SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability 17 - 19 Mar 2020 Ágora Convention Center Bogotá, Colombia


Tuesday, March 17

07:00 - 17:00
07:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 10:00
SE01  Opening Ceremony Salon TU-VW, Fifth Floor
Moderator(s) Shauna Noonan - Occidental Petroleum
Speaker(s) Felipe Bayon - Ecopetrol, Carlos Sarmiento - Schlumberger
Join us for the opening ceremony, celebrating the start of two exceptional SPE events; 20HSE and 20LACPEC. We encourage you to take advantage of the technical programming and networking opportunities that these co-located events offer. Shauna Noonan, SPE President, will present the SPE Award to the Regional Student Paper Contest winner. Fuzzy Bitar, IOGP Chairman, will present the IOGP Young Professionals Award.
10:00 - 10:30
10:00 - 18:30
10:30 - 12:00
SE02  Executive Plenary: State of the Industry and Path Forward - Sustainable Energy Shaped by Innovation and Engagement Salon TU-VW, Fifth Floor
Moderator(s) Johana Dunlop - Blue Walrus Sustainability Strategies
Speaker(s) Vicki Hollub - Oxy Oil & Gas Corp, Olivier Le Peuch - Schlumberger, Fawaz K. Bitar - BP Amoco PLC
The Executive Plenary session will bring together industry executives and leaders to discuss their perspectives on the region’s foremost challenges and opportunities. A special emphasis on the interdependency between sustainable development and technology advancement will provide the audience with actionable insights to support regional and global growth efforts.
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
PL01  HSE Plenary I: Leadership and Engagement Salon N, Third Floor
Moderator(s) Gordon Ballard - IOGP
Speaker(s) Thomas Knode - Kirby Corporation, Mohamed Kermoud - Schlumberger, Nada Wentzel - The Jonah Group
Over the years companies have transformed their safety programs by engineering out hazards and introducing policies and procedures that minimize risk. They have also introduced hazard and behavior observation programs to engage employees in the identification and action on risk. Is this enough? Does a management program mean that employees are truly engaged and own their safe working environment, or, does it mean that management is still dictating the terms and means of achieving a safer work place. Employee engagement should not stop asking employees to fill out a few observation cards each month, but rather should go a step further and ask employees to be actively involved in “owning” safety in their work area. This should be the next stop in the journey and requires leadership to both promote the idea and step back from mandating safety so as to encourage self and team reliance. What does this look like and how would it work?
15:00 - 15:30
15:30 - 17:00
01  Building Foundations for Social License to Operate Salon L, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Emery Brusset - Social Terrain, Jay Wagner
Acceptance or approval of projects is dependent on how companies manage their interactions, activities and outcomes with respect to communities and other local stakeholders. Obtaining a social license demands a professional approach to community engagement and social management. This session explores practical actions at the project-level companies, throughout the contracting chain, are taking to ensure a stable operating environment in which communities and companies can prosper.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199501 Aligning Responsibilities Between Operator And Contractor Community Liaison Teams In A Mature Oilfield In The Latin American Region M. Pérez, J. Zambrano, N. Abrahams, G. Vallejo, M. Paz, Schlumberger
1600-1630 199381 Community Engagement For Operational Excellence In e&P In Bolivia S.E. Ayala, Vintage Petroleum Boliviana Ltd; K. Ravishankar, Oxy Oil & Gas Corp
1630-1700 199516 Roadmaps For Social Performance Change Management D.F. Astudillo, REPSOL; D. Arts, Partner at Estratégica
Alternate 199485 Empowering Vulnerable Communities: Experiences From Oil Companies In Ecuador V. Noya, Terra-Development Organisation Ltd
Alternate 199430 Risk Management Tools Required For Unconventional Oil And Gas Exploration And Development In Latin America O. Bravo, Ecopetrol SA; D. Hernandez, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Alternate 199421 The evolution of community relations at the Torex Gold ELG mine in Guerrero Mexico - lessons learned J. Peralta, Minera Media Luna C.V. de S.A.; M. Thorpe, Torex Gold Resources Inc.
15:30 - 17:00
02  Workplace Health Salon M, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Huma Abbasi - Chevron Corporation, Paulo Rebelo - Petrobras
A healthy workforce is recognized as an essential contributor to safety and productivity. Use of effective workplace health programs can reduce health risks, lower absenteeism and help people bring their best to work. Participants in this session will learn from experts how to establish a comprehensive management system to manage fatigue in the workplace, importance of investing in human performance and how a culture of care driven by health can positively impact health and safety records, improve employee engagement and help our workforce thrive.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199386 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Managing Fatigue In The Workplace
D. Flower, BP plc; A. Baker, Shell; M. Carvalho, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers; C. Gnecco, A. Aghazada, BP
1600-1630 199444 The Role Of Health In Building A Culture Of Care In Projects During Construction M. Sanchez, Shell Oil Company; F.A. Bhojani, Shell Oil Co.
