin, Schlumberger

1535 202509

Case Study: IoT Production Intelligence Platform and its Field Implementation Results

A. Sultabayev, Manul; D. Jilmagambetov, OMV Petrom S.A. Kazakhstan Branch


16:00 - 16:30
04T: Reservoir Management II (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons David Barge, TCO; Adil Mukanaov, Petrokazakhstan

Reservoir management is a dynamic process that drives value over the life of the field by applying technologies to mature opportunities and resolve uncertainties through an integrated multidisciplinary approach. Case studies in this session span the range of reservoir life focusing on the use of surveillance techniques in managing active well performance; the design of an extensive surveillance program for monitoring a waterflood pilot; and the screening of EOR technologies for heavy oil reservoirs in Kazakhstan.


Time Paper # Presentation
1600 202577

An Overview of Reserves and Resources Evaluation in Unconventionals

C.H. Canbaz, Ege University; C.Temizel, Saudi Aramco; A. Ozesen, TPAO; S. Gayde, Heriott-Watt University; F. Aksahan, Ege University

1610 202573

Simulation of Multistage Acid Fractures in Horizontal Well Using Multiple Grid Geometry: Tight Carbonate Reservoir Case

I. Volnov, Tengizchevroil LLP & LUKOIL; D. Rojas, A. Bibolova, K. Lim, J. Amiotte, Tengizchevroil LLP 

1620 202575

Multiple Realization Approach in 3D Dynamic Modeling Under Hydraulic Fracturing and Geological Uncertainties

A. Bigeldiyev, D. Abdrazakovm, D. Kovyazin, A. Batu, V. Malyshev, D. Sidorov, Schlumberger; G. Voigtlaender, T. Nauruzov, Zhaikmunai LLP



16:00 - 16:30
05T: Production and Operations I (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons Akylbek Kamispayev, TCO; Ulan Onbergenov, Shell

In this session the lead practitioners of the Caspian region will share valuable experiences of dealing with operational challenges that resulted in uplift of well deliverability by application of new tools and technologies. Presenters on stage and in poster session will show field cases how they successful address the flow assurance issues and manage the well integrity and water inflow risks, also provide insights of enhancing production by optimisation of artificial lift equipment and by application of well stimulation methods such as a hydraulic fracturing.


Time Paper # Presentation
1600 202524

Case Study: Plunger Lift Application Doubled Oil Production

Z. Nurkas, Manul

1610 202520

Improvement of the Hydraulic Fracturing Through Advanced Simulation, Production History Matching and Forecast

D. Abdrazakov, A. Bigeldiyev, A. Batu, D. Sidorov, D. Kovyazin, Schlumberger; A. Kudalsha, A. Mukanov, PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC

1620 202521

Remediation of Wells Affected by Scaling on Kashagan Field

B. Daulbayev, B. Naukanov, Y. Khaidarov, NCOC N.V.; M. Esperon, M. Heinerth, M. Freeman, S. Yan, NCOC N.V. (Shell)



Paper # Presentation


Field Case:  Complex Water Inflow Risk Evaluation by Various Surveillance Methods

A. Skopich, E. Neubauer, R. Sadyrbakiyev, Tengizchevroil; L. Xing, Chevron ETC


Advanced Rod Pump Optimization Approach – Case Study

A. Sultabayev, Manul LLP


An Integrated Approach to Well Integrity Diagnostics Utilizing Next Generation Passive Acoustic Logging Technology

F. Atakishiyev, R. Ramazanov, F. Allan, A. Zett, T. Graham, BP: A. Imrie, P. Tracadas, K. Mirzayev, Halliburton


16:00 - 16:30
06T: Projects, Facilities and Construction / Regulatory Compliance / HSE (Live discussion Q&A only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons Bagilya Karsybayeva, NCOC; Talgat Temirzhanov, ILF Consulting Engineers

Risk is an inherent part of oil and gas industry and its proper management is vital for any project. As industry evolves and faces new challenges, timely integration of Risk management in early stages of projects, as well as adapting industry standards to the Kazakhstan needs become more important. This session unites Projects, Facilities, Regulatory and HSE presentations as they are strongly linked. Presented cases explore their interdependency and propose possible ways for integration.


