SPE North America Student Symposium 9 - 11 Feb 2020 University of Southern California University of Southern California

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Data Sciences Transforming the Energy Industry


The SPE North America Student Symposium is a massive conference put together by SPE International Students across North America.

This year, the SPE North America Student Symposium was held in conjunction with the North America Petrobowl Regional Qualifier.


We are closely monitoring the impact of the coronavirus on travel and events. At this time, we are moving forward with our plans to host our symposium in Los Angeles. If those plans change, we will notify everyone involved through emails and the websites.




The SPE North America Student Symposium is an annual student conference organized by SPE International students across North America. The Symposium presented an opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge of the oil and gas industry through the insights and experiences of industry leaders and advocates. It also provided attendants with a myriad of networking opportunities, as students, faculty, and industry experts from around North America will be participating.

The theme for this year's symposium was"Data Sciences Transforming the Energy Industry."

2020 Committee Directors

Amber Watson
Louisiana State University

Jerjes Porlles
University of North Dakota

Billy McVey
Texas Tech University

Dylan Chennault
University of Southern California

Alexander Bakay
Stanford University

Niels Snow
Colorado School of Mines

Robert Hilbig
Penn State University

Chang Huang
Louisiana State University

Jacob Casas
Texas Tech University


2020 Program Advisors



Dr Iraj Ershaghi
University of Southern California

Danial Kaviani
Suncor Energy


This event consists of 3 days of programming


Day 1 

North America Regional Petrobowl Qualifier Event


Day 2

Technical sessions that primarily focus on the theme “Data Sciences Transforming the Energy Industry”

Day 3

Field Trips and an exhibition where students can go mix and network with professionals and companies of interest