SPE Workshop: Multiphase and Wet Gas Flow Measurements in Conventional and Unconventional Data Driven Environment 28 - 29 Jan 2020 The San Luis Resort, Spa & Conference Center Galveston, Texas, USA

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In the new world of maximizing recovery while continuing to lower operational costs, operators need reliable digital technology. Flow rate measurements are the backbone to reservoir management and to maximize recovery. Multiphase and wet gas flow metering technologies are critical tools to meet the new market-driven demands. While these technologies have been commercially available for a couple of decades, the changing operational environments and evolving digital paradigms necessitate a fresh look and renewed discussion on its applications.

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Successful use of technology requires deeper understanding of challenges and methods to overcome them. Also, aspects such as costs, regulatory requirements, accuracy, repeatability, maintenance-needs, fluid characterization, and algorithm improvements need to be discussed. This workshop, which encompassed diverse participation from operators, service companies, research groups, and academia, promoted such discussions and exchange of ideas to harness multiphase flow measurement technology to fulfill the goal to maximize recovery while lowering operational costs.


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Who should attend

  • Production, reservoir and field development teams
  • Flow measurement, allocation, and validation team members
  • Consultants and educators focused on delivering value related to flow measurements
  • Operators focused on getting the most benefit from their assets
  • Surveillance teams looking after production optimization
  • Service companies developing and delivering flow measurement and production optimization solutions

Why attend?

  • Understand why, what, and how of multiphase and wet gas flow meters
  • Appreciate impact of multiphase flow measurement technologies on your business objectives and initiatives
  • Stay informed and remain relevant: explore and investigate novel methods and the most current issues applicable to multiphase and wet gas flow meters
  • Compare and contrast your approaches with leading industry experts
  • Learn how your digital oilfield initiatives benefit from the multiphase and wet gas metering technologies
  • Understand importance of regulatory framework in this area
  • Develop/refine your surveillance and validation processes for multiphase flow metering
  • Learn to specify, test, and evaluate multiphase metering techniques for the life of field design
  • Witness MPFM technology showcased through case studies and live equipment demonstrations
  • Take part in informative, industry-shaping discussions
  • Learn and share best practices
  • Experience unparalleled networking opportunities with other industry experts
  • NEW! SPE 1/2 Day Pre-Event Training Course: Multiphase Measurements In Practice 

Key themes

  • MPFM/WGFM Integration and Use Within Digital Oilfield Architectures
  • MPFM/WGFM Performance Surveillance and Validation
  • MPFM/WGFM Input Fluid Parameter Characterization
  • MPFM/WGFM Specification, Testing, and Life of Field Design
  • Onshore Concerns
  • Overview of Regulatory Requirements, Updates, and Historical Statistics


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