1630-1700 199436 Proactive Fatigue Management Through Wearable Technology C. Go, PETRONAS (Kuala Lumpur)
Alternate 199502 Welding And Hot Work Advances To Work Controls Driven By New Manganese Exposure Limit. P. Rotich, ExxonMobil
Alternate 199420 Guidance On The Application Of Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Criteria To Petroleum Substances D. Swick, IPIECA
Alternate 199395 Improving Workforce Health - The Evolution Of Measurement In An Energy Company J. Davis-Street, M. Grimsley, Chevron Corporation; S. McDonald, Chevron Energy Technology Company
15:30 - 17:00
03  Leadership and Engagement Salon J, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Alan Hippman - SEDA Group SAS, Richard Strouse - Shell
An engaged workforce is critical to developing a sustainable safety culture, and strong leadership fosters that engagement. In this session we will discuss several success stories of organizations and leaders creating the right environment for employee engagement to thrive.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199483 Rethinking HSE Leadership Training Using An Innovative Facilitated Learning Methodology M. Barnier, M. Brice, S. Guessouma, Schlumberger
1600-1630 199518 Supervisors: Key For HSE Culture A. Boukoftane, Neptune Energy
1630-1700 199445 Changing Behaviours Through The Universal Language Of Film: The Power Of Storytelling To Reduce Risks And Improve Safety Engagement. D. Scotti, D. Matkin, Saipem SpA
Alternate 199486 The Safe Behavior School Halliburton In Latin America Promotes Safe Behavior And Safety Leadership S.J. Quintero, Halliburton
15:30 - 17:00
04  Innovative Methods for the Management and Treatment of Produced Water Salon P, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Stephanie Dvorak - Schlumberger Limited, Wendy Brown - Total E&P France
This session will display new management methodology for produced water, as well as proven new methods for best treatment practices currently being used around the world.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199498 Reuse Of Produced Water In The Oil And Gas Industry M. Gray, IPIECA
1600-1630 199412 New Produced Water Risk Based Approach Guidance G.J. Brown, IOGP; M. Smit, Shell; O. Pelz, BP; R. Arnold, Chevron; S. Hayes, More Energy Ltd
1630-1700 199466 Removal Of Residual Oil From Produced Water Using Magnetic Nanoparticles J. Theurer, O. Ajagbe, J. Osorio, R. Elgaddafi, R.M. Ahmed, K. Walters, University of Oklahoma
Alternate 199429 Road To The Blue Certificate For A Production Activity In The Peruvian Amazon. Committed To Responsible Water Management C. Ahumada, R. Zorrilla, F. Gutierrez, S. Vasquez, Repsol Exploración
Alternate 199513 Integrated Water Management Framework For Evolving Sustainability Strategies: Case Studies For Process Standardization And Best Practices In An Environomic Approach A. Suboyin, S. Punjabi, A. Stavroula, M.R. Haroun, Khalifa University of Science and Technology; J.D. Bakker, Lloyd's Register
Alternate 199489 Methodological Alternative To Oceanographic Cruises For The Characterization Of Nekton In The Colombian Caribbean F. Pinilla, A. Carrasco, E. Lopez, ERM; H. Salazar, Shell
Alternate 199431 Comparative Analysis Of Alternative Solutions For Produced Water Management In Offshore Environments Based On Life Cycle Assessment And Biodiversity Impact Assessment M. Chiavico, C. Cova, M. Buffagni, E. Pavanel, Eni Upstream; M. Pedullà, M. Florio, RINA Consulting S.p.A
15:30 - 17:00
P01  Global Conservation Efforts Salon N, Third Floor
Moderator(s) Susan I Staley - Shell Global Solutions
Ensuring healthy habitats are critical to successful conservation measures. It is also creates an opportunity for companies to assess and mitigate risk to their operations and businesses on ecosystems. Industry can work with organizations to enhance habitat and define the benefit in terms of stakeholder value, including shareholders. There are opportunities to measure and incorporate carbon benefits, maintain access to needed resources, and reduce ongoing efforts for the entire supply chain to manage impacts. This panel will frame out the issues, opportunities, and tools or ideas on how to better incorporate ecosystem goals and efforts into the business. We will provide you an approach to actively develop your own example of how to apply what you learn to your organization during the session. The interactive session will allow participants to ask questions to the panelists that are meaningful to your organization.
17:00 - 18:30

Wednesday, March 18

07:30 - 17:30
07:30 - 17:30
08:30 - 10:00
PL02  HSE Plenary II: Oil and Gas on the Right Side of History: Addressing Sustainability Challenges Facing the Planet Salon N, Third Floor
Moderator(s) Johana Dunlop - Blue Walrus Sustainability Strategies
Speaker(s) Krish Ravishankar - Oxy Oil & Gas Corp, Brian Sullivan - IPIECA
10:00 - 10:30
10:00 - 17:00
10:00 - 10:30
PO01  ePoster Session
Session Chairpersons Susan I Staley - Shell Global Solutions
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1015 199527 The Oil And Gas Industry’s Role In Inter-governmental Negotiations Around Global Biodiversity (CBD COP) And The Use Of A Risk-based Management Approach A. Gray, M. Gray, IPIECA
1000-1015 199534 Rescue And Relocation Of Orchids And Bromeliads As Impact Mitigation Measures In Linear Projects C. Ahumada, F. Gutiérrez, A. Garcia, H. Changano, Repsol Exploración; I. Salinas, M. Panta, N. Sanchez, Walsh
1000-1015 199537 A Zero Accident Strategy for Oil Pipelines: Enhancing HSE Performance R.G. Suarez, University of Calgary; L. Serra, Tecnologico de Monterrey; D. McFayden, University of Calgary; F. Carranza, Tecnologico de Monterrey
1000-1015 199532 Performance Standards For Oil Spill Risk J.R. Valeur, Ramboll Environment & Health; L.W. Andersen, Ramboll Energy
1000-1015 199528 Designing Wellbore Plugging And Abandonment Materials Based On Nature’s Hydraulic Barrier Materials: A Solution To Prevent Hydrocarbon Leakage Over Time M. Radonjic, Y. Li, V. Krishna, Oklahoma State University
1000-1015 199536 How To Achieve A Real Improvement In The Operations Through A Process Safety Culture Survey. Keys To Use The Tool Effectively. M.E. Fernandez, Whycomm SA
1000-1015 199542 Causality Analysis For Real-time Time Series Data: Review And Practical Verification Using Inline Drillstring Sensor Data R. Ramirez, National Oilwell Varco Downhole Tools Division
1000-1015 199539 Risk Assessment Model To Determine Crater Formation Of Underground Natural Gas Pipeline Crossing Beneath The Magdalena River M. Alarcón, E. Torres, Universidad de los Andes; F. Munoz-Giraldo, Ecopetrol
1000-1015 199540 Just Culture Principles Applied To Contract Management F.M. Ribeiro, BMA Consultoria; T.S. Hermeto, L.A. Silveira, Petrobras
1000-1015 199529 A Blowout Accident Causative Model Of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Wells Using DEMATEL And ISM Algorithms C. Han, Z. Guan, J. Li, Y. Xu, H. Hu, China University of Petroleum East China
1000-1015 199530 Hurricane Response: A Case Study On The Innovative Use Of It Communication Tools For Crisis Management E. Englehardt, S. LaBelle, C. Klekar, Schlumberger
1000-1015 199531 Non-compliance In Airside Operation - A Case Study T.G. Hudson, Hudson Global Consulting; R. Van Der Weide, G. Kamps, Intergo
