SPE Western Regional Meeting 27 Apr - 1 May 2020 Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center Bakersfield, California, USA


Tuesday, April 28

10:00 - 10:50
01  Petroleum Engineering Education Salon A
Session Chairpersons Jalal S. Torabzadeh - California State University
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 200819 Directions For The Future Of Petroleum Engineering And Geoscience Graduates

I. Ershaghi, University of Southern California; D.L. Paul, Unversity of Southern California
1025-1050 200771 Future Need Of Petroleum Engineering M.M. Kamal, Genestar
10:00 - 11:40
02  Unconventionals #1 East Portico
Session Chairpersons Shirish L Patil - King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Mun-Hong Hui - Chevron ETC
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 200852 Multiscale Imaging Of Core Flooding Experiments During Transport Of Reactive Fluids In Fractured Unconventional Shales A.S. GUNDOGAR, Stanford University; SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; C.M. Ross, Stanford University; Q. Li, A.D. Jew, Stanford University; SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; J. Bargar, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; A.R. Kovscek, Stanford University
1025-1050 200851 Sequencing Hydraulic Fractures To Optimize Production For Stacked Well Development In Delaware Basin A. Damani, R. Malpani, Schlumberger Technology Corporation
1050-1115 200832 Multi-fidelity Geomechanical Modeling Of Hydraulic Fractures K.K. Venepalli, J.C. Erdle, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.; T. Thaker, CMG Petroleum Consulting Ltd; K. Patel, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
1115-1140 200868 Experimental Investigation Of Heavy Oil Emulsion Stability: The Effect Of Various Physicochemical Parameters N. Saravanan, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Y. Zhang, University of Alaska - Fairbanks; H. Chang, University of Alaska Fairbanks; A.Y. Dandekar, University of Alaska - Fairbanks; S.L. Patil, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Alternate 200875 Shut-in Effect In Removing Water Blockage In Shale-oil Reservoirs With Stress-dependent Permeability Considered N. Wijaya, J.J. Sheng, Texas Tech University
Declined 200847 Two-phase Flow Of Water-oil Mixture In Shale Clay-hosted Nanopore H. Xiong, D. Devegowda, L. Huang, University of Oklahoma
Alternate 200795 Investigation Of Compatibility Of Working Fluids And Its Influence On Shale Permeability J. Bai, Y. Kang, M. Chen, Southwest petroleum university; Z. Chen, University of Calgary; L. You, Southwest Petroleum University
10:00 - 11:40
03  New Technologies Salon B
Session Chairpersons Joseph McFarland Eller - Holmes Western Oil Corp, Mohammad Javaheri - Chevron Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 200839 Lost Hills Solar PV Project: Powering An Oil And Gas Field With California Sunshine D. Hernandez, Chevron; T. Demayo, Chevron North America E&P
1025-1050 200837 The First Application Of A Novel Reservoir Simulation Technology Comprising Radial Drilling And Hydraulic Fracturing In The Niobrara Shale D.I. Potapenko, P. Kibsgaard-Petersen, Schlumberger; T. Hart, Fremont Petroleum Corporation Ltd; R.J. Utter, Schlumberger; H. Jelsma, Radial Srilling Services, Inc.; S. Ayala, G.A. Waters, R. Lewis, Schlumberger; G.T. Goudy, Fremont Petroleum Corporation, Ltd.; J.E. Brown, Schlumberger
1050-1115 200836 Application Of Slurry Injection Technology In Biowaste Management - A New Discipline In Earning Carbon Credits In United States Y.J. Panchal, Advantek Waste Management Services LLC; A.S. Abou-Sayed, Advantek International Corp.; I.M. Mohamed, Advantek Waste Management Services LLC
1115-1140 200880 Can We Generate Stable Pickering Emulsions Activating Naturally Occurring Nanoparticles In The Reservoir For Cost Effective Heavy-oil Recovery? Z. WANG, T. Babadagli, N. MAEDA, University of Alberta
Alternate 200811 Hydration Products And Strength Investigation Of Nanofiber Additives In Cement Wellbore Environments P. McElroy, Texas Tech University
Alternate 200768 Characterization Of Gas Migration And Fluid Loss In Smart Cement Using Resistivity C. Vipulanandan, G. Panda, A. Aldughather, G.K. Wong, University of Houston
