SPE Forum: Unlocking the Value from Digital across the Full E&P Value Chain 10 - 14 Feb 2020 Austin, Texas, USA

The oil and gas industry has been at the forefront of high-performance computing for seismic and reservoir modeling for almost three decades, but has lagged in data foundation, transfer and storage, big data analytics, and mobile computing, as compared to the IT industry. Likewise, contracting, procurement and sales have followed the old traditional, tried-and-true but slow, unwieldy approach.

More recently, “digital transformation” is changing the way we work. Brought about by ubiquitous and inexpensive micro- and nano-sensors, mobile computing, cloud/GPU high-performance computing and blockchain, the oil and gas industry is realizing the impact of this transformation. In particular, the industry sees the impact of AI, automation and robotics on the bottom line across the full value chain, from prospecting to hydrocarbon sales. All oil and gas companies, from the super-majors to independents, vendor partners, and specialized service companies, are paying heed to the wave of digitalization. The winners will be the companies that continue to evolve and adapt to the digital revolution.

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This forum will focus on potential value capture and future applications of digitalization across the whole value chain that will:


Enable new data platforms, ensuring quality and integration across silos and value of information

Improve exploration and subsurface characterization
Make better production forecasts and decisions, and reduce the development costs
Improve production efficiency, including EOR
Increase onshore and offshore operational efficiency
Provide safer and more environmentally-friendly operations
Apply more efficient business models, and ways of interacting with other eco-systems

Influence enterprise organizational capability decisions


Forum discussions will cover data acquisition, management, transfer, analytics and governance across the entire upstream hydrocarbon industry including exploration, development, production, contracting/procurement, and organizational capability. The need for new relationships between producers and vendor partners will also be covered along with external influences and adoption of learnings from other industries.



  • ​CTOs
  • CIOs/Chief Innovation Officers
  • CEOs/Digital Champions of Innovation startups
  • ​HR using Digital Innovation
  • Digital Champions/Leaders – Facilities/Surface
  • Digital Champions/Leaders – Subsurface
  • ​Digital Champions/Leaders – Other
  • Digital consulting orgs
  • Government labs in Digital/AI space
  • Digital Venture Capitalists


The Forum is a limited-attendance meeting for up to 75 people, designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry interested in the future direction of unconventional resource development. In particular, we will discuss potential future challenges associated with reservoir characterization, data acquisition and diagnostics, development strategies, production forecasting, and risk management in unconventional reservoir development. The forum is aimed at people with expertise in unconventional reservoirs.