1000-1015 199535 Establishment And Application Of New Supervisor Management System S. Zhang, PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development; S. Wang, CNOOC Research Institute Ltd.; G. Bi, PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development
1000-1015 199533 New Enhances To Improve Personnel Skills And Achieve Operational Excellence In Workover And Well Services Operations D. Giraldo, C.A. Perez, M. Cavajal, C.J. Chiquillo, Occidental Petroleum
1000-1015 199541 An Example Of Antifragility: From A Major Accident To A Successful Case Study At Kuryk Yard A. Castagna, ERSAI Caspian Contractor LLC; D. Scotti, Saipem SpA
10:30 - 12:00
05  Turning Risk Into Benefit: Social Impact Assessments and Social Investment Salon L, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Nicholas Abrahams - Schlumberger, Diego Fernando Astudillo - Repsol
Social impacts are the changes experienced by communities as a result of projects. It is the responsibility of the oil and gas industry, in consultation with project-affected stakeholders, to ensure that all relevant impacts are identified and considered. This session explores frameworks for the evaluation of social impacts and how strategic social investment programs are used where projects contribute to existing stresses within social systems.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 199400 Guidance On Community Development Agreements H. Murphy, R. Collacott, E. Edwards, IPIECA
1100-1130 199371 Social Impact Assessment A Savvy Mechanism For Social Investmentcase Of Pemex In Designing Solutions For Totonacas Indigenous, Mexico M. Ospina, O Trade; L. Orea Aranda, PEMEX
1130-1200 199397 Process Safety, Process Risk, Environmental And Social Responsibility Of The Porvenir Gas Plant Abandonment And Remediation In Bolivia S.E. Ayala, Vintage Petroleum Boliviana Ltd; K. Ravishankar, Oxy Oil & Gas Corp
10:30 - 12:00
06  Mainstreaming Biodiversity in a Wide Range of Sensitive Environments Salon M, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Paola Maria Pedroni - ENI AGIP Div CASP, Alberto Vega - Environmental Resources Mgmt
This session will review good practices and lessons learned from companies' experiences in sensitive offshore and onshore environments. It will highlight challenges and opportunities associated with biodiversity management in oil and gas operations.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 199479 Marine Mammal Biodiversity Around Oil And Gas Platforms - Challenges And Successes Of Long-term Monitoring M. Delefosse, Total E&P; M.W. Jacobsen, B.K. Hansen, E.E. Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark; A. Middelboe, DHI; J. Teilmann, Aarhus University
1100-1130 199372 Summing Up Efforts Between The Government, The Communities And The Company, To Put In Value The Biodiversity And The Ecosystem Services, Of The Machiguenga Communal Reserve, Located In The Peruvian Amazon
A. Garcia, C. Ahumada, R. Zorrilla, Repsol Exploración; M. Panta, Walsh
1130-1200 199508 Establishing Public Biodiversity Commitments Within An Oil&Gas Company S. Dickinson, P. Mani, S. Plisson-Saune, TOTAL S.A.
Alternate 199425 Landscape Variation Analysis Of Kinteroni Flowline Through Biological Indicators And Their Relationship With Mitigation Measures C. Ahumada, A. Garcia, Repsol Exploración; A. José, M. Panta, Walsh
Alternate 199475 Biodiversity Monitoring Data And An Analytic Hierarchy Process To Map Sensitive Biodiversity Values And Ecosystem Services In A Tropical Rainforest C. Sahley, ERM; E. Mendoza, Pluspetrol Peru Corp.; S. Romero, ERM
10:30 - 12:00
07  Skills and Competence: Enabling a Stronger Workforce Salon J, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Cory Shelton - BP America Inc, Andrew Smith - Risk Management Systems
Whether through immersive virtual learning or improved communication and feedback channels, the development of a more competent workforce is moving forward in theory and technology. This discussion will feature some fresh concepts as well as some practical examples of competence creation in action.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 199446 Skill Equals Competence Plus Experience T.G. Hudson, Hudson Global Consulting; P.T. Hudson, Delft University of Technology
1100-1130 199376 Immersive Tactical Decision-making Scenarios Without Simulators T. Sookdeo, Baker Hughes; K. Laursen, Maersk Training
1130-1200 199506 Reinventing The HSE Learning Journey By Engaging Personnel Using Innovative Communication Techniques M. Barnier, M. Brice, S. Guessouma, Schlumberger
Alternate 199398 Increasing The Effectiveness Of New Personnel Safety Training Using An Innovative Learner Centered Approach M. Barnier, M. Brice, S. Guessouma, Schlumberger
Alternate 199449 Building An Internal Training And Development Program For Hse Professionals H. Scott, A. Semenova, Schlumberger
10:30 - 12:00
08  Energy Transition and GHG Management Salon P, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Trey Shaffer - Environmental Resources Mgmt, Zachary Ceplecha - FTS International
Management of GHG and emissions is an increasingly important aspect to the upstream oil and gas industry. This session reviews gas flaring reduction initiatives, technologies to improve transportation emissions, and modeling GHG reinjection in source rock development to reduce GHG emissions across the industry.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 199432 A First-of-its-kind Framework For Commercializing Associated Gas Z. Bamji, The World Bank Group
1100-1130 199427 Exploring Low-emissions Pathways For Transport J. Herbertson, IPIECA; A. Lopez, Repsol; L. Perez, P. Grainger, IPIECA
1130-1200 199459 Source Rock Hydrocarbons Development In Colombia, An Opportunity For The First Green House Gases Capture Large Scale Project J.A. Sáchica, J. Rivera, J. Piedrahita, Ecopetrol S.A.
Alternate 199394 Life Cycle Assessment Of Electricity Related Carbon Capture, Storage, And Potential Use J. Cazalets, Total
Alternate 199392 Energy Efficiency Improvements In An Oilfield Services Company O. Karlbom, Schlumberger
10:30 - 12:00
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
09  Aligning Interests: Stakeholder Engagement Salon L, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Kjerstin Skeidsvoll Lange - Equinor ASA, William Mario Feragotto - Environmental Resources Mgmt
Stakeholder engagement at the project level is the foundation of social performance. The oil and gas industry has worked hard to ensure the consistent integration of stakeholder engagement principles into project design and day-to-day operations. This session explores the role of community liaison teams today and how new technologies can help with community engagement in the future.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 199399 Community Liaison Officers - Generating Pride And Enabling Engagement H. Murphy, B. Collacott, E. Edwards, IPIECA
1400-1430 199377 Drones For Social Impact Management
P. Griffin, www.social-terrain.com
1430-1500 199473 How To Satisfy Local Expectations? The Case Of Total's Subsidiaries In Bolivia And Congo M. Castro, X. Arnauld De Sartre, B. Aublet, University of Pau
Alternate 199490 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Combining Industry And Fishermen Interests: "mar Atento" Project, Challenges, Results And Futures Steps.