Alternate 200845 Stimulation Of Gas Producers Damaged By Barite. Part 1: Lab Studies I. Ivanishin, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University; D. Solnyshkin, A. Klyubin, Burisma Group
13:30 - 17:00
05  Unconventionals #2 East Portico
Session Chairpersons Birendra Jha - University of Southern California, Michael Scott Harr - Chevron ETC
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 200879 A Stochastic Method In Investigating Basin-wide Underlying Distribution Functions Of Decline Rate Behavior For Unconventional Resources C. Ashayeri, D.L. Paul, University of Southern California
1355-1420 200788 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Modeling and Simulation Approach to History Matching and Forecasting Shale Wells - An Eagle Ford Case Study U. Aslam, R.M. Bordas, Emerson Automation Solutions
1420-1445 200773 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Will Carbon Dioxide Injection In Shale Reservoirs Produce From The Shale Matrix, Natural Fractures, Or Hydraulic Fractures? S.M. Fakher, A.H. Imqam, Missouri University of Science & Tech
1445-1510 200805 A Practical Gas Apparent Permeability Model: Multi-scale Simulations Of Rarefied Gas Flow In Matrix D. Chai, X. Li, University of Kansas
1545-1610 200767 Effective Correlation Of Stress And Thermal Effects On Capillary Pressure And Relative Permeability Of Naturally-fractured Reservoir Formations Involving Stress Shock And Loading/unloading Hysteresis F. Civan, University of Oklahoma
1610-1610 200813 Ultra-low IFT Or Wettability Alteration: What Is More Important For Tight Carbonate Recovery Z. Zhang, M. Azad, J.J. Trivedi, University of Alberta
1635-1700 200873 Improved Fluids Characterization Model During Gas Huff-n-puff EOR Processes In Unconventional Reservoirs G. Yang, X. Li, University of Kansas
Alternate 200877 EvaluationOf Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment With Microseismic Data Analysis In A Marcellus Shale Horizontal Well M. El Sgher, K. Aminian, S. Ameri, West Virginia University
Alternate 200823 An Experimental Study To Investigate The Effect Of Cold Gas Flow On Permeability Of Wolfcamp M. Ramezanian, S. Emadibaladehi, Texas Tech University
Alternate 200809 Creating Value For The High-saline Bakken Produced Water By Optimizing Its Viscoelastic Properties And Proppant Carrying Tendency With High-viscosity Friction Reducers O.S. Tomomewo, Institute for Energy Studies University of North Dakota; M.D. Mann, Institute for Energy Studies,University of North Dakota; A.M. ELLAFI, Petroleum Engineering Department University of North Dakota; M. Ba Geri, Missouri University of Science & Tech; O. Kolawole, I. Ispas, Texas Tech University; M. Alamooti, C. Onwumelu, Harold Hamm School of Geological Engineering,University of North Dakota
13:30 - 17:00
06  Digital Oilfield Salon B
Session Chairpersons Andrei Sergiu Popa - Chevron Corporation, John K Stevenson - Chevron Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 200764 Privacy-focused Blockchain Solution For Production Royalty Management V. Lakhanpal, Proline Energy Resources; R. Samuel, Halliburton
1355-1420 200858 Security Implications Of IIoT Architectures For Oil & Gas Operations B. Hou, D.L. Paul, University of Southern California
1420-1445 200884 Surrogate Prediction And Optimization Of ICV Flow Performance In Multilateral Wells Using Machine Learning M.J. Aljubran, R.N. Horne, Stanford University
1445-1510 200781 Management & Information Data Science Use Case For Brownfield Optimization - A Case Study
M.K. Lal, T.H. Kim, D.M. Singleton, Chevron North America E&P
1545-1610 200870 Deep Learning For Downhole Data Prediction: A Cost-Effective High-speed Data Telemetry B. Thakur, University of Houston; R. Samuel, Halliburton
1610-1635 200817 Automated Automatic Foam Lift System<:> An Adaptive Machine Learning Based Approach A.I. Otulana, University of Houston; V. Lakhanpal, P.O. Oyewole, Proline Energy Resources
1635-1700 200833 Data-Driven Techniques To Determine Screening Criteria For Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods N. Vishnumolakala, Texas A&M University; N. Gupta, Hess Corporation
Alternate 200796 Pulsed Radiowave Technique To Remotely Measure Subsurface Temperature Without Drilling G. Stove, Adrok
