SPE Symposium: Hydraulic Fracturing in Russia. Experience and Prospects 22 - 24 Sep 2020 Virtual [MSK; UTC +3]

About the Symposium

The Online Symposium will match the offline event as close as possible. Delegates will receive access to deep technical content through presentations, will participate in discussions, will be able to talk to other delegates and speakers through networking tools from your home office or any other place.

You can attend the Symposium from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access and any gadget (notebook, computer, smartphone or tablet).

To support our colleagues and companies in these unstable circumstances we have cut in half the price for the biggest topical SPE event in the region. And your company can save on travel costs.

Biggest SPE workshop on hydraulic fracturing takes place since 2010. During this time over 700 specialists took part in it. This year SPE have upgraded the event to symposium format.

It allows speakers to write technical paper for OnePetro® library if desired. Delegates will receive these papers in addition to presentations.

Building on the growth and success of our largest SPE Workshop on Hydraulic Fracturing held in Russia biannually since 2010, this symposium will be a unique opportunity for speakers to not only make a presentation, but also become a published author on OnePetro®, the largest petroleum online library.

Why attend? 

  • Discuss companies’ experience in hydraulic fracturing in a neutral environment and informal settings
  • Join distinguished experts in hydraulic fracturing from key operating and service companies, research institutes, and manufacturers
  • Enhance your knowledge through the comprehensive technical programme developed by industry experts
  • Take part in an open dialogue – we encourage all the participants to ask questions
  • Rest assured knowing that all discussions are held behind the closed doors – we allow neither journalists nor photo/video recordings at this event
  • Get a thorough understanding of the topic as you don’t need to run to another session and have enough time for discussions

General Information

Symposium Proceedings

Presentation materials will not be published. PowerPoint presentations will be posted on a specific SPE URL address after the Symposium and be available for Symposium attendees only.

The committee will prepare a full report containing the highlights of the Symposium. This report will be circulated to all attendees. The copyright of the summary report will belong to SPE.

Speakers may prepare technical paper for OnePetro®, if it was not published before.

Consent to Use of Multimedia

An SPE photographer and videographer will be present at this event. The photos and footage may be used in upcoming publicity as well as on the SPE website. If you have any queries or do not wish to have your photograph taken, please let a member staff know. You may wish to bear in mind that it is likely there will be members of the media in the audience.

Photography and Audio-Visual Copyright

All symposium sessions and the exhibition/technical showcase are protected by international copyright laws. Photography and video/audio recording of any kind in symposium sessions and the exhibition/technical showcase are prohibited without prior written permission by SPE.