SPE Workshop: Change as a Constant: Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas 19 - 20 Oct 2020 Hilton Kuwait Resort Kuwait City, Kuwait


Due to ongoing global public health concerns, and following extensive consultation with our key partners and stakeholders, the SPE Workshop: Change as a Constant: Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas has been postponed until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding of these complex circumstances.

Starting a new decade provides us the opportunity to reflect, learn, prepare and be more effective in harnessing the technology step-changes that will come faster and in a more disruptive way to our personal and professional lives.


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As industry professionals, we justifiably have a multitude of tags; engineers, inventors, pioneers, explorers–the list goes on. However, in the last 10 years of acceleration for disruptive technologies, many would argue that as a collective, we have been caught off guard, slow to adapt, and even slower to evolve. Though the tide is turning in particular for integrated operating models and industry leaders across the world acknowledge that we are firmly hitting the ‘pay zone’ for enterprise wide data, information, knowledge and wisdom.




The information from thousands and thousands of drilled feet in a variety of geologic formations, pressures and types of oil, will soon sustain intelligent decisions workflows, and we can just wonder when in this coming decade we will welcome self-drilling wells, with automated rigs controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI).   

So, whether it is robotics, AI, machine learning, advanced analytics, digital twins, or human augmentation, what does the current and future technology have in store for the upcoming decade and, specifically, the energy industry? And, importantly, are we getting ready for the change or will macro factors simply force us to change? The very sustainability of oil and gas will depend on our speed and efficiency in adopting change.



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