Alternate 200779 Prediction Of Fracture Gradient Using Artificial Intelligence: Neural Networks Approach H. Alkinani, S. Dunn-Norman, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Alternate 200846 Novel Application To Recognize A Breakdown Pressure Event On Time Series Frac Data Vs. An Artificial Intelligence Approach A.J. Ramirez, J.G. Iriarte Lopez, WellData Labs
13:55 - 17:00
04  Heavy Oil Salon A
Session Chairpersons Abhijit Yeshwant Dandekar - University of Alaska - Fairbanks, Mason M Medizade - California Polytechnic State University
Time Paper # Presentation
1355-1420 200778 A Procedure For Detecting Thermal Responses In Producers Outside Of Steamflooded Areas Based On Predicting Thermal Specific Response Signals A. Khan, M. Murugesu, Z. Yang, Aera Energy LLC
1420-1445 200850 Revolutionary Products And Materials From Heavy Oil That Producers, Investors, Consumers And Regulators Should Know About R. Elias, Santa Maria Energy, LLC; M.M. Medizade, S. Zhang, California Polytechnic State University; S.R. Elias, Agency 2.0
1445-1510 200853 Data-driven Prediction Of Heavy Oil Combustion Kinetics Using Machine Learning T. Anderson, Y. Li, A.R. Kovscek, Stanford University
1545-1610 200776 Tailor-made Workflow To Understand And Forecast H2S Production Risks In Thermal Projects S.V. Ayache, P. Michel, C. Preux, IFP Energies Nouvelles; V. Lamoureux-Var, IFPEN
1610-1635 200874 Ignition Forecasts Of In Situ Combustion Incorporating Chemical Kinetics And Uncertainty Quantification
Y. Li, T. Anderson, A.R. Kovscek, Stanford University
1635-1700 200857 A Novel Hybrid Solvent-based Complex Fluid For Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery A. Telmadarreie, C. Johnsen, S.L. Bryant, University of Calgary
Alternate 200867 An Experimental Study Of Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Using A Large-Scale Physical Model K. Sheng, R. Okuno, The University of Texas At Austin; M. Imran, Saskatchewan Research Council; T. Yamada, Japan Canada Oil Sands Ltd.
Alternate 200855 Definition Of Qualification Procedure And Acceptance Criteria Requirements For Steam Cups In Vertical Cyclic Steam Stimulation And Steam Flood Applications D.A. Hardie, Rubberatkins Ltd.
Declined 200816 Performance Evaluation Of Long-horizontal-well Expanding-solvent Sagd: A Wellbore/chamber Coupling Approach H. Xiong, University of Oklahoma; H. Liu, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; D. Devegowda, University of Oklahoma
15:10 - 15:45

Wednesday, April 29

09:45 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:50
07  Regulatory and Fracture Gradient Compliance Salon A
Session Chairpersons James Schloss - E&B Natural Resources Management Corp, C Lwanga Yonke - Aera Energy LLC
Time Paper # Presentation
Declined 200820 Prospering In A Carbon Constrained World T. Demayo, Chevron North America E&P; S.G. Szymanski, Chevron Corporation
1025-1050 200878 Behavior Of Unconsolidated Rocks In California Waterfloods Under High Pressure Gradients Y. Li, I. Ershaghi, University of Southern California
10:00 - 12:00
08  Reservoir Modeling East Portico
Session Chairpersons Iraj Ershaghi - University of Southern California, Donald Lee Paul
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 200794 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reduced-order Modeling In A General Reservoir Simulation Setting H. Tang, O. Volkov, H.A. Tchelepi, L.J. Durlofsky, Stanford University
1025-1050 200775 Unconventional Optimized Development Strategy Workflow S. Morsy, M. Menconi, A. Tan, Chevron; D.P. Fruge, Chevron Corporation; B. Liang, Chevron N America Upstream
1050-1115 200801 Numerical Investigation Of Proppant Transport And Placement Along Opened Bedding Interfaces J. Xie, Petrochina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company; J. Tang, S. Sun, Harvard University; Y. Li, Northeast Petroleum University
1115-1140 200840 Modeling Of Injection-induced Particle Movement Leading To The Development Of Thief Zones Q. Qi, I. Ershaghi, University of Southern California
Alternate 200808 Production & Operations Polymer Water Shut-off Design And Efficiency Evaluation Based On Experimental Studies
A. Alazmi, Kuwait Oil Company; T. Al-Yaqout, koc; W.J. Al Aziz, A. Nour, Kuwait Oil Company; h. Behbehani, koc
Alternate 200887 Investigating The Performance Of Complex Fracture Systems Compared To Simple Fracture Systems Using Rta And Pta Techniques. A.F. Ibrahim, M.H. Ibrahim, Apache Corp.
