Message from the Co-Chairs 

Dear Colleague, 

Historically, the oil and gas industry has experienced many drastic up and downs, but this year we realised that we are living in an era when old methods cannot cope with new challenges and they are not able to maintain the further dynamic development of the sector. Even taking into consideration all the risks and difficulties of innovations implementation, it is obvious that the oil and gas industry is in dire need of advanced breakthrough technologies. This is the only tool to stay the course and to bring production efficiency to a qualitatively new level.

Despite the extremely uncertain environment, we consider the current situation not as a barrier, but as an incentive for further development and an opportunity to search for new methods and discoveries. We can surmount these obstacles only if we remain united, continue our cooperation and share our experience, focusing on joining our efforts in the innovative technologies development and implementation.

Therefore, events such as the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference are so important. According to the international oil and gas community, this conference remains one of the most respectable SPE events in Russia. This event gives each delegate a platform to discuss the latest developments in the industry, share real experience in technology implementation in a noncommercial and noncompetitive environment . This year the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference for the first time will be held in virtual format, 26 – 29 October 2020.

Detailed information about the conference programme is available on the web-site and within conference preview brochure.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2020 conference!


Alexey Pustovskikh
Gazpromneft STC


Mikhail Samoylov
RN - Peer Review and Technical Development Center


Alexey Sobolev