SPE Workshop: Applications of Intelligent Completions to Conventional and Unconventional Resources – State-of-Technology and Future Opportunities 4 - 5 Aug 2020 Omni Houston Hotel Houston, Texas, USA

The unconventional reservoirs in North America contain trillions of barrels of oil, but their average recovery factors are typically below 10%, compared to an average of about 30% for the conventional reservoirs around the world. In the last two decades, intelligent completion technologies capable of collecting, transmitting, and analyzing downhole data have been installed globally, both onshore and offshore, offering significant advantages over traditional completions. 



Intelligent completion technologies, such as single- and multi-point sensors, optical fibers, valves, and fluid control devices, have helped optimize production, reduce or eliminate intervention, and increase recovery factors. However, the technological complexity and cost of those technologies have also increased, slowing their adoption into the North American unconventional plays.


  • Intelligent Completions for Unconventional Resources
  • Intelligent Completions for Conventional Reservoirs
  • Monitoring and Control Equipment
  • Modeling and Analysis of Intelligent Techniques
  • Digitalization and Robotic Process Automation with Intelligent Completions
  • Production Optimization with Intelligent Completions
  • Disruptive Intelligent Completions Technologies



Completion Engineers

​Production Engineers

​Reservoir Engineers

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​Data Scientists

​Software Engineers

​Early Career Engineers


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