10:00 - 12:00
09  Reservoir Characterization #1 Salon B
Session Chairpersons Samiha Morsy - Chevron ETC, James Schloss - E&B Natural Resources Management Corp
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1025 200772 Fast History Matching And Optimization Using A Novel Physics-based Data-driven Model: An Application To A Diatomite Reservoir In The San Joaquin Valley Z. Wang, J. He, Chevron ETC; W.J. Milliken, Chevron Corporation; X. Wen, Chevron ETC
1025-1050 200882 State Of The Art In Characterization Of Frac Stage Geometry And Conductivity Using Post-fracture Pressure Leakoff M.I. Mohamed, E. Ozkan, Colorado School of Mines; M.H. Ibrahim, Apache Corp.
1050-1115 200810 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Data Integration Process From Oil Characterization And PVT Modeling To Reservoir Simulation For The East Cat Canyon Heavy Oil Field In California G.J. Moog, T. O’Sullivan, Aera Energy LLC; O. Castellanos Diaz, M. Verlaan, Shell
1115-1140 200865 Integrated PI Degradation Modeling (IPDM) Y. Zhang, Chevron Corporation
Alternate 200827 Experimental Study And Numerical Modeling Of Seawater Breakthrough Using Inherent Boron As Tracer Y. Wang, X. Li, J. Lu, University of Tulsa
Alternate 200789 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical Evaluation
Of The Impact Of Steam Quality On Steam Flood Performance In Kuwait Heavy Oil
Y. Alali, Kuwait Oil Company; M. Verlaan, Shell; A.A. Al-Rabah, Kuwait Oil Company
Alternate 200804 A Zeta Potentiometric Study On Effects Of Ionic Composition And Rock-saturation On Surface-charge Interactions In Low-salinity Water Flooding For Carbonate Formation P.H. Gopani, N. Singh, H.K. Sarma, University of Calgary; P.S. Mattey, D.S. Negi, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.
13:30 - 17:00
11  EOR East Portico
Session Chairpersons Anthony Robert Kovscek - Stanford University, Emad Walid Al-Shalabi - Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 200843 Experimental Investigation Of Hybrid Techniques For Enhancing Alaska North Slope Viscous Oil Recovery Y. Cheng, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Y. Zhang, A.Y. Dandekar, University of Alaska - Fairbanks; H.E. Ivuawuogu, University of Alaska Fairbanks
1355-1420 200841 Tertiary Recovery Improvement Of Steam Injection Using Chemical Additives: Pore Scale Understanding Of Challenges And Solutions Through Visual Experiments R.A. Pratama, T. Babadagli, University of Alberta
1420-1445 200883 Adsorption Of Anionic Surfactants In Sandstones: Impact Of Sacrificial Agents G.B. Koparal, University of Texas at Austin; H. Sharma, The University of Texas at Austin; P.J. Liyanage, University of Texas at Austin; K.K. Panthi, K.K. Mohanty, The University of Texas At Austin
1445-1510 200859 Investigation Of The Efficiency Of Polymer-coated Silica Nanoparticles For Oil Recovery With Minimizing The Pore Structure Effect M. Omran, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; O. Torsaeter, Norwegian University of Science & Technology
1545-1610 200784 Chemical EOR In Low Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs: Impact Of Clay Content On The Transport Of Polymer And Surfactant I. Guetni, C. Marliere, D. Rousseau, IFP Energies nouvelles
1610-1635 200848 Study Of The Dynamics Of Flow In Low-tension Gas Flooding M. Mehrabi, University of Texas at Austin; K. Sepehrnoori, The University of Texas At Austin; M. Delshad, Ultimate EOR Services
1635-1700 200770 Experimental Evaluation Of Carbon Quantum Dots Stabilized Foam For Enhanced Oil Recovery S. Sakthivel, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; M.Y. Kanj, Saudi Aramco PE&D
Alternate 200838 A Nanoscale Approach To Quantifying Wettability Alteration For Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods D.A. Afekare, J. Garno, D.N. Rao, Louisiana State University
Alternate 200856 Synergistic Surfactant Blends For Wettability Alteration In Wolfcamp And Eagle Ford Shale For Improved Oil Recovery R. Singh, J. Miller, Oil & Gas Innovation Center, Pilot Chemical Company
Alternate 200829 Geochemical Modeling On Effect Of Active Species, Ca2+, Mg2+and SO2-4On The Carbonate Rock Surface, In Connection To Wettability Alteration Of The Rock M.I. Mohamed, Colorado School of Mines; V. Alvarado, University of Wyoming