Time Paper # Presentation
1600 202525

Revisiting the Project Risk Management Framework and Adapting it for the Kazakh Oil and Gas Industry

M. Syzdykov, Satbayev University; T. Seitimov, AGIP Karachaganak; Z. Baibussinova, Satbayev University

1610 202526

Wastes Injection Projects in North Caspian Sea Area

G. Galiyeva, NCOC N.V.; I. Gaz, former NCOC N.V.; L. Francia, M. Kuanyshkaliyeva, N. Yeskaliyev, NCOC N.V.

1620 202527

Naval Architecture Challenges in Kashagan Oil Field Development

E. Putorti, G. Cuomo, NCOC; R. Bridges, TOTAL



Paper # Presentation

Risk Factors for Oil and Gas Workers on the Offshore Ice-resistant Platform in the Caspian Sea

Y. Korneeva, Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov


16:30 - 17:30
Knowledge Sharing ePosters (Available on-Demand)

Knowledge Sharing Posters


Optimization of Well Testing for Current Reserves Estimation with Modern Wireline Formation Testers and Open Hole Logs in Exploration Wells Drilled in High Porosity Sandstone Suprasalt Sediments Field

V. Blinov, A. Filimonov, S. Ramatullaev, Schlumberger; E. Tasemenov, S. Saparova, EmbaMunaiGas


Improvements in Ice Thickness Measurements Techniques in Ice Environment

A.A. Tlepkaziyeva, APEC College; A.T. Yergaliyev, NCOC N.V.  


Thursday, October 22

11:00 - 12:30
Plenary Panel 2 - Hiring to Win: Education, recruiting, and talent management in a more competitive energy market
Moderator(s) Tom Blasingame, 2021 SPE President
Speaker(s) Arman Kuibagarov, NCOC; Dr Jennifer Miskimins, Colorado School of Mines; Robert Moore, Fluor; Botagoz Serikbaevna Ashirbekova, KMG

In today’s Energy landscape organisations need to build and maintain a high-performance workplace. They need to attract, identify, develop, engage, retain and deploy individuals who are considered particularly valuable to their organisation. An efficient and competitive recruitment process with a clear Employee Value Proposition will attract quality individuals, reduce attrition and improve productivity.  However, the whole process of employment is a collaboration between the Employer and the mass market – education is key.

12:45 - 13:15
07T: Production and Operations II (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons Khusain Oryngaliev, TCO; Nurlan Seilov, NCOC

Presenters will cover various oil and gas production topics and provide invaluable learnings based on hands on experience. They will talk about how surveillance data helped to make positive business decision, how they overcame with wax and paraffin depositions and enhanced the integrity of wellhead choke valves. Moreover, you learn how they benefitted by application of plunger lift, conformance control completion and acid stimulation.


Time Paper # Presentation


Integration of the Temperature Data for Control of Water Injection Conformance

F. Atakishiyev, A. Sheydayev, A. Zett, D. Zavyalov, L. Murray, BP

1255 202560

 Study on New Copolymer Coated Material for Managing Pararffin Wax Deposition in Pipelines Production Operations

B. Mombekov, Satbayev University; S.A. Aliyu, I.B. Saaid, Universiti Teknologi Petronas; Z. Dairov, Satbayev University

1305 202519

Conformance Control Completion Unlocks Production Horizons of Tengiz Field 

A. Kamispayev, B. Saduakassov, J. Clarke, R. Manakhayev, A. Gazizova, Tengizchevroil LLP 



12:45 - 13:15
08T: Drilling and Completions (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons Nurgazy Branov, Baker Hughes; Alexandre Ridez, Schlumberger

Appropriate Drilling and Completions methods play a crucial role in making a pathway to hydrocarbon reservoirs. Many downhole challenges need to be overcome to successfully reach formation depth and later to complete a well. In this session, speakers will discuss and provide their solutions to various challenges such as pipe sticking, drilling in HP/HT wells, lost circulation as well as fluid properties and forecast of drilling issues. In addition to that, there will be posters related to fracturing techniques and interventionless production packer.


