SPE Virtual International Conference and Exhibition on Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability 27 - 31 Jul 2020 Virtual Conference and Exhibition [COT; UTC-5]
  • Host Organizations EcoPetrol
  • Hocol

Thank You Message

We gathered on 27–31 July to share knowledge, to tap into the latest thinking and practices, and to meet with each other.  And although it was virtually, we were still able to meet and draw upon the social capital that we have built up over many years of working together to further the collective progress of the oil and gas industry.

You were 463 attendees and that’s really a phenomenal figure for a first virtual international conference during such uncertain and belt tightened times.     

I would like to repeat something that I said in my opening remarks during the conference: The HSE and Sustainability practitioners thought lead, pick up the weak signals, and start developing practices long before they are adopted at scale.  You are change agents, you have for many years been awakening the conscience of business to help save the world often under highly stressful and discouraging conditions. 

But now is YOUR time – your value to business has never been clearer than during this pandemic, your skills, talents and ambitions never more apparent.  Indeed, your function is becoming one of the most attractive functions to join.   



Carlos Sarmiento
General Chairperson