M.V. De Oliveira, Equinor Brasil; M. Calil, Shell Brasil; M.C. Pina, Witt O'briens
Alternate 199454 Sharing The Experience Of The Ecological And Participatory Restoration In Drilling Locations: A Sustainable Synergy Between Communities, The State And The Company F. Gutiérrez, H. Changano, C. Ahumada, S. Vasquez, A. Diaz, Repsol Exploración
13:30 - 15:00
10  Population Health Salon M, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Faiyaz Bhojani - Shell Oil Co., Antonio Calderon - Equion Energia Limited
This session showcases various successful approaches designed to highlight the collaboration and partnership between business, government, and communities. It will address human health being a key piece when making responsible and sustainable energy project decisions as well as social license to operate.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 199480 Going Beyond Advocacy: How Shell Became The Private Sector Forerunner Of The HIV AIDS Efforts In The Philippines R. Rivera, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp; K.C. Sacuan, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation
1400-1430 199373 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility A Public Private Partnership To Improve Healthcare Outcomes In Papua New Guinea H. Welch, Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Paediatrics at Texas Children's Hospital; N. Kumar, ExxonMobil PNG Ltd; M. Mizwa, D. Nguyen, A. Mandalakas, E. Machine, Baylor College of Medicine Department of Pediatrics at Texas Children's Hospital; N. Tefruani, University of Papua New Guinea School of Medical and Health Sciences
1430-1500 199487 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Assessment Of Health Impacts On Local Communities Is Fundamental For Sustainability
F. Viliani, International SOS; P. Harris, THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY
Alternate 199390 Innovation In Social Management, A Way To Create Shared Value While Building Trust. The Case Of Health Services In Remote Native Communities. V.C. Joo Garfias, Repsol E&P Peru; L. Tamayo, Medical Innovation & Technology
Alternate 199387 Universal Access To Occupational Health - A Focus On Community Health S.A. Frangos, N. Anwar, Chevron Corporation
Alternate 199447 Development Of A Wellness Dashboard R. Amato, M. Grimsley, Chevron; J. Davis-street, Chevron Corporation
13:30 - 15:00
11  Innovative Approaches to Safety Excellence Salon J, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Davide Scotti - Saipem, Jhans Ricardo Atehortua - Ecopetrol SA
As safety leaders we are always looking to the horizon for the next idea, technology, tool, or way of thinking that will help us reach our goals. These examples of innovation from industry peers might be what you are looking for, or may even inspire you to take the leap you've been considering for some time.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 199417 Active Europe: Implementation Of A Heath Campaign Using Innovative Technology To Engage Personnel B.L. McBeath, H. Scott, A. Chai, Schlumberger
1400-1430 199470 Application Of Digital Tecnologies And Iot System To Enhance Safety - Eni Smart Safety Project C. Chiara, M. Ferrari, Eni SpA
1430-1500 199492 Enhanced Augmented/mixed Reality And Process Safety Applications T. Sookdeo, Baker Hughes; J. Potts, GE Global Research
Alternate 199496 Sparseness And Completeness: Simplifying Bowties To Improve Understanding And Predictive Power T.G. Hudson, Hudson Global Consulting; P.T. Hudson, Delft University of Technology
Alternate 199504 Nudging Hse Positive Behaviors: A Case Study In Workforce Safety Engagement H. Scott, M. Barnier, L. Mohammed Al Hinai, Schlumberger
13:30 - 15:00
12  Successful Trends in Biodiversity and Emission Reductions - Latin American Experiences Salon P, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Fernando Correa - Mansarovar Energy Ltd, Kari Ehmling - Essp E&P Guyana Ltd
This session covers Latin American challenges, pilot projects, lessons learned, and best practices in biodiversity management and gas flare reduction.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 199443 Habitats Mapping As A Management Tool For A Peruvian Gas Pipeline A. Alvarez del Villar, J. Hernani Lau, Compañía Operadora de Gas
1430-1500 199455 Sustainable Development Model - Caño Limon Field: Ecological Protection Zone P.A. Ortega, Occidental de Colombia, LLC; J.L. Martin, Occidental de Colombia Inc.
Alternate 199507 Revegetation Versus Natural Regeneration In The Restoration Due To Coverage Loss In An Amazon Gas Pipeline C. Ahumada, A. Garcia, Repsol Exploración; M. Torres, A. José, J. Gamarra, M. Panta, N. Sanchez, Walsh
Alternate 199500 Making Digital The Environmental Impacts Assessment In The Oil And Gas Industry: Application To An Eor Project In Colombia M. Jimenez, Universidad Nacional de Colombia; A.M. Patiño, Exergy-Modeling and Analytics; A.A. Ocampo-florez, Equion Energia Limited; J.M. Mejía, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Alternate 199499 Analysis Of Mitigation Strategies For Greenhouse Gas Emissions In A Colombian Oil Field C.A. Guerrero, UFRJ; E. La rovere, Rio de Janeiro Federal University
13:30 - 15:00
15:00 - 15:30
15:30 - 17:00
13  Local Content Best Practices Salon L, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Monica Ospina - O Trade, Fernando D Rodriguez - HSE International
Local content best practice is based on the idea of creating ‘shared value’ by implementing business strategies designed to achieve both project competitiveness, and stability and economic development in the local community and host country. This session explores how government policies and industry practices are realizing the potential value of local content and maximizing economic benefits for many national economies.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199511 Supporting Local Skills And Enterprise Development_Lessons Learnt From A Public-private Partnership In Eastern Africa E. Kanichay, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
1600-1630 199517 Optimization Of Local Content T.A. Roberts, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited; P. Henry, DAI Global
1630-1700 199434 Shell Local Content In Trinidad & Tobago: Creating Value For Society And Business M. d'Engelbronner-Kolff, Shell International Ltd.
