SPE Workshop: Integrated Intelligent Well Completion 16 - 18 Sep 2020 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Nowadays, economic scenario imposes new challenges for cost reduction, safety improvements and production optimization especially in deepwater projects. Well design have to achieve another level of operational efficiency and safety through reducing complexity, increasing flexibility and improving availability. In the Brazilian Pre-Salt projects, Intelligent Well Completions (IWC) have been used since the early conceptual phases in order to deliver a proper reservoir and production management in the direction of exploiting the full potential of these large thickness reservoirs.

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IWC cases history | Demonstrated value of IWC (quantified history cases) | Challenges & improvements (failures, qualification requirements, non-conventional installation and operation …) on current technologies | Subsea and topside integration (interfaces, standard issues, …) | IWC reliability (different scenarios, applications, ….) | All-electric IWC (history, development, challenges…) | Wet Disconnection Tool (history, development, challenges…) | Research & development on IWC | Performance & health monitoring | Remote operations | Digital transformation | How to integrate IWC, chemical injection, safety valve, gas lift? | Energy harvesting and storage and wireless telemetry do they apply everywhere?



Completion, subsea, reservoir and production engineers as well as other professionals involved in research, development, installation and use of Intelligent Well Completion Systems.