13:30 - 17:00
12  Reservoir Characterization #2 Salon B
Session Chairpersons Suzanne Griston-Castrup - Integrated Sciences Group, Jalal S. Torabzadeh - California State University
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 200864 Presentation Of Oil And Gas Spatio-temporal Big Data Visualization Techniques As Tools To Aid In Dynamic Spatio-temporal Models M.E. Wigwe, M.C. Watson, Texas Tech University
1355-1420 200790 Errors Associated With The Application Of The G-function Plot For Analyzing Fall-off Tests In Water Injection Wells J. Wu, I. Ershhaghi, University of Southern California
1420-1445 200834 Modeling Non-uniform Etching Induced By Acid Viscous Fingering In Acid Fracturing Treatments R. Dong, M.F. Wheeler, The University of Texas At Austin
1445-1510 200824 Reservoir Description & Dynamics What Are The Dominant Flow Regimes During Carbon Dioxide Propagation In Shale Reservoirs’ Matrix, Natural Fractures And Hydraulic Fractures? S.M. Fakher, Missouri University of Science & Tech
1545-1610 200885 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Transient Diagnosis Of Fines Migration Incorporating Geomechanics Principles Y. Pan, T.S. Manley, Y. Li, O.A. Karazincir, Chevron ETC; F. Descant, Chevron
1610-1635 200812 Parameters Estimation For Chemical Flooding Modeling Using Ensemble-based Method X. Wang, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Y. Zhang, A.Y. Dandekar, University of Alaska - Fairbanks; Y. Wang, China University of Petroleum East China
1635-1700 200799 Stratigraphic Measures Of Reservoir Connectivity And Heterogeneity In Heavy Oil Fields S.D. Connell, Chevron North America E&P; F.J. Laugier, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Alternate 200861 Implementation Of Soaking Process To Remove Fracture Face Skin And Water Blockage In Shale Gas Wells. A.F. Ibrahim, M.H. Ibrahim, Apache Corp.
Alternate 200798 Can The Biot-willis Poroelastic Effective Stress Coefficient Be Determined Accurately For Different Rock Properties? F. Civan, University of Oklahoma
Alternate 200765 Near-surface Monitoring Of Transient High Gamma Ray: A New Tool For Predicting And Preventing Steam- And Oil-to-surface T.P. O'Sullivan, Vapor Condensation Technologies LLC
13:55 - 17:00
10  Case Histories Salon A
Session Chairpersons Orkhan Hamid Pashayev - California Resources Corporation, Richin Chhajlani - Chevron Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
1355-1420 200814 First Ever Polymer Flood Field Pilot To Enhance The Recovery Of Heavy Oils On Alaska’S North Slope - Pushing Ahead One Year Later A.Y. Dandekar, University of Alaska - Fairbanks; B. Bai, Missouri University of Science & Tech; J.A. Barnes, Hilcorp Alaska LLC; D.P. Cercone, J. Ciferno, NETL; R. Edwards, Hilcorp Alaska LLC; S.X. Ning, Reservoir Experts LLC; W. Schulpen, Hilcorp Alaska LLC; R.S. Seright, New Mexico Inst-Mining & Tech; B. Sheets, University of Alaska Fairbanks; D. Wang, University of North Dakota; Y. Zhang, University of Alaska - Fairbanks
1420-1445 200831 A Practical Design Approach For Gel Strength And Gel Volume Of Profile Control Gel Treatments M. Aldhaheri, Missan Oil Company; N. Zhang, M. Wei, B. Bai, Missouri University of Science and Technology
1445-1510 200803 Successful In The Lab, Not As Effective In The Field? Uncertainties In The Field Observations Of Low Salinity Water Flooding In Sandstone And Carbonate Reservoirs- A Critical Analysis N. Singh, H.K. Sarma, University of Calgary
1545-1610 200815 Reservoir Description & Dynamics History Of Developing Water Impacted Reserves In The Mature Kern River Field
W.Y. Guo, Chevron N America Upstream; H.A. Hay, Chevron Gas & Midstream; S.W. Rivas, Chevron North American EP
1610-1635 200777 Quantifying Incremental Well Value In Multi-constraint Processing Conditions K. McElhaney, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.; C.R. Rupert, BP
1635-1700 200785 Application Of Multi-lateral Wells For Production And Enhanced Oil Recovery - Case Studies From Canada E. Delamaide, IFP Technologies Canada Inc.