Alternate 199437 Alternatives To The Nekton Cruise: A Step In The Collective Construction Of Knowledge E. Lopez, L. Martinez, F. Pinilla, A. Carrasco, ERM; H. Salazar, Shell
Alternate 199514 One Basin Three Nations (obtn) A Collaborative Mechanism To Realize A Sustainable Development Offshore Guiana's L.R. Henriquez, Co-founder OBTN; H. Bijnaar, One Basin Three Nations
Alternate 199369 Supporting Economic Development Initiatives In Local Communities: A Case Study In The Latin American Region M.A. Paz, J.J. Zambrano Celly, G. VALLEJO, N. Abrahams, M. PEREZ, Schlumberger
15:30 - 17:00
14  Culture of Health Salon M, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Jorge Djaparidze - Baker Hughes, a GE company, Katie Bertani - Baker Hughes, a GE Company
This session reviews driving engagement in regard to the personal wellbeing of workers. It will also explore improving productivity and applying both development and technological improvement to support occupational health. In all cases, these processes provide efficiency and optimize the given resources.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199493 Evaluation Of Shell's Development Of Worker Welfare And Care For Employees J. Berg, Shell International Ltd.; T. Pols, Shell E&P International Ltd; S. Riksen, Shell International Ltd.
Invited Presenter - Lars Petersen L. Petersen, International SOS
1630-1700 199435 Mitigating Emerging Measles Risk In Oil and Gas Workplaces M. Diara, ExxonMobil; S. Ngunjiri, O. Adesakin, Fircroft; C.R. Penniall, ExxonMobil
Alternate 199450 Human Factorsand Performance: Reducing Errors & Improving Safety S. Khan, L. Boyd, Siemens
Alternate 199458 Infectious Diseases Management Offshore S. Ibrahim, International SOS; S. Persaud, Caribbean Surgery Inc; A. Nowosiwsky, ExxonMobil Oil Corp.
Alternate 199422 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Developing A Fit For Risk Malaria Chemoprophylaxis Program For Non Immune Workers In Papua New Guinea
N. Kumar, C. Kapiri, ExxonMobil PNG Ltd
15:30 - 17:00
15  Transportation Safety Salon N, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Kirsty Walker - Schlumberger Limited, Jordan Buss - Precision Drilling
As long as the energy industry as we know it has existed, transportation has posed a consistent and significant threat. Discussion in this session will feature industry efforts to eliminate transportation fatalities through standardization and big data, as well as a provocative conversation about what is, and isn't, a barrier in transportation safety.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199495 Eliminating Fatalities From Motor Vehicle Crashes In The Upstream Industry M. Carvalho, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers; A. Ploeg, BP Europe SE Netherlands
1600-1630 199388 Innovative Data Analytics To Enhance Journey Management Compliance J. Cartwright, M. Tauriainen, R. Parker, Schlumberger
1630-1700 199380 That Is Not A Barrier! Investigating Improper Barrier Placement In Bowties Using Road Traffic Bowties As A Case Study. T.G. Hudson, Hudson Global Consulting; P.A. Hudson, Consultant
Alternate 199467 Applying Technology And Innovative Solutions To Enhance Driver Engagement And Performance F. Perez, Schlumberger; K. Walker, Schlumberger Limited; J.C. Condor, Schlumberger Trinidad Inc.
Alternate 199423 Driving Organizational Behavior Through Leading Indicators B.L. McBeath, Schlumberger
Alternate 199460 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Pipe Land Transportation Through South America Andes/cordillera: Total / e&P Bolivie, Incahuasi Project Phase 1

15:30 - 17:00
16  The Circular Economy of Waste: Giving Waste a New Life Salon P, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Karin Witton - Weatherford International Ltd., Linda Ann Battalora - Colorado School of Mines
From drilling wastes to the disposal of equipment used for oil and gas extraction to the difficult and sensitive environments in which we work, as well as the current commodity prices, the oil and gas industry has many drivers for embracing a circular economy approach to waste. This session presents practical approaches being researched and implemented which could be used as spring boards for other companies to develop their own circular economy strategy.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199405 Why And How The Petroleum Industry Can Lead And Transition The World Towards A Global Circular Economy S. Deverson, Lighthouse Road
1600-1630 199503 Sustainable Is The Way To Go F. Scogna, Weatherford Mediterranea SpA
1630-1700 199522 A Global Push For Circular Economy Projects D. Lindauere, Repsol; E. MARTINEZ, Repsol Exploracion S.A.; R. Fernandez-Casatejada, Repsol S.A.; C. Santamaria, Repsol Exploracion S.A.; C.M. Marina, Repsol
Alternate 199497 Treatment Of Oily Legacy Waste And Defining Future Practices: Kuwait Case Study S. Bikass, Thermtech AS; F. Al-Dhamen, M. Ved Prakash, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC); Z. Hadzalic, SAR AS; P. Handgraaf, Thermtech AS
Alternate 199463 Management Of Drilling Waste Cuttings In Remote Regions T. Cardozo, J. Zambrano, J. Cortez, Schlumberger Ecuador S.A.; S.E. Dvorak, Schlumberger Limited; F. Carrillo, M. Delgado, Schlumberger Ecuador S.A.
Alternate 199419 Proprietary Digester Design With Bacteria Metabolic Activator Provides Ultimate Solution To Petroleum Waste Bottle Neck Processing

L. Evangelista, BTP GreenZyme EOR; J.J. Chen, LeMar Industries, Inc.
15:30 - 17:00

Thursday, March 19

08:00 - 17:30
08:00 - 17:30
08:30 - 10:00
PL03  HSE Plenary III: Sustainable Oceans Salon N, Third Floor
Moderator(s) Susan I Staley - Shell Global Solutions
Speaker(s) Eduardo Del Valle - Del Valle Mora
Ensuring a healthy, productive and well-governed ocean provides significant opportunities for business and global economic growth. All sectors of society must work together to leverage ocean sustainability, not only to protect the ocean itself, but to ensure people and planet can prosper and thrive. This session will explore the current threats to the oceans, what the oil and gas industry is doing to support and encourage responsible ocean business and what further actions could be taken, by the oil and gas industry, in sustainable ocean business to help meet the challenges?
