SPE Subsea Well Intervention Symposium 11 - 13 Aug 2020 Galveston Island Convention Center Galveston, Texas, USA

Call for Papers and Presentation Proposals–Now Closed


Submission Process

  1. Obtain necessary publication clearance and travel permission from your management.
  2. Submit your proposal online by the deadline of 1 April 2020.  You will have the option to select if you intent to submit your proposal for presentation only, or prepare a manuscript–this is optional.
  • To submit your proposal for presentation only, select Abstract Only, during the submission process.
  • To submit your proposal with the intent to prepare a manuscript, select Manuscript, during the submission process.

     3. If your proposal is accepted and you wish to submit a manuscript for inclusion in the symposium proceedings you will be required to submit it by 25 June 2020

Submission Topics

  • Subsea Case Histories
  • Subsea Technology & Innovation

  • Compliance, Industry Standards, and QHSE in Subsea

  • Data and Digitalization 

Under the theme Predictable Outcomes in a Dynamic Subsea Environment, the program committee invites you to share your knowledge and lessons learned on subsea well intervention solutions and advancements through submissions on case studies, new technology developments and regulatory developments. Authors are offered, but not required, to submit papers for review and publication.