SPE Virtual Workshop: Lost Circulation - Revisiting a Familiar Challenge with the Latest Solutions 7 - 9 Dec 2020 Virtual [GST, UTC+4]

Lost circulation in all aspects of drilling, workover, completion and cementing is still a major cost to the oil and gas industry. NPT, sidetrack, well control situations, HSE the list goes on are all indicative of lost circulation, high workover costs, production issues, poor zonal isolation and similar scenarios related therein.


This workshop is an effort by the SPE to engage professionals in our industry to respond to these issues, share ideas, concepts, best practices, novel techniques, and chemicals and chemistries as well as applied science through data mining and research to deal with, mitigate and prevent these issues.



The workshop is intended to appeal to a variety of professionals involved in operations, management, research and development, from all aspects of the industry both operators and service companies that may have a stake in the issues, consequences, treatment, and management of parts of the industry affected by lost circulation.