10:00 - 10:30
10:00 - 16:00
10:30 - 12:00
17  Leadership through Risk Understanding Salon L, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Thomas Knode - Kirby Corporation, Tony Zamora - Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 199424 Famous Barriers Within The Bowtie Levels Analysis: Creating Middle And Senior Management Understanding About The Relative Importance Of Management Activities. Providing Mathematical Methods. T.G. Hudson, Hudson Global Consulting; P.A. Hudson, Consultant
10:30 - 12:00
18  Community Health Salon M, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Ana Gonzalez - Schlumberger, Philip Sharples - United Healthcare International
This session will provide information on initiatives where the energy industry has successfully partnered with various stakeholders, including local communities and government, to address healthcare inaccessibility in remote areas. Several outcomes are discussed including identification of lessons to enable successful program replication and expansion. This session also demonstrates how multi-stakeholder initiatives can improve access to healthcare services for remote communities and identify data to adapt this healthcare provision to better meet their unique requirements.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 199515 Mobile Health Vans To Make Medical Facilities Accessible To Far Flung Rural Communities In Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat & Rajasthan, India S. Marathe, Cairn, Oil & Gas Vertical of Vedanta Limited; A. Rawal, Cairn Oil & Gas Division of Vedanta Ltd
1100-1130 199525 Improvingand Sustaining Health Through Community Partnerships. The Oloibiri Health Programme Experience A.O. Fajola, Regional Community Health, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria; F. Oduneye, Shell Health Africa and Middle East; N. Onuaguluchi, R. Ogbimi, S. Akenge, Shell Petroleum Development Company Of Nigeria; A. Fraser, Royal Dutch/Shell Group
1130-1200 199370 Bringing Healthcare Services To Remote Communities: A Case Study From Latin American M. Pérez, Schlumberger del Ecuador S.A.
Alternate 199410 Africa Heart Beat: Combining Culture And Sports To Create Health Awareness N. Ndem, E.E. Okong, Schlumberger
Alternate 199428 Leveraging Behavior Change Theories In Wellness Program Design Improves Workforce Health J. Davis-Street, Chevron Corporation; A. Johnson, M. Steinberg, Chevron
Alternate 199440 Taking Goal Zero Outside The Fence: Lifestyle And Health Influences On Tanker And Commercial Drivers’ Performance And Road Safety A.O. Fajola, R. Ogbimi, O. Mosuro, Regional Community Health, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria; F. Oduneye, Shell Health Africa and Middle East; A. Oyo-Ita, Department of Community Medicine University of Calabar
10:30 - 12:00
19  Process Safety Salon J, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Taher Patwa - Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling Co, Jose Martin - Occidental de Colombia Inc.
Process safety events continue to present one of the most significant risks in the energy industry. This session will feature innovative efforts, including the use of predictive analytics, across the upstream, midstream, and downstream to mitigate critical threats to process safety.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 199472 Barrier Integrity Management: An Innovative Approach For Managing Process Safety Risks In Oil And Gas Assets D. Luca, L. Scataglini, Eni E&P
1100-1130 199441 Fullstream Approach For Managing Process Safety Risks In Turbomachinery And Process Solutions T. Sookdeo, S. Gradassi, G. Mochi, Baker Hughes
1130-1200 199418 Improved, Cost Efficient Method To Predict Failure Of Piping And Flanges Exposed To Hydrocarbon Process Fires. J.K. Holen, G. Brekke, Equinor ASA
Alternate 199491 Digitalized Colorful Safety Barriers As A Solution To ManageMajor Accident Hazards A. Yousefi, Repsol Exploracion S.A.; M. Faverola Aponte, Repsol
Alternate 199452 Operationalizing Upstream Process Safety For Well Drilling By Adopting An Integrated Risk Assessment Approach B.M. Todd, S.C. Brown, M.M. Reese, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Alternate 199384 Process Safety Indicators In The Oil Industry - API 754 Application M.J. Ribon, Occidental de Colombia, LLC
10:30 - 12:00
20  Making Environmental Impact Mitigation Work Salon P, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Jens Rosendal Valeur - Ramboll Oil & Gas, Jill Cooper - Geosyntec Consultants
The session highlights mitigation hierarchy and net positive impact as innovative approaches to prevent and limit negative impacts on the environment along the project lifecycle. Learn how to identify fit-for-purpose mitigation solutions following a risk-based approach.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 199510 Biodiversity And Sensitive Areas Impact Prevention Along The Project Lifecycle Through The Application Of The Mitigation Hierarchy M. Pelucchi, J. Sali, L. Consalvi, P.M. Pedroni, Eni S.p.A. Upstream and Technical Services
1100-1130 199414 Sagari Project: Towards A Strategy For Sustainable Environmental Management C. Ahumada, F. Gutiérrez, H. Changano, A. Garcia, A. Diaz, R. Zorrilla, S. Vasquez, Repsol Exploración
1130-1200 199382 Lessons Learned In Assessing Underwater Noise Potential Impacts For An Offshore Seismic Survey In Southern Adriatic Sea M. De Stefano, M. Rusmini, ERM Italia S.p.A; T. Benson, HR Wallingford Ltd.; E. Sordini, Eni Montenegro B.V.; M.E. Nucci, Eni S.p.A.; P. Bertolini, ERM Italia S.p.A.
Alternate 199476 Analysis Of Impacts Mitigation Hierarchy’s Implementation On Biodiversity In Linear Projects C. Ahumada, A. Garcia, Repsol Exploración; A. Ordoñez, M. Panta, A. José, N. Sanchez, Walsh
10:30 - 12:00
P05  Integrating Human Rights into Oil and Gas Projects for Transformative Change Salon N, Third Floor
Moderator(s) Carolina Ortega - Noble Energy Inc.
Speaker(s) Cynthia Trigo - Total E&P Bolivia, Luis Fernando De Angulo - Institute for Human Rights and Business, Diana Catherine Abaunza Millares - Colombian Government
For Oil and Gas companies, respecting human and labor rights in the communities where they operate is not only a prevalent stakeholder expectation, but it is also increasingly seen as essential to project success. In the past four decades, companies have developed robust and efficient initiatives aligned with international standards and guidelines. The panel will address important guiding tools, techniques, processes, systems, and reporting mechanisms available to companies that have helped the industry reach new levels of accountability and transparency regarding respect for Human Rights.
