The SPE Conference at Oman Petroleum & Energy Show 14 - 16 Sep 2020 Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre Muscat, Oman

2020 OPES Awards

The SPE Conference at Oman Petroleum & Energy Show (OPES) aims to encompass a very rich technical programme featuring industrial leaders, with the 2020 OPES Awards, enforcing OPES’s focus on industrial applications, technology and project implementations, and bridging the concept-practice gaps.

The awards are to recognise the advancements made, the achievements attained, and the excellence in major industrial fronts. The expected high number of submissions for the awards will certainly enhance the knowledge and experience sharing in the industry that are as valuable as the presented high-quality papers and the distinguished and expert panels.

The prestigious 2020 OPES Awards will offer a platform to outline the levels of advancements and progress achieved, painting a view of where the industry is heading.

The 2020 OPES Awards programme includes six prestigious award categories, each having one winner, and one finalist: 

  Award Covering One or More Of The Following Elements 


Innovation and Technology Award

Innovations, R&D Results, Breakthrough Technologies


Transformation and Organisation Performance Award  Lean Implementation, New Ways of Working, Digitalisation,  Game Changer, and Industrial Collaborations


In-Country Value Award In-Country Value (ICV),  Local Community Development and Social Contributions


Health, Safety and Environment Award Outstanding Health and Safety Performance, Minimised Impact to Environment and Renewable Energy Projects 


Human Capital Development Award

Talent and professional development (SME Development), Young Professional Development,  Building Capabilities, Support for New Academic Programs, and Realising Diversity and Inclusiveness

6 Project Delivery Award

Major Project Delivery and, Project Management

Each submission is ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Elements (20%): Contains one or more of  topics in the relevant category, level of complexity and difficulty
  • Impact (30%): Proven solution with quantifiable impact, magnitude of the impact (i.e. Profitability, Efficiency, HSE, ICV, etc.)  and sustainability of impact
  • Novelty (20%): Level of novelty, genuineness and authenticity of the solution, methods, approach or project
  • Industrial Potential (30%): Applicability to the wider industry, scale-ability and replicability


The following submissions have been shortlisted by the Awards Committee as finalists (in alphabetical order):

1. Innovation and Technology Award

  • Amwaj Fracturing service by Halliburton, Oman
  • JetSweep Technology for sand cleanout in Oil wells by NAFUN International, Oman


2. Transformation and Organisation Performance Award

  • Corrosion Management Solution by Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
  • PDO Energy Efficiency Transformation by PDO, Oman


3. In-Country Value Award

  • Boosting Local Manufacturing by PDO, Oman
  • SME and Human Capability Development by BP, Oman


4. Health, Safety and Environment Award

  • Minimizing Environmental Emissions Through Gas Compression Swing Lines and Flare Gas Recovery Projects At Khurais by Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
  • Safety Leadership for Frontline Supervisors Academy (FLS) by PDO, Oman


5. Human Capital Development Award

  • Community Scholarship Program (CSP) and Tawteen program by PDO, Oman
  • Takatuf Petrofac Oman by Petrofac, Oman


6. Project Delivery Award

  • Rabab Harweel Integrated Project (RHIP) by PDO, Oman
  • Tayseer Project by PDO, Oman


The winner in each category will be announced at the OPES Opening Ceremony at 0830-0915 hours on Monday, 9 March 2020. Each Award Winner will get the opportunity to share more about their winning submission in a short presentation at the OPES Awards Showcase Session at 1130-1230 hours  on Monday, 9 March 2020.