Alternate 200780 A Comprehensive Produced Water Management Decision-making Workflow: MSEEL Case Study C. Dickerson, M. Mirabolghasemi, Mississippi State University
Alternate 200822 Nanoparticles Screening Criteria For Wettability Alteration In Carbonate Reservoirs X. DENG, M.S. Kamal, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; S. Patil, S. Hussain, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia
Alternate 200860 From Technical Evolution To Production Revolution - A Technical Review Of 700 Wells Over 8 Years In South Sulige Tight Gas Field Y. Liu, Y. Liu, Schlumberger; Q. Wang, TOTAL
15:10 - 15:45

Thursday, April 30

08:00 - 12:00
13  Facilities and Drilling Salon A
Session Chairpersons Fnu Suleen - Chevron Corporation, Charles Lwanga Yonke - Aera Energy LLC
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0825 200792 Lessons Learned And Case Studies Of Overcoming Sustained Casing Pressure In Extended-reach Wells. S. Nafikova, Schlumberger; Y. Ramazanova, Schlumberger Logelco Inc; A. Muslimov, Dowell Schlumberger; B. Jain, Schlumberger
0825-0850 200844 Predicting The Rate Of Penetration Prior To Drilling Using Artificial Neural Networks H. Alkinani, S. Dunn-Norman, Missouri University of Science and Technology
0850-0915 200871 The Essence Of Horizontal Drilling Challenges In Depleted Reservoirs R. Elgaddafi, R.M. Ahmed, University of Oklahoma; V. Soriano, GMP, Peru; S. Osisanya, Khalifa University of Science and Technology
0915-0940 200830 Hybrid Sand Control Screen Using The Combined Surface And Depth Filtration R. Miller, Pacific Perforating Inc; S. Hosseini, M. Roostaei, M. Mahmoudi, V. Fattahpour, RGL Reservoir Management Inc
1000-1025 200802 Gravel Pack Performance For Nonuniform Formations With High-Fines Content In Openhole Applications J.H. Bitencourt Zimmermann, M. Haftani, C. Wang, M. Salimi, A. Nouri, University of Alberta
1025-1050 200825 Failure Prediction For Sucker Rod Pumps Using Analytic Solutions V. Sirghii, H.M. Hofstaetter, R.K. Fruhwirth, Montanuniversitaet Leoben; R. Pongratz, M. Nirtl, OMV Exploration & Production GmbH
1050-1115 200842 Modeling And Simulation Of Asphaltene Inhibition And Remediation Using Aromatic Solvents A. Abouie, K. Sepehrnoori, The University of Texas At Austin
1115-1140 200849 Flow Control Devices In Steam Assisted Thermal Applications: A Way To Optimize Both Steam Injection And Fluids Production D. Zhu, RGL Reservoir Management Inc.; A.A. Uzcategui Cortes, RGL Reservoir Management Inc
Alternate 200828 Thermal Stability Effect Of The Rheological Characterization Of Friction Reducers On Hydraulic Fracturing Application M. Ba Geri, Y. Lu, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Alternate 200787 A CFD Study On Multiphase Flow Characteristics In A Horizontal Separator T. Potter, California State University, Bakersfield; T. Acharya, California State University - Bakersfield
Alternate 200886 Drilling A Practical Study Of The Influence Of Drill Solids On The Corrosion Of Downhole Tubulars When Using Brine Based Drilling Fluids. G. Heath, T. Okesanya, Newpark Drilling Fluids; S. Levey, Pragmatic Drilling Fluids Additives Ltd.