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
21  Use of Innovative Technologies to Streamline Environmental Monitoring and Social Responsibility Efforts Salon L, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Kari Ehmling - Esso E&P Guyana Ltd, Alberto Vega - Environmental Resources Mgmt
This session describes the use of remote sensing technologies and tools for the cost effective acquisition, visualization and monitoring of environmental and social data for a diverse cross-section of oil and gas exploration and development projects.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 199451 Innovation And Collaboration In ESIAS: Combining Remote Sensing With Community Validation To Map Guyana's Shoreline K. Nunan, T.A. Roberts, ERM
1400-1430 199402 Is It Possible That Biological Monitoring Can Be More Agile? Exploring The Use Of DNA-based Monitoring Tools In The Biological Monitoring Of A Gas Pipeline Located In The Peruvian Amazon. C. Ahumada, Repsol Exploración; K. Bruce, NatureMetrics Ltd; A. Garcia, Repsol Exploración; C. Tang, NatureMetrics Ltd; M. Santa-Maria, BioAl S.A.C.; R. Zorrilla, Repsol Exploración
1430-1500 199415 Development Of A Webgis Tool For Rapid Screening And Visualisation Of Biodiversity And Sensitive Areas In The Gulf Of Mexico M. Pelucchi, J. Sali, Eni S.p.A. Upstream and Technical Services; A. Cameron, Fauna & Flora International; V. Gerber, C. Mickiewicz, W. Grande, Eni US Operating Co. Inc.; P.M. Pedroni, Eni S.p.A. Upstream and Technical Services
Alternate 199519 Detection And Quantification Of Gas Leakage By Infrared Technology M.A. Manuel, o. okike, P. de Almeida, Total E&P Angola
Alternate 199523 Global Environmental Baseline And Monitoring Survey M.A. Manuel, Total E&P; T. Batalha, J.C. Joao, Total E&P Angola
13:30 - 15:00
22  Health in the Working Environment Salon M, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Jose Fernando Cristancho - Occidental de Colombia Inc., Andry Nowosiwsky - ExxonMobil Oil Corp.
Companies at all times, need a healthy working population through the development of healthy lifestyles, promoting wellness, and preventing work-related diseases. In turn this will enrich and strengthen a healthy culture for an outstanding and productive working environment. Key learnings from successful health programs will be shared during this session.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 199406 From Traditional To Trailblazing: Evolution Of Occupational Health At Shell K. Sexton, Shell Oil Company; F.A. Bhojani, Shell Oil Co.
1400-1430 199411 The Health Of The Aging Workforce Does Not Adversely Affect Workforce Medical Provision A. Rowe, UnitedHealthcare Global
1430-1500 199469 Addressing Bias And Mindfulness To Decrease Human Error J. Davis-Street, C. Stevens, J. Kendrick, Chevron Corporation; K. Boyers, Chevron Pascagoula Refinery; H. Erickson, Chevron Technology Co
Alternate 199464 Implementing Solutions: Preparing The Individual And Organization For When The Worst-case Scenario Is Actualized. S. Levy, Chevron; J. Davis-street, Chevron Corporation; B. Walker, Chevron
Alternate 199477 The Oil And Gas Workforce And Noncommunicable Diseases: Expploring The Link Bewteen Health Policy, Risk Factors And Country Of Deployment R. Rodriguez-Fernandez, N. Marashi, International SOS
Alternate 199409 An Organizational Global Culture Of Health And Wellness Enhances A Resilience/Sustainability Agenda R.L. Quigley, International SOS
13:30 - 15:00
23  Industry Learning and Standardization Salon J, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Peter Hudson - Consultant
Shared industry data, along with the learnings that are extracted, provide a more comprehensive picture of risk and safety in the industry than any individual company can see on its own. This session will feature compiled industry safety data, an impactful update of critical industry standards, and an industry-wide look at safety trends in the Latin America and Caribbean region.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 199393 Process Safety - Learning From Upstream Event Data K. Walker, Schlumberger Limited; D. Fargie, BP Exploration Company Limited; P. Grant, Hess Corporation; M. Carvalho, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers; S. Bugg, Woodside Energy; C. Wilson, Shell
1400-1430 199478 Upstream Industry Collaboration Delivers Refreshed Life-Saving Rules K. Walker, Schlumberger Limited; M. Carvalho, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers; O. Adeogun, Husky Energy; K.O. Pedersen, Equinor ASA
1430-1500 199526 Safety Trends In The Oil And Gas Industry In Latin America And The Caribbean P. Ferragut, ARPEL
Alternate 199426 Empowering The Workforce Through Life Saving Rules G. Lawrie, OMV Exploration & Production GmbH; A. Zartl-Klik, OMV GmbH
Alternate 199378 Defining Safety Competency For SPE Members T. Zamora, Consultant
Alternate 199494 Learning From Events:6 Fatalities, Whatelse On Human Factor G.A. SHITTU, Total
13:30 - 15:00
24  Lifecycle Impact Assessments Salon P, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Jill Cooper - Geosyntec Consultants, Stephanie Dvorak - Schlumberger Limited
Various useful methods for ensuring that environmental impact assessments are carried out efficiently and cost effectively, for the entire project lifecycle, are presented. These include a best practice document for use of remote sensing technology for environmental monitoring, integrated HSE-assessment of various drill cuttings management philosophies, and a completely updated IOGP/IPIECA/UN Environment guideline on Environmental Management Best Practices in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 199408 The Application Of Remote Sensing For Environmental Monitoring Throughout The Asset Life Cycle: The IOGP Good Practice Guide G.J. Brown, IOGP; D. Palandro, ExxonMobil; A. Steffke, Chevron; K. Partington, Geocento
1400-1430 199403 Convergence Of The Monitoring And Modelization Of Environmental Impacts Of Drill Cuttings Discharge At Sea, And Comparison To Other Management Options. A. Puiseux, A. Guillou, Modis; A. Lemaire, Solinnen; T. Merzi, Total
1430-1500 199456 Environmental Management In The Oil And Gas Industry: A Guide To Environmental Management Best Practices In The Upstream Oil & Gas Industry - Second Edition G.J. Brown, IOGP; I. Sealy, Schlumberger; A. Kostareli, IPIECA
Alternate 199482 An Innovative Environmental And Social Geographic Information System Application For Mature Oilfields M. Garcia Riojas, C. Ortiz Leon, Schlumberger
Alternate 199461 Ahead Of The Curve Planning For Offshore Asset Retirement I.M. Mcnicoll, Environmental Resources Mgmt; P.F. Rezende, ERM Brasil
14:00 - 15:30
P06  The Impact of Local Content Policies on Oil and Gas Projects Salon N, Third Floor
Moderator(s) Ileana Ferber - Exxon Mobil Corporation
Speaker(s) Silvana Tordo - World Bank, Dorival Bettencourt - DAI, Treacy Anne Roberts, Monica Ospina - O Trade
Local Content policies can have a significant impact on O&G projects. They can determine the extent to which Operators are able to contribute to the economic development of host countries. Local Content has evolved over time, not only from the governments’ perspective, but also from the IOCs’ approach. Hence, the importance of advocating for realistic and sound policies, as well as and promoting regulations that encourage investment. Lessons learned in countries like Nigeria, Angola, Brazil and Mexico have served as evidence that prescriptive and burdensome legislations around Local Content deters investment, slows economic development, increases the risk of corruption and does not add value to O&G projects. This panel will focus in on the importance of advocating for realistic and sound policies, as well as and promoting regulations that encourage investment.