Time Paper # Presentation
1245 202510

Managed Pressure Drilling as an Advanced Solution for Deep HTHP Wells and Long Intervals with Narrow Safe Pressure Limits

D.S. Krivolapov, A.V. Magda, T.B. Soroka, P.Y. Dobrokhleb, S.A. Evdokimov, G.G. Gagloyev, A.V. Novoselov, A.R. Ramazanov, M.S. Attia, Schlumberger; V.F. Zvyagin, R.I. Nabiullin, D.R. Khamidullin, Lukoil-Nizhnevolzhskneft



Dynamic Proppant Settling: Viscoelastic Fluid Evaluation in Open Hole Gravel Packing in Extended Reach Wells

M. Chavez, C. Williams, R.D. Russell, Baker Hughes Company

1305 202512

Well Planning and Operational Practices to Decrease Differential Sticking Risk in Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan

I. Tussupbayev, N. Tlepbergenov, K.J. Jung, I. Issayeva, M. Sargunanov, R. Manakhayev, Tengizchevroil



Paper # Presentation

Drilling Problems Forecast System Based on Neural Network

S. Borozdin, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; A. Dmitrievsky, N. Eremin, Oil and Gas Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (OGRI RAS); A.Arkhipov, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; A. Sboev, National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute"; O. Chashchina-Semenova, L. Fitzner, E. Safarova, Oil and Gas Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (OGRI RAS)


RFID Technology Expanded into the Drilling Space With Particular Emphasis on Efficiencies

L. Pasimeni, I. Lukman, B. Tlepbergenov, A. Dadinov, T. Kabbasov, Y. Yeskairov, D. Zhumashev, A, Suleimenov, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.; A. Aliyeva, A. Zholdaskaliyev, A.S. Zainal Ariff, M.O. Okorie, Weatherford


13:30 - 14:00
10T: E&P Geoscience and Formation Evaluation I (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons Marat Nauryzgaliev, NCOC; Victor Babashev, Timal Consulting Group

As the era of light oil is passing away, the industry is faced by an ultimate challenge of not only finding new promising areas of hydrocarbon deposits, both by standard methods and new technologies, but also to maximise the extraction of hydrocarbons from existing fields through a better understanding of reservoir physics. In this session, you will see work on substantiation of the principles to search for new traps based on the analysis of salt tectonics compaction / movement in the Pri-Caspian basin. Next, new biomarker analysis technologies will be presented to identify related trap deposits and possible search for promising areas using hydrocarbon migration model based on examples from Pri-Caspian basin fields. The last presentation will be devoted to the study of the fractures influence on well performance in Kashagan offshore field in the northern part of Caspian Sea.


Time Paper # Presentation
1330 202550

Enabling Drillstem Testing in Ansagan Field in High-Pressure, High H2S Pre-Caspian Deep Wells

A. Burlibayev, M. Aimagambetov, Firm Almex Plus LLP; M. Kydatov, Y. Kaipov, P. Kumar, B. Akbayev, Schlumberger

1340 202514

Integrating Biomarker Analysis with Carbon Stable Isotope Signatures for Genetic Classification and Tracing Possible Migration Pathways of Hydrocarbon of Pre-Caspian Basin

Y.S. Seitkhaziyev, R.N. Uteyev, N.D. Sarsenbekov, Atyrau branch of “KMG Engineering”; Y.T. Tassemenov, JSC “Embamunaygas” 

1350 202581

Optimization of Well Testing for Current Reserves Estimation with Modern Wireline Formation Testers and Open Hole Logs in Exploration Wells Drilled in High Porosity Sandstone Suprasalt Sediments Field

V. Blinov, A. Filimonov, S. Ramatullaev, Schlumberger; E. Tasemenov, S. Saparova, EmbaMunaiGas


13:30 - 14:00
09T: Reservoir Description and Dynamics I (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons Samat Kabdenov, TCO; Aidos Yskak, KMG Engineering

This session will focus on new and existing workflows and methodologies to enhance reservoir understanding, improve decision making, and optimise field production. The importance of subsurface data quality, its interpretation, and its further integration for model updates will be emphasised. Case studies will be presented covering a range of approaches and applications applied in the Caspian region leading to improved reservoir characterisation and performance prediction, efficient integration of the static and dynamic models, and development of novel tools for better understanding of well transient behaviour.


