SPE Europec featured at 82nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition 8 - 11 Dec 2020 RAI Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

From Change to Challenge: Continuing on from the 2019 edition, the theme for the 2020 SPE EUROPEC featured at the 82nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition is “Delivering for the Energy Challenge: Today and Tomorrow”.

As stated by Shell’s EVP of Exploration, Marc Gerrits, the Challenge “…is delivering solutions which address energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability – the three core dimensions of the energy transition.”

Security, equity and sustainability are therefore the keywords that the industry, including oil and gas, has to bear in mind as a frame-of-reference for its new initiatives, operations and projects, aiming at, for instance, unlocking existing resources with lower costs, higher efficiency and reduced footprints or finding valuable and sustainable energy and waste storage options.

Within this picture, engineers and geoscientists, with their skills and expertise, will be asked to actively contribute to deal with such energy transitional challenges and SPE EUROPEC is the right opportunity to share knowledge, present case histories, studies, projects and new ideas, successes and - why not - failures, which are surely technically interesting and certainly informative.

The programme committee ensure that all areas of interest are covered in the technical programme that encompasses a broad range of topics. Engineers and geoscientists, from industry and academia, are encouraged to submit abstracts that demonstrate the value of their work in an industry world characterised by an ever-increasing awareness of the energy transition challenges.

By submitting a paper to EUROPEC, your work will be published and reach a worldwide community via the OnePetro library.


Europec Conference Chair

Marco Brignoli
Eni Technical Advisor