SPE Virtual Career Pathways Fair 28 - 30 Apr 2020 Online

Following the success of our inaugural event the Virtual Career Pathways Fair is back with more resources, more improvements and more professionals you can speak to.

Like our physical fairs, this is an opportunity for quick fire mentoring specific to job roles you are pursuing at a time and place that suits you. As a virtual conference we are able to bring this advice in the most convenient and accessible way and also provide direct links to established resources so they can gain from this straight away. This event will also feature live webinars, SPE Resources and links to industry.


This event will be live across three days at different times. This is to allow you to make the most of the live features no matter where you are in the world. Live features include one to one chats with professional members as well as live webinars and discussion forums. While the event is not live attendees will still have access to our resources for a limited time.   



The event will run over three days, mentoring features will be live at different times to allow people in all parts of the world to participate. All attendees are welcome to attend whenever they are available, and while the event is not live many resources will still be available for use.

The timings shown below are shown in UTC+0 (Coordinated Universal Time) so please ensure your account for your time zone when considering the options.

Day 1

Tuesday 28 April 

UTC 0700 - 1000

Day 2

Wednesday 29 April 

UTC 1200 - 1500

Day 3

Thursday 30 April 

UTC 1500 - 1800



This meeting is particularly useful for students and young professionals (YPs) who are still determining what their career path will be. If your desired path is not available here you can gain advice in alternative methods to achieve your goals or how best to prepare to make sure you are the best candidate when the opportunity arises.



Volunteer opportunities are available for this event. This includes Career Advisers and Discussion Moderators. Go to the SPE League of Volunteers webpage to sign up or email yp@spe.org for further information.