08:00 - 12:00
14  Surveillance East Portico
Session Chairpersons Valentin N. Ispas - Microsoft Corporation, Lichi Deng - Quantum Reservoir Impact LLC
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0825 200806 Two Decades Deployment Of Distributed Temperature And Acoustic Sensing In Oil And Gas Industries: An Industry Overview Of The Historical Developments, Recent Progress And Roadmap For The Future D. Keough, Precise Downhole Services Ltd; R. Miller, Pacific Perforating Inc; M. Soroush, University of Alberta; M. Mahmoudi, M. Roostaei, V. Fattahpour, RGL Reservoir Management Inc
0825-0850 200826 Recent Advances In Downhole Fiber-optics Modeling & Analytics: Case Studies D. Bale, Baker Hughes, a GE company; R.P. Satti, R. Failla, Baker Hughes; J. Harper, J.S. Raggio, Baker Hughes, a GE company
0850-0915 200786 Flow Profiling Using Fiber Optics In A Horizontal Steam Injector With Liner-deployed Flow Control Devices M. Javaheri, Chevron Corporation; T.L. Gorham, Chevron ETC; J.C. Sims, J.D. Munoz, Chevron Corporation
0915-0940 200797 Comprehensive Analysis Of Water Cut Metering Accuracies S. Castrup, Integrated Sciences Group
1000-1025 200807 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Closing the Loop on a History Match for a Permian EOR Field Using Relative Permeability Data Uncertainty U. Aslam, Emerson Automation Solutions; J.E. Burgos, C. Williams, S. McCloskey, J. Cooper, M. Mirzaei, E.E. Briz Quintero, Occidental Oil and Gas
Declined 200800 A Full Field Development Plan & Execution In The Bone Spring Sand In Permian Basin: Lessons Learned T. Boulis, Occidental Petroleum
1050-1115 200872 Wedge Well Spacing And Optimization For Enhanced SAGD S.S. Farouq Ali, Z. Zargar, S.M. Razavi, University of Houston
1115-1140 200774 Application Of LC-MS And Methyl Orange Methods For Improved Residual Surfactant Detection In Liquids-Rich Shale Plays K. He, J. Heckel, V. Hernandez, D. Nguyen, Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company
Alternate 200863 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The State Of The Art In Monitoring And Surveillance Technologies For Ior, Eor And Ccus Projects
A.S. Al-Qasim, Saudi Aramco PE&D; S.L. Kokal, Saudi Aramco; M.S. Ghamdi, Saudi Aramco D&WO
08:00 - 11:40
15  Artificial Intelligence Salon B
Session Chairpersons Guillaume Joseph Moog - Sentinel Peak Resources, Cedric Fraces - Tenokonda
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0825 200766 Generating Missing Oilfield Data Using A Generative Adversarial Imputation Network (GAIN) J. Andrews, S.B. Gorell, J. Browning, Texas Tech University
0825-0850 200783 A Case Study On The Application Of W-M Rules Extraction For Identification Of Optimum Infill Wells And Workover Opportunities In Mature Fields E. Link, University of Southern California; A.S. Popa, Chevron Corporation; I. Ershaghi, University of Southern California
0850-0915 200862 Machine Learning Assisted Closed-Loop Reservoir Management Using Echo State Network L. Deng, Quantum Reservoir Impact; Y. Pan, PetroChina Exploration & Production Company
0915-0940 200782 Advanced Machine Learning Methods For Prediction Of Fracture Closure Pressure M.I. Mohamed, Colorado School of Mines; C.D. Pieprzica, Apache Corp.; E. Ozkan, Colorado School of Mines
1000-1025 200854 Incorporating Economic Decisions Into Reservoir Simulation To Support Accurate And Efficient Optimization And Uncertainty Analysis Of Field Development Strategies J. Browning, Texas Tech Universtiy; S. Gorell, J. Andrews, Texas Tech University
1025-1050 200876 Multivariate Modeling Of Terminal Decline Rate In Parent And Child Wells In Unconventional Reservoirs A. Sharma, B. Guttery, Enverus
1050-1115 200821 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Accelerated Phase Behavior Calculations In Compositional Reservoir Simulations Using Deep Learning
V. Raman, M. Szulczewski, Aramco Services Company; A.H. Dogru, Saudi Aramco
1115-1140 200793 Time Series Modeling And Prediction Of Hydrocarbon Production In The North Sea S. Agrawal, The University of Texas at Austin
Alternate 200835 Data-driven Characterization Of Shale Reservoirs Towards Facilitation Of Production Performance Evaluation S. Salahshoor, Gas Technology Institute
Alternate 200881 Fast Drilling Optimizer For Drilling Automation J. Giftson Joy, University of Southern California; R. Samuel, Halliburton
09:40 - 10:00