15:00 - 15:30
15:30 - 17:00
25  Role of the Oil and Gas Industry in its Contributions to the SDGs and Human Rights Salon L, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Krish Ravishankar - Occidental Petroleum, Katherine Gilbert - Exxon Mobil Corporation
The oil and gas industry is central to the global economy and many national economies. It is also central to sustainable development. This session explores the extensive synergies between the Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights standards and the extensive efforts the industry is taking to avoid causing or contributing, directly or indirectly, to adverse impacts on people, the environment and society and fulfil the ambition of ‘Agenda 2030’.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199512 Company And Supply Chain Labour Rights Guidance - Engaging Workforces And Working Collaboratively H. Murphy, R. Collacott, E. Edwards, IPIECA
1600-1630 199404 A Framework For Colombia’s Implementation Of United Nations Guiding Principles On Business And Human Rights D.L. Vasquez, J.C. Ucros, Occidental de Colombia, LLC
1630-1700 199383 Drones, Stakeholders And Social Acceptance - An Emerging Issue J. Wagner, Plexus Energy
Alternate 199391 Advancing Country SDG Impacts R. Collacott, S. Depraz, IPIECA
15:30 - 17:00
26  Operational and Project Risk Salon M, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Tony Zamora - Consultant, John Karish - GtZ Consulting
From examples of risk mitigation on specific operations to the much wider view required to manage risk in a major project, this session shares success stories and challenges from across the industry. Whether you're looking to reduce risk on a billion dollar project or during mechanical lifting operations, this session will be a benefit.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199401 Risk Space - Understanding The Complexity Of Operational Risk. T.G. Hudson, Hudson Global Consulting; P.T. Hudson, Delft University of Technology
1600-1630 199481 A Risk-based Approach To Mechanical Lifting B.L. McBeath, Schlumberger Offshore Svcs; K. Walker, Schlumberger Limited; A. Pert, Schlumberger Offshore Svcs
1630-1700 199379 Development Of Emergency Response Plans For External Investment On Mexican Off-shore Projects, In Gulf Of Mexico J.L. Monroy, ERM Mexico; Y.E. Saud, R. Lopez, Environmental Resources Mgmt
Alternate 199462 Active Injury Prevention Campaign: A Case Study In Workforce Safety Engagement B.L. McBeath, H. Scott, Schlumberger
Alternate 199385 Bringing Safety To The Field: Safety Engineers And Geologists Working Together In Outcrops J.E. Franca, Petrobras -Petroleo Brasileiro; H. Zerfass, M. Silveira, Petrobras
Alternate 199468 Risk Assessment Into The Lifecycle Of An Unconventional Oil And Gas Well A.J. Hernandez, E.S. Torres Gutierrez, Universidad de Los Andes
15:30 - 17:00
27  Human Performance and Human Factors Salon J, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Philip Grossweiler - M&H Energy Services, Andrew Dingee - The Frontline Group
From mindfulness, to human-focused engineering, to looking at actual return on investment of such efforts; human performance and human factors are a safety hot topic in the energy industry. This discussion will feature examples from several companies, and is sure to provide participants with ideas they can take back to their own organizations.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199521 Human Performance Improvement: Examining The Mediating Effect Of Workers' Engagement On The Relationship Between Mindfulness And Safety Outcomes. K. Nnadede, Total Nigeria PHC
1600-1630 199396 Applying Behavior Engineering To Procedural Adherence J.C. Lopez, J. Jeffries, L. Martinez, J. Gonzalez, K.O. Pazmino, W.J. Capote Mendoza, L.D. Claros, G. Miranda, J.C. Condor, Schlumberger; M. Alavosius, R. Houmanfar, University of Nevada
1630-1700 199439 Return On Investment (ROI) Model For Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Investment Justification C. Go, PETRONAS (Kuala Lumpur)
Alternate 199457 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Making Human Factors Part Of “How We Do Things Around Here”: Hf Integration

M. Nazaruk, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
15:30 - 17:00
28  Our Industry's Journey in Measuring Methane Emissions and Where We're Going From Here Salon P, Third Floor
Session Chairpersons Stephanie Dvorak - Schlumberger Limited, Dina Kuykendall - Baker Hughes, a GE company
Reviewing the industry's history of methane emissions monitoring, throughout the world, and by including methodologies for both point and fugitive sources, this sessions demonstrates how we can do our part in reducing future emissions to help with the global warming crisis.
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 199438 Methane Emissions In Upstream Operations: Narrowing Gaps And Tightening Boundaries G.J. Brown, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers; A. Tegami, Eni; B. Poot, TOTAL; E. Bryant, BP; S. Ananthakrishna, Chevron; W. Hardeveld, MACH 10; T.K. Stranden, Equinor; A. Convery, Woodside
1600-1630 199488 Lessons Learned From 10 Years Of CO2 Reduction Efforts And Reporting D.C. Kuykendall, J. Sun, Baker Hughes, a GE company
1630-1700 199520 Mapping Methane Initiatives To Identify Gaps And Develop New Understandings J. Herbertson, IPIECA; M. Sathiamoorthy, BP; L. Perez, P. Grainger, IPIECA
Alternate 199484 Baker Hughes' Carbon Footprint Reduction Journey J. Sun, D.C. Kuykendall, C. Brecher, W. Leong, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Alternate 199433 Methodology For Energy Consume Optimization With A High GHG Reduction Emissions, Application In The Largest Colombian Oil Field J.A. Sáchica, J. Lopez, J. Diaz, I. Nieto, Ecopetrol S.A.; C. Sáchica, Universidad Industrial de Santander
Alternate 199453 Quick Screening For Co2-eor As Ccus Technology: A Case Study In RecôNcavo Basin

S.G. Coelho, Federal University of Bahia (UFBa); A. Almeida, UNIFACS - Universidade Salvador; R. Lima, G. Camara, Federal University of Bahia (UFBa); P. Rocha, Queiroz Galvao; J. Andrade, Federal University of Bahia (UFBa)
15:30 - 17:00
17:00 - 17:30
SE03  HSE and Sustainability Closing Session Salon N, Third Floor
Moderator(s) Johana Dunlop - Blue Walrus Sustainability Strategies