SPE Workshop: Offshore Technology Advances and Applications 26 - 27 Feb 2020 Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi, UAE


In the offshore environment, technology plays a vital role in solving operational efficiency and development demands. Confined spaces and lack of accessibility calls for new techniques utilising artificial intelligence to control facilities from a distance. Multiple sensors, collected measurements, and parallel operations require streaming, storage, and sorting by centralised centres.


We are closely monitoring the impact of the coronavirus on travel and events. At this time, we are moving forward with our plans to host the workshop in Abu Dhabi. If those plans change, we will notify everyone involved through emails and the websites.

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In order to address the volatility of offshore production barrel price, an integrated approach to wells technology transitioning through subsea network and final storage is needed. Production and operational optimisation would mean operating at peak performance and utilising fewer resources in the different areas of the stream. To cope with technology advancements such as the internet of things and industrial revolution 4.0, field shutdowns, drilling efficiency, and predictive maintenance need to be gradually introduced.


Such changes will create a disruption in the process causing deviations for offshore oil and gas companies and service providers in operating parameters, producing wells, network distribution systems, and software, that will require tailoring the entire system for optimisation. During this workshop, several interactive presentations will discuss subjects related to the advances in offshore fields and aim to enrich the audience’s knowledge.


​​"As you are aware, technology is the main driver of the Oil & Gas industry specifically in the high cost Offshore environment. Automation, Digitalization and maximizing the utilization of existing offshore assets are key enablers to maximize recoveries and profits. This workshop will shed light on different technologies and tools that can be implemented to reduce capital investment and increase operations efficiency"

Abdullatif Omair
Saudi Aramco

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