Time Paper # Presentation
1330 02528

The Novel Approach to Pressure Transient Analysis in Highly Fractured Reservoirs: Case Study from Patardzeuli Field, Georgia

S. Ramatullayev, B. Akbayev, D. Tsaplin, J. Urazaliev, A. Goloborodko, Schlumberger

1340 02529

A Robust Downscaling Method for Integration of Static and Dynamic Models

Y. Dair, D. Li, R. Saifutdinov, B. Yergaliyeva, G. Karabakiyeva, I.T. Ehighebolo, North Caspian Operating Company

1550 TBC  



Paper # Presentation

Waterflood Optimization Planning Based on MRT Analysis of Long-term Bottom-hole Pressure Records

B. Ganiev, A. Lutfullin, Tatneft; R. Farakhova, D. Gulyaev, L. Zinurov, Sofoil; a. Aslanyan, Nafta College


Effect of Pore Size Distribution on Phase Behavior of Sour Gas and Hydrocarbon Mixtures in Tight Oil Reservoirs

L. Wang, Nazarbayev University; J. Ismailova, Satbayev University; Y. Uteubayeva, KMG Engineering; J. Chen, RIPED, CNPC; K. Kunzharikova, KMG Engineering 


Pressure Transient Analysis:  Insight from Industry

A. Mukanov, D. Kassenov, A. Kudalsha, PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC


14:15 - 14:45
11T: Reservoir Description and Dynamics II (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons Berik Uap, NCOC; Milovan Fustic, Nazarbayev University

Subsurface data collection and integration of them into static and dynamic models plays vital role in various stages of the field development. The session showcases implementation of geological, geomechanical, petrophysical and surveillance data to enhance the understanding of reservoir performance and reducing the uncertainties on both green and brown fields. The detailed case studies highlight a new field-proven methods and techniques on integration of static and dynamic reservoir data into different types of modelling approaches on several complex fields.


Time Paper # Presentation
1415 202570

Numerical Calculation of the Pressure Drop and Saturation of Two-phase Flow Through Porous Medium

Z. Akasheva, B. Assilbekov, Satbayev University; A. Kudaikulov, Satbayev University; KBTU BIGSoft LLP; D. Bolysbek, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

1425 202532

Detailed Sector Model to Reconcile Surveillance Results and High-Permeability, Geologic, Features; Example from Kashagan Field, Kazakhstan

N.P. Stephens, North Caspian Operating Company (ExxonMobil Secondee): B. Yergaliyeva, A. Zhazbayeva, B.Uap, North Caspian Operating Company

1435 202533

Methodology for Exploration Well Testing with ESP-DST in Caspian Sea. The Case Study in Unconsolidated Sandstone with Heavy Oil

I.Dosmukhambetov, B. Taubayev, U. Yesbolov, A. Sadykov, M. Shmalin, “Zhambyl Petroleum” LLP; B. Akbayev, Y. Kaipov, O. Amanbayev, B. Khaziev, Schlumberger



14:15 - 14:45
12T: E&P Geoscience and Formation Evaluation II (Live Q&A discussion only. Presentations available via on-Demand section)
Session Chairpersons Nathaniel Stephens, NCOC; Assem Bibolova, TCO

During the development and production phases, geoscientists and formation evaluation experts are critical for characterising the reservoir architecture and describing the subsurface uncertainty.  Geologic interpretation and subsurface data strive to reduce uncertainty through assessing risks and acquiring the appropriate data.  However, the Caspian region’s hydrocarbon reservoirs are challenging in terms of drilling and acquiring log data.  This section will discuss modern approaches to drilling and logging both maximise data acquisition and optimise the expected production of the wells.  


Time Paper # Presentation


Well Placement Helps to Manage Large Structural Uncertainty While Drilling a Horizontal Well in S. Nurzhanov Field, Showcase from Kazakhstan

K. Adilbekov, K. Kozov, E. Mukanov, I. Chzhen, Embamunaigas JSC; Y. Karychev, R. Nevzorov, A. Makhambetov, D. Ospanov, D. Shozhikov, A. Lukpanov, M. Medvedev, K. Alexeev, Schlumberger



A Comprehensive Approach to Solving the Problem of Involving the Development of Hydrocarbon Reserves of the Eastern Ustyurt’s Field

O. Khodos, D. Maysyuk, I. Ushakov, Halliburton; F. Yangaliev, R. Yakubov, Natural Gas-Stream



Use of Logging While Drilling Equipment in Washdown Mode Under Managed Pressure Drilling Conditions in Tengiz

R. Manakhayev, I. Tussupbayev, M. Sargunanov, N. Kalzhekov, G. Kulov, N. Tlepbergenov, Tengizchevroil