SPE Forum: Is Cyclic Gas Injection EOR the Future for Unconventional Resources? 27 Apr - 1 May 2020 San Antonio, Texas, USA

This Forum has been postponed until Aug/Sept (date TBC) due to the challenges in the industry caused by the current restrictions on travel and public health concerns.

We are working closely with our stakeholders and will further notify on updates through emails and this website. SPE holds numerous events around the world and we continually monitor conditions that might affect participants.


The potential for technology to increase the productivity of unconventional resources (UCR) has seen a considerable boost following the application of cyclic gas injection projects in the Eagle Ford shale play. However, significant challenges remain to apply these learnings successfully to other reservoirs. UCR typically includes highly-heterogeneous and fractured reservoirs which pose unique challenges related to reservoir containment both horizontally and vertically, and hydrocarbon contact (micro and macro-sweep efficiency).

Despite these challenges, this cyclic gas injection has been shown to enhance oil recovery above primary depletion in the Eagle Ford. This potential has led to many operators pursuing their own in-house process of de-risking and pilot development in other fields with a goal to learn from others and establish best practices. Currently, a flurry of cyclic gas injection activities are either in progress or planned to start soon across North America and elsewhere.

This forum will seek to :


Address cyclic gas injection methodology within the scope of a typical technology development cycle for future applications across unconventional basins

Establish and improve the state of the art (SOA) at each stage in the workflow

Establish the key assumptions and identify the risks 

Illuminate the challenges to face

Identify future development needs



  • Professionals in:
    • Reservoir Engineering
    • Unconventional EOR Projects
    • Rock Mechanics
    • Surface Facility
    • Compression
    • Reservoir Simulation or Modeling
    • PVT


  • Experts developing technology in Injection or Production Monitoring
  • Asset Managers
  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Petrophysicists


The Forum is a limited-attendance meeting for up to 75 people, designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry interested in the future direction of unconventional resource development. In particular, we will discuss potential future challenges associated with reservoir characterization, data acquisition and diagnostics, development strategies, production forecasting, and risk management in unconventional reservoir development. The forum is aimed at people with expertise